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Star Wars: deleted and extended scenes * database * — Page 2


Great in depth list guys 👍 You know considering how good people on here have gotten with editing and such I’m surprised that no one finished the incomplete scenes, like where you can see bits of blue screen it would be pretty cool to see what that would look like, maybe in a super extended edit for fun

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So I love the idea of creating a database of deleted scenes that are finally fixed and cleaned up and can be used in edits/preservation going forward, or just for viewing.

So I got hold of the Rizzler Ebook and had a play with upscaling vid17_OnCliffAboveMosEisleyTunisia_ProRes.mp4 as an example.

I used AE to upscale from the SD quality video to a 4k plate using enhanced scale.

Here are some screens here:

These are the most difficult clips where there is just no decent resolution available.

I want to get hold off the blu ray clips next and work on them.


There is quite a few shots you are missing for Empire Strikes back from the trailers.

These off the top of my head are as follows.

Deleted Wampa claw Luke hangs upside down before waking.

Deleted Shot of Shield generator explosion. Big Explosion.

Probe Droid alert and turns head after Han shoots it.

Lando heads for the Landing Platform.

Han pulls Leia behind him before shooting at Vader in Dining Room.

Chewie smacks a Storm Trooper in the carbon freeze chamber really hard.

Luke writhing / struggling in Bacta Tank.

Vader throws Luke with the force down cloud city chasm. This one is unusable as they obviously changed the scene a lot. but you did log it just the description is wrong. he was meant to choke him lift him and then throw him down. there is art for the throttle and lift luke in mid air. He perhaps was not dad in this version…

Extended shot of Han outside cloud city after Falcon landed.

I think that is all of them… You need to check all 3 or 4 trailers. Vivaldi and trailers 1 and 2. Trailer 2 is not in widescreen though.

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I’m aware of many (or all?) of them, but too lazy to edit the first post! 😄

It would be great to have a small photographic database with a screenshot (or more) of any deleted shot/scene, just to have a visual guide and let the search easier.

Would someone (else than me 😉 ) accomplish this task?

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Ha no worries, I would offer to compile something for you but I have quite a bit on this time of year and work generally takes over and anything else goes by the wayside a bit although I do small bits and bobs for fun though.

I don’t think this forum is a good format though for this layout but similar to the visual comparisons 005 does would actually be a good format! So perhaps it is something he should do if it was literally pre-pared and it would be good to keep it in the same place. I don’t mind helping to compile it, and give descriptions so on. Empire I studied pretty intently the deleted material and script but I don’t have anywhere near as much knowledge on the other films but they are more straightforward I think.

It could be a bit of fun though and also expand in to the cut ideas territory also.

I would like to nominate 005’s account for compiling the list and have it next to his visual comparisons. But not asking him to do the work but we could draft it up here perhaps… And it would be fun!

The perfect companion piece to how the special edition had very little to do with any deleted material that was originally planned to be in the film!

The Juxtaposition is strong with this one…

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So now I’m “hooked” on trying to find this damn cinemania scene with the swinging troopers but i can’t find it. Does anyone else know anything about it.

I went through cinemania 94, 95, and 97. Haven’t had a chance to pick up 96 yet.

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