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DuracellEnergizer's Ultimate Miscellaneous SW Fanfic Brainstorming/World-Building Thread


Between my Ep. III re-write, my Superman trilogy, and the two or three original stories I want to write, it’s likely going to be quite awhile before I begin work on a sequel trilogy re-write. But an alternate ST is most definitely what I’m working towards; all the SW stories written thus far – all the SW stories to be written – have just been precursor to that. My ST will be my farewell letter to SW fan-fiction; it will be the conclusion to the saga I have been working on over a decade, and I will have no wish or desire to continue in that universe henceforth.

But there’s a question nagging at me: What is to be the story for my ST?

For years now, I had a specific vision in mind. The timeframe: 40-44 ABY. The setting: the post-war New Republic/Imperial Remnant. The main character: Anakin Solo. The plot: A restored Sith Order – in command of a clone army left over from the Clone Wars – would emerge from the Unknown Regions to invade the New Republic/Imperial Remnant. In essence, this ST would take aspects from the New Jedi Order and Legacy of the Force series’ and rework them into a proper story which would finally see the conflict between the Jedi and Sith resolved for all time. But then arose some problems.

Problem #1: I’d have to read the entire NJO and LOTF books to know what to take from them, then I’d have to fit the pieces together in a way where they worked flawlessly together. I’m not keen on reading those books, anyway, plus all that puzzle-building? It’s far too much work; I don’t think I could manage it.

Problem #2: This ST would start off with Han & Leia having three fully-grown children and Luke being married to Mara Jade. For readers immersed in the EU, this would be no problem; they’re already familiar with the characters and need no introduction. But what about readers who don’t follow the EU closely? I want my ST to be accessible to everyone. How do I introduce these characters who clearly have a lot of history behind them without resorting to a load of exposition? Perhaps a strong writer can do the job, but I don’t believe I’m that strong a writer.

So even though I believe the story of this ST is a great one and would serve as an excellent conclusion to the story begun in my PT, I fear it may have to be abandoned for a simpler narrative.

Now we come to my alternate, alternate ST. Why not take elements from the Thrawn Trilogy, the Dark Empire Trilogy, the Jedi Academy Trilogy, and work them into a single trilogy of the rise of Luke’s New Jedi Order and the fall of Palpatine’s Dark Side Elite? Here’s what I’m picturing:

The timeframe: 11-13 ABY. The setting: the cold war-era New Republic/Imperial Remnant. The plot: As Luke begins searching the Galaxy for prospective apprentices, the Dark Empire – an Imperial faction which has been hidden away in the Deep Core the past several years – emerges. The Dark Empire – ruled by the Dark Side Elite, their fleet commanded by Grand Admiral Thrawn – attacks the New Republic and the cold war turns hot again. As the Imperial and Republic Starfleets clash, the Dark Side Elite – led by the mysterious Dread Lord Caedus – seeks to summon the spirit of Palpatine back from the netherworld of the Force and incarnate him in a new body. But no ordinary body will do; Palpatine can only be reborn in the body of a Skywalker. Leia just so happens to be with child. Thus Caedus makes it a top priority that she be captured and brought to the Deep Core world of Byss.

That’s what I have so far. Should I go with it? Should I stick to my original ST storyline and figure out how to work around its problems? Thoughts? Ideas? I welcome anything anyone has to give me.

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Some of these ideas are alright, but I personally prefer the first one (taking place circa 40 ABY) than the second (circa 11 ABY), so you can delve into the future generation of the Jedi. Sure a lot of it seems complicated, but like with anything else, it’s how you approach it.

In case of Mara Jade, I’d hide her away for Episode 7, only mentioned-not seen-in dialogue between characters, e.g. Luke talking to young Ben (who could be Anakin Solo’s pupil), saying that his mother is proud of him. When episode 8 comes around, we’re introduced to Mara, secretly fighting off the Sith invasion and through that, you can delve into her backstory, allowing her to act as the Yoda of the ST.

Something similar would happen with other famous EU characters. People like Kyle Katarn and Corran Horn can be shown on the Jedi Council, Talon Karrde is head of the Smuggler’s Alliance, Pellaeon working with New Republic Intelligence, and so on. Each of these would be more or less side characters, who still manage to shine in their own way, as they use their political/Force prowess to learn more of this oncoming threat, and you can even have them become involved in the battles of each installment, with the Jedi using the Force to coordinate and destroy Sith soldiers, and non-Jedi helping to infiltrate the Sith. Same can also apply with EU worlds, like Ossus (which can be used more for Episode 8).

Also, and most importantly, I’d suggest to not make Ben or any of the Solo kids turn to the Dark Side. I found it dumb and stupid in LotF when they did it to Jacen (who seemed like a good character before the shenanigans of the 2000s books), and if you’re canonizing the EU/Legends (specifically the Bantam era of books) in your ST, you’re better off without that.

… And that’s all I can think of right now. I hope this helps.

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There is one upshot of having 3 offspring of Han and Leia - Each one can channel a unique mix of the parents’ personalities. One may be the cocksure hothead, one would be the diplomat, and one could be very different to the others in some way. Since everyone would have imagined their own version of Han and Leia’s kids, this would give them what they imagined, and something more.

I don’t remember much about the EU. I read a bunch of the books as a kid, up until I got bored in the Yuuzhan Vong war. The big problem with most of them is that they failed to translate the deep themes of the movies into novel form. Star Wars, at least in the OT, wasn’t a comic book with villains of the week with splashy superpowers. Nor was it military science fiction, despite the name. The biggest missing element in the books was that they forgot (or were never aware) that Star Wars was an epic myth about growing up in rural America. Here we have a Midwestern farm-boy forever on the frontier, forever wanting to be elsewhere. It’s about him fulfilling the old American dream of becoming a self-made man, even if the dream threatens to become a nightmare. It is about navigating the desolate wasteland that is American folklore, a strange mix of alien cultures and Eastern Mysticism wrapped in a Western religious epistemology. Finally, it is about embracing the new folklore of pulpy romance and swashbuckling adventure in the movies, and making of it something more than its schlocky origins.

If you manage to make a story that taps into these themes, or similar themes of the 21st century, it won’t much matter if the story is sufficiently integrated with the EU.

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Just to cut down on too many superfluous threads and keep extraneous posts from choking up other threads, I’ve decided to make this my go-to brainstorming/world-building thread for my various ongoing/in-development/planned re-writes/spinoffs/etc.

The below are two posts I originally posted in my Lost Hope thread. I’m transplanting them here 'cause I’m going to delete them there.

94 BBY

  • Clone Wars begin with the First Clone War

91 BBY

  • First Clone War ends

86 BBY

  • Ben Kenobi is born

84 BBY

  • Siri Tachi is born

83 BBY

  • Kane Skywalker & Nellith Whitesun are married on Taris
  • Owen Lars is born

79 BBY

  • Second Clone War begins
  • Beru Skywalker is born
  • Kane, Nellith, & Beru move to Tatooine

71 BBY

  • Anakin Skywalker is born

70 BBY

  • Ben leaves Tatooine to begin his training under Yoda
  • Second Clone War ends
  • Galactic Republic becomes the Galactic Empire

69 BBY

  • Third Clone War begins

67 BBY

  • Ben finishes his training under Yoda, starts going under the name “Obi-Wan”, and enlists in the Imperial Army
  • Nashira DuQuesne is born

60 BBY

  • Darth Vader is born

56 BBY

  • The events of Star Wars: The New Dawn transpire

51 BBY

  • The events of Star Wars: Knight of the Empire transpire
  • Clone Wars end with the Third Clone War

36-35 BBY

  • The events of Star Wars: A Lost Hope transpire

34 BBY

  • Great Jedi Purge begins

30 BBY

  • Great Jedi Purge ends

18 BBY

  • Luke Skywalker & Leia Organa are born

Since I embarked on this grand endeavour of mine to re-write the prequels, when it came to envisioning certain actors as certain characters, I always went the timeless route – ie. I’d pick whichever actors I felt best suited the characters, whether they were contemporaneous or not, etc.

However, lately I came to wonder who I’d cast if I had to work with actors who were alive specifically when the actual PT was filmed – alive, and the right ages to play their allotted characters. As I have (undiagnosed) OCD, this idea took root and just wouldn’t let me alone. Thus I felt compelled to abandon my fanciful timeless cast list and come up with something more grounded.

TPM was filmed in 1997; AOTC in 2000; ROTS in 2003. Who was around in those years? Who could’ve believably portrayed the characters as I conceived them? Here’s my new list.


  • Kenneth Branagh as Obi-Wan Kenobi (holdover from my original list)
  • Joel Edgerton as Owen Lars (holdover)
  • Sarah Gadon as Nashira DuQuesne
  • Lance Henriksen as Pre Vizsla (holdover)
  • Iman as Adi Gallia
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu (holdover)
  • Ewan McGregor as Qui-Gon Jinn
  • Alannah Myles as Zul Danaan (holdover)
  • Nichelle Nichols as Primeday (holdover)
  • Brooke Shields as Nellith Skywalker (holdover)
  • Jimmy Smits as Capt. Bail Organa (holdover)
  • Naomi Watts as Siri Tachi (holdover)
  • Illya Woloshyn as Anakin Skywalker
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones as Cmdr. Raia Vaness


  • Pernilla August as Shmi Warka (holdover)
  • Christian Bale as Anakin Skywalker
  • Jane Fonda as Corin DuQuesne
  • Edward Herrman as Chlorian Vader
  • Laurie Holden as SGW-0027 (holdover)
  • Miko Hughes as Darth Vader (holdover)
  • Jeremy Irons as Marka Ragnos
  • Temuera Morrison as Cmdr. Jango Cody (holdover)
  • Gregory Peck as Emperor Cos Dashit
  • Wayne Pygram as Lt. Cmdr. Wilhuff Tarkin
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub as Kathe Naad (holdover)
  • Robert Redford as Nemec DuQuesne
  • Chris Sarandon as Atha Prime
  • John Schneider as THX-1138 (holdover)
  • Dean Stockwell as UIY-2249/UIY-2140 (holdover)
  • Joy Tanner as Dahlia Karin
  • Keegan Connor Tracy as Nykres Eikhan
  • Kate Winslet as Nashira DuQuesne


  • This one I’ll save for a later date.

Not a flawless list, to be sure. Sarah Gadon didn’t actually begin her career until 1998, one year after filming of TPM wrapped up; Jane Fonda was retired during the '90s; and who likes recasts? Still, it saites the OCD.

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Lately, I’ve being thinking that I may embark on a ROTJ re-write eventually. The film as-is is, IMO, not far removed from the PT quality-wise. The acting is better, the dialogue is better, and it isn’t a video game, but those are the film’s only saving graces. In all other regards, it’s just as sloppy with its plotting, characterization, and tone. Fan-edits may be able to patch up the surface flaws and apply a fresh coat of paint to the facade, but at its core, it’s a fundamentally broken film which cannot be repaired without a massive reshoot.

Since I’d be working with some EU in mind, this wouldn’t be as liberal a re-write as I’d prefer. Some things I’d rather do differently – the location of Jabba’s palace; the physical depiction and characterization of Palpatine; Leia’s status as Luke’s sister; etc. – I’d have to stick and work with. Other things, though – the nature of the second Death Star; Han’s rescue from Jabba’s palace; the portrayal of the Ewoks; Vader’s loyalties to Palpatine; Palpatine’s arguments to sway Luke to the dark side; Vader’s redemption – I’d have carte blanche on.

Below is the one scene I’ve re-written. It’s purpose is threefold: to reassert Vader’s desire to overthrow Palpatine, to emphasize his tragic nature, and to remove Luke’s unfounded conviction that Vader has good in him.


A Lambda-class shuttle floats down from space and lands gracefully on the huge platform. Concurrently, an AT-AT walker approaches the platform from the darkness of the forest. The whole outpost – platform, walkers, military – looks particularly offensive in the midst of this verdant beauty.


Darth Vader as he walks down the ramp of the shuttle onto the platform.


Vader takes a turbolift down to a lower level. Walking to the opposite end of the deck, he is met by CMDR. IGAR and three stormtroopers with Luke, in binders, at their centre. The young Jedi gazes at Vader with complete calm.

CMDR. IGAR: This is the Rebel who surrendered to us. Although he denies it, I believe there may be more of them, and I request permission to conduct a further search of the area. He was armed only with this.

The commander extends his hand, revealing Luke’s lightsaber. Vader takes the weapon from the commander’s hand.

DARTH VADER: Good work, Commander. Leave us. Conduct your search and bring his companions to me.

CMDR. IGAR: Yes, milord.

The officer and troops withdraw. Vader and Luke are left alone, the oddly tranquil beauty of the place surrounding them, the sounds of the forest filtering in upon them.

Together, father and son cross the deck.

DARTH VADER: The emperor has been expecting you.

LUKE: I know, Father.

DARTH VADER: So, you have accepted the truth.

LUKE: I’ve accepted the truth that you were once Anakin Skywalker, my father.

DARTH VADER: (turns to Luke) That name no longer has any meaning for me.

LUKE: It is the name of your true self. You’ve only forgotten.

Vader looks down from Luke to the lightsaber in his own black-gloved hand. Vader ignites the lightsaber and holds it to examine its humming, brilliant emerald blade.

DARTH VADER: I see you have constructed a new lightsaber. (beat) Your skills are complete.

Vader extinguishes the lightsaber, then turns away from Luke.

DARTH VADER: Indeed, you are powerful as the emperor has foreseen.

LUKE: Is there any good in you, or has the emperor driven it from you fully?

DARTH VADER: Palpatine had promised an order for the Galaxy, a vision for the future I had believed in and fought for. That promised future is now, and the promise has been broken. (turns to Luke) The Empire has brought more chaos than it has order. Together, we will correct its course.

LUKE: I will not turn, and you’ll be forced to kill me.

DARTH VADER: That is not your destiny.

LUKE: (approaches Vader) Search your feelings, Father. You can’t do this. I feel the conflict within you! Let go of your lust!

Vader signals to a pair of hidden stormtroopers, who emerge from the turbolift.

DARTH VADER: The emperor will show you the true nature of the Force. He is your master now.

He and Luke stand staring at one another for a long moment.

LUKE: Then my father is truly dead.

The stormtroopers escort Luke into the turbolift. They are gone, leaving the Dark Lord of the Sith alone with his thoughts.

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My screenplay index.

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