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Should I Write Episode Two First?


Here’s an idea: Many of the difficulties fan writers encounter when crafting alternate prequels can be overcome by writing Episode II first, followed by the other two in chronological order.

As I ponder how to write a set of prequels which more accurately fit the tone and themes of the OT, I am struck by the realization that Episode II is the hardest one to do right. There are numerous difficulties that are unique to the task of writing the middle act of a story. It is a large part of why AOTC bombed so hard, because it’s an unenviable task.

If you can make your absolute damndest sure that Episode II is a compelling installment from a story perspective and not merely a series of events which bridge the gap between the start and end of the prequels, yours will be a much more compelling work overall.

I believe a prudent course of action would be to start with writing Episode II, work my way backwards to I, and then jump forwards to III.


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I would like if you were to incorporate the Sidious and Plaugies being Vader’s fathers mechanic from the true cannon(legends).

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Starting with the second act in a story seems much harder than starting with the beginning or even the end, simply because you have no setup for your characters or locations. I think that with a prequel story it’s easiest to start at the end and reverse engineer the story. It’s difficult since you have to think backwards, but it’s similar to thinking forwards with a regular plot. For example, Anakin ends the story as a fallen Jedi who nevertheless still values order and justice, as well as loyalty to the Emperor. Thus a potential prequel trilogy could start with a rebellious Anakin who doesn’t care about the Republic. Then his character could change as Obi-wan teaches him the ways of the Force, and he becomes the model Jedi. He’s obedient to the Jedi Order but more than that to the Chancellor. But as he becomes the perfect knight the Jedi Order realizes that the Chancellor is corrupt and the Republic is fallen.

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I went this route when I first began rewriting the PT back in 2008. However, my rewrite then was essentially going to be the Lucas PT with the superficial details changed to bring it in-line with the OT & some of the older EU; I wasn’t starting from scratch.

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