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Rogue One - Rescored

Mink2301 said:

Hi there!

I’m currently working on a Rescore for Rogue One as I thought the music didn’t do the film justice at all. Nothing against Giacchino but I think the score just ended up being too “Disney” and not really adding much on a emotional level.
So I’m cutting together new tracks out of existing scores and if the 5.1. mix has no or little music in the center channel, it should be relatively easy to put it in.

Would you guys be interested in a version with a different score?

You have my 500% support! Rogue One score was too Star Warsy for a film that dared to divert from the usual Star Wars formula. It also had loud booming music for scenes that didn’t need music at all like in some fight scenes (Rogue One would’ve been more immersive that way) I cannot wait. Hope this rescore is more subtle and more akin to Alexandre Desplat and Johann Johannsson’s stuff.