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Jedi Fallen Order - A game movie fanedit

Since I’m not a gamer, I almost missed this one. A shame, it has quite a good story in it.

I liked it so much, I made a trimmed down and restructured version of it for you to see.
The pacing is not ideal, but given the source material is the best I could do.

Since movies are becoming more like games (TROS, Mandalorian), the games become more like movies, I guess.

Before you ask, yes, it’s offical canon.

It’s my first attempt at this, so don’t be shy and tell me what’s all wrong 😉

Fan edit possible?

MalàStrana said:

ysamjo said:

That’s why I said in the first 6 episodes.

I agree but is there room (or is it even needed) anywhere in the 6 movies ? What I mean is that the PT is the first movement, the initial error (the fact the Jedi are failling is the heart of Episode III; Dooku explains it in a few Episode II dialogues; we even see the Jedi Council more interested by politics than by mystical propheties in Episode I => so it’s pretty obvious during the PT that the Jedi Order is wrong, but the main protagonists just don’t admit it… or not in a clear way, except for Palpatine in a few scenes as well); the OT is the second movement, the error being corrected; the third (and last ?) movement is the ST, which tries to synthetize that. I get what you want to do, but I don’t think you can add it into the narratives of the OH (Original Hexalogy) further.

I like that thinking, but waiting 8 movies (with a combined runtime of ?) for some “synthetizing” seems pretty long, don’t you think?
One heavily critized point about the Prequels was indeed that Anakin falls way too fast and unbelievably easy to the Dark Side. The Clone Wars Series makes the best it can to smoothen this, but the PT on its own is lacking definetly. I think the linked YouTube video makes a pretty good case of the downfall, but this is not what was shown (or even intended to be shown?) in the PT.

Fan edit possible?

What always bugged me about the Star Wars universe (and I’m a huge fan) is the almost complete rendering in black and white in the first 6 movies: Jedi, the Republic, the Rebels are good, the Empire & the Sith are bad.

And yet we don’t get enough background or context why this is the way it is. Where do we see suffering brought from the Empire (we got the exploding Alderaan, but we don’t care about anybody on that planet bc we don’t know them)?
This thought is articulated here:

One the other side we don’t see the Jedi admitting or processing their own guilt in creating Darth Vader. Look at this explanation how Anakin turns not so much because of his personal weakness, but a systematic failure:
Bonus: Article about the failure of the Jedi (not the movie makers!) in worshipping midichlorian counts:

My thought was to restructure the Prequels around this. What do you guys think? Is there even Material (maybe Clone Wars or Rebels voice tracks) that could help?