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Saved by the Bell in chronological order (a WIP)

I know this post is really old. But I have been trying to find the correct order for saved by the bell and in 2020 it still doesnt exist anywhere because the production order with Tori doesn’t make sense. But in the order you have posted here, which is the closest I could find still has “The Last Dance” and “After math” after the summer which included zack’s birthday which was after Zack and Kelly broke up. Do you have a more updated list somewhere? I saw someone mentioned it in the comments above, but it was never corrected.

I just saw the part about moving the Malibu sands to the summer between grades 10 and 11 because of Hawaiian summer being between 11 and 12… this is just something thats always going to not make sense. Unless you say Hawaii happened after graduation and forget the going back to high school and just have it go to college years…