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Invite/Link Thread


The various project threads are constantly filled up with nothing but requests for invites, which makes them frustrating to read. (Hey, there’s an update…oh it’s just another request)

I certainly don’t blame people for trying to get a hold of these projects (I was in the same boat once) and I understand the staff doesn’t want to shut new people out.

My suggestion is to create a thread specifically for the purpose of requesting invites and/or project links. And yes, we used to have this, but it was in off-topic where silliness was allowed. I think it would make sense to have this thread pinned to the top of the preservation subforum instead.

Episode I: The Ridiculous Menace / Episode II: Attack Of The Ridiculousness / Episode III: Revenge of the Ridiculousness


I agree; in fact the mod team have already had this discussion. I’ll try and get something in place.

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