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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Thank the maker. I’m all in to this. Let me know if you want some assistance with this. I can work character removals in scenes and any time code Disney puts in the frame? I got to think with all the reshoots there got to be Additional footage out there.

Been a while for me but this movie requires fixing.

Hal 9000 said:

Well, the time is here to consider what to do about this film fan editing-wise. There already discussions going on around here, but this will be a place for me to segregate those which I am interested in and consider, hopefully with input from the rest of you, about what shape this project should take. Most of the best ideas have come from this community for TFA and TLJ, and I’m hoping the ongoing discussions will yield similar fruit. I don’t intent to detract from those discussions by creating this thread, but to let this particular project begin to brew.

For the moment, after going to see the film again, here are my thoughts for potential alterations:

  • Opening crawl to remove Leia recon mission and direct mentions of Palpatine. Rather, Kylo Ren is tracking the source of Snoke’s power or something. We still find Palpatine right away, but in the body of the movie rather than in the crawl. It’s also be nice to mention Luke’s inspirational sacrifice to attempt to tie the massive civilian fleet into the theme of TLJ.

Here is a potential crawl, based on one drafted by DZ-330:

“Episode IX

Luke Skywalker has ignited a resurgence of hope in the galaxy. The populace of countless worlds have risen up against the diabolical First Order.

Rey, the last hope of the Jedi, continues her training under General Leia Organa, hoping to commune with Jedi of the past.

Meanwhile, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, determined to destroy any threat to his rule, seeks the source of his former master’s power…”

  • Potenrially space out the triple-voice line to sound more like the trailer for dramatic effect.

  • Potentially remove the visual of Snokes in a liquid chamber, maybe replacing them with something else, maybe even other Palpatine bodies. Since the movie isn’t going to give a solid account of what happened in any event, the mere line “I made Snoke” could be interpreted figuratively.

  • If deleted scene is available and suitable, add evil Palpatine broadcast as he lifts the fleet. Hopefully it makes it clear that it’s a broadcast, so later scenes still feel right as they allude to characters already having some idea of what’s up.

  • Add a Wilhelm somewhere I guess.

  • I’d like to remove the 16 hour ticking clock. Only problem I can tell is that Rey seems in an awful hurry to get to the DSII wreckage. It does seem to offer some explanation for the constant frenetic hurry everyone is in, so I’m not sure it’d work to remove it.

  • Maybe remove light speed skipping by ending as they jump the first time, removing TIEs jumping. Or let them jump and we just cut to the next scene. If the former, remove reference to light speed skipping later. However, this would cause a problem as Finn only has one other thing he notices Poe do before referencing all the “shady stuff” he does. (In TLJ, it took a capital ship to track through Lightspeed.) (If this is removed, there’s a later line that might need to be removed when Poe expresses unease about a Destroyer not following them through hyperspace.)

  • When Kylo and then Rey get flashes of scenes from TFA when they touch the Vader mask, Kylo should get flashes of Luke from Crait rather than Ach-To.

  • Remove line about how R2 backs up 3PO’s memory. It felt like this movie reacted to TLJ’s style by trying very hard to hardly ever let the audience be surprised.

  • I don’t like “whoever this Chewie person is, this is madness.” Maybe replace with offer to help negotiate or something as if 3PO were fresh out of the box and ready to do protocol stuff.

  • Possibly remove the destruction of the planet, and the idea that the fleet each has a ‘gun that shoots Death Stars.’

  • Seemed weird to me that once he turns to the Light Side, Kylo doesn’t take advantage of his role as supreme leader. Research of mine indicates that the emperor sensed this and put General Pryde in charge at that point. If a deleted scene is presented to this effect it would be welcome. The existing scene doesn’t make this clear.

  • Remove the line about the Holdo maneuver. If it is something legitimate then someone who lives in that universe shouldn’t have the same misconception as we might.

  • If there’s any other good way to link the massive civilian fleet with Luke’s ‘spark of hope,’ I’d do it.

  • New music to transition into the credits, either here or in TFA.

  • I think one could successfully remove ‘Rey Palpatine,’ but it would be unusual for me to deviate from the lore to that degree. I don’t like it, but I think I’d be better off accepting it and maybe tweaking TFA and TLJ to fit in better. I expect I’ll play around with executing this idea, at least.

Star Wars - Episode IV: The Heir of Skywalker (V2 Released)

Well here are some samples some shots still needs work obviously… The technology is still getting better to this day so some day this will be a lot better…

XXTELECINE 7XX: The Last Jedi 2.0 Minor adjustments (Released)

Hi There been a while since I posted any information regarding Rebels thus far I put in on the shelf as I was reviewing The Last Jedi I discovered a lot of bad roto work within regards to Luke/Ray’s saber, as they filmed it with a thick toy real blade that lights up. For one, it is too short, For two, it is too think of a prop to use as it made the roto work look to thick… And for Three, They put a warped pointy tip that in some of the shots just look bad. (especially in motion with no motion blur).

Anyone that has ever seen my previous work from a few years ago I have pretty good at removing and fixing things this was one of those things I have addressed in my version. The pointy tips are gone and the sabers look good in motion. I also corrected Luke green saber sequence with roto re-do’s. (made them thiner and longer) Essentially to match what I did in my ROTJ.

I have a finished master that I still need to render to h264 but long story short it is about ready for anyone who wants a preview. I thought about retro fitting the falcon’s engines like I did 2 years ago with TFA, but overall I felt they bridged the GAP from what they originally did with TFA vs now. (It is more smoothed over). And at this point I am like Fuck it. There is only so much you have time to change.

Other things changed was CC’ed opening craw and end credit to match the Font color from the original trilogy. Also will be adding 20th CF to the opening leading into the start of the movie like the original 6, and I also plan on removing some of the Disney classic one liners from the film that has absolutely no business being in a Star Wars movie. (Bleepie boope doo”) is now gone.

Now why I realize that TLJ has story and editing holes all over the place and it has been widely reviewed as a bad Star Wars movie. I am not going to correct that, I will leave that to someone younger who has more time on their hands… But Hopefully they will be able to use what I have done and incorporate it with their own edits.

The Video will be in H264 1080p, Audio will be lossless from 5.1 DTS to PCM 5.1 uncompressed (to preserve original track quality.)

My Private version is done, but I will let you know when the public one is finished. Should be in a few days.

Until then Cheers.

<strong>Possessed</strong> Star Wars Trilogy custom edition (* part-finished project *)

A couple of observations:
When Luke first gets the lightsaber from Obi-Wan, he turns it on and then there is a weird kind of halo or distortion around his arm. I assumed that is ws from the roto-scoping, but I am not 100% sure. I did not notice it elsewhere when sabers were used.

I will help possessed on that one, He used my EP IV beta 1.2 in which I did all of the Sabers and Blasters, The Luke Obi scene was not finished, the Halo was an attempt to erase the original sabers with painting out all of the frames with a clean plate. I did not want to roto on top of what was there because it would look too thick and silly. Also it was the intent to fix c3po from moving as there was a jump cut when Luke activated his saber. I never finished that scene… It was as is, as I ran out time to complete it. For the shots inside the falcon, I used a CC wire remover tool, that squeezed in the original sabers and roto-ed on top of that rendered sequence. If you stare at it, yes you can see a little warpiness to it, But if you kickback with a beer and popcorn. Most can not tell.

STAR WARS Rebels Season 1: Light Saber fix and Vader Red EYE removal (Part Finished - WIP)

Season 2 is 75% complete. I’ve been getting a lot of pm’s on this. My next update will be when it is complete. It’s been slow going because I’ve been crazy busy at work. So I do a little when I can. But I have not abandoned the project. Please be patient. Thanks for your interest and support. All I got to say is thank god season 4 is the end. LOL

Info Wanted: STAR WARS 8 to be released in 4K ULTRA HD???

Hello guys,

Been a while, I have been contemplating making future revisions to my Star Wars edits, that said, I was pre-planning on working on a edit for the last jedi, and I stumbled on a 4k ultra pre-order for the Last Jedi,

I have read some articles about 20th century FOX and with the licensing restrictions until 2020, and then the purchase of 21st CF, I mean is something in the works here that Disney plans on re releasing the original trilogy in 4k and the prequels for that matter?

I think there is a lot to think about from a fan editing perspective. With all of the controversy with SW 8, I am planning on working on a cut of that film, need to see the deleted scenes and if they have any of that god dam time code burn in on it…

There is a lot to think about when you start thinking of editing in 4k, yes Premier supports it, but from a performance level, what would be the recommended hardware specs? I work for a Visual Communications team as an IT support engineer for a company I can not mention here, and they themselves have a lot of shortcomings within regards to editing in true 4k. In short within regards to fan edits what are your take’s on this, and 4k Star Wars future fan edits?