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Hello everyone.

Im here to tell you guys about my effort to preserve the little known and Somewhat lost film

My Plan:
I will be reconstrucing the film using multiple sources (DVD,Bluray,Laserdisc,VHS)
The plan is to edit together and reconstruct the film using ADV’s Remaster of SUPER DIMENSION CAVALRY: SOUTHERN CROSS
And the streamline pictures release of MEGAZONE 23


The film was played for around 3 months in the dalas metroplex area back in 1986. given A VERY SMALL US RELEASE
but a somewhat decent world wide release eg. VHS in the United Kingdom,Laserdic in the Netherlands, and a VHS release in parts of Latin america.
Even a broadcast on South African TV (no known recordings) and lastly a Spanish language VHS dub.

What i require to finish the project is:
A nice quality audio rip of the film (ntsc or converted from PAL to NTSC)
EDIT: i have gotten my hands on the MEGAZONE 23 PREMIUM BOX (Laserdisc), it includes the ending animation, aswell as a copy of the special edition of the ps3 game AOI GARLAND (it includes a bonus DVD with a dub of part 2 and the ending animation).

Color correction work:
Below is an old album (outdated) showing the color correcting Megazone23 needed to match the extra footage.
This was done in Virtualdub.

Ive gathered all promos for the film i could (some have been reconstructed to edit in the megazone 23 footage that harmony gold removed due to licensing)

  1. Alternate opening (using THE UNTOLD STORY Sub title,Used in an Older print and commercials, Sourced from A&E Robotech Boxset)
  2. Public access promotion of the film (featuring carl macek, Sourced from Robotech Legacy Collection)
  3. DALLAS TRAILER (a small trailer promoting the film in dalas, Sourced from A&E Robotech Boxset)
  4. Theatrical trailer (3 mins) Reconstructed
  5. TV Trailer (Megazone 23 footage added back in, Sourced from A&E Robotech Boxset)
  6. Deleted scenes (From the original Release of Megazone 23)
  7. GALAXY OF THE STARS '86 Trailer (4 minuet trailer,Featuring deleted scenes from the “final cut”, Sourced from youtube, Reconstructed)
  8. DAPDX commentary track (DESTROY ALL PODCASTS DX) of Robotech the movie.
  9. Music only track (some songs left out due to them not being released)
    10. Fan commentary Featuring dakspire17 (me) and possible guests: Boinger (of macross FAN EDIT fame) Jonathan Switzer (ROBOBLOG CHRONICLES)
    11. Un-remastered video track (original vhs rip)
  10. MEGAZONE 23 (in English) Dubbed by STREAMLINE PICTURES(Carl maceks anime distribution company)
  11. Storyboard ending (storyboards for the ending that harmony gold commissioned for the film)
  12. Storyboard Opening (storyboards of the opening of the film)
  13. Commissioned Footage. a 12 minuet video showing the extra footage that was created for the film (Sourced from Atlus Bonus Dvd)
  14. Music Videos (One from the film, and one from the others from a VHD of Megazone Special memory) subs included.
  15. A small documentary on the remastering process (created by me)
  16. DAPDX (DESTROY ALL PODCASTS DX) Megazone 23 commentary
  17. Theater Previews for Megazone 23 (Sourced from the Premium box)

That is all For now.