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Godzilla 1985 MonstersHD (* unfinished project - with info & ideas *)

So I’ve been catching up on this thread over the weekend…I assume the original poster never was able to complete his vision, so I’m working on a project to create an ultimate copy of Return of Godzilla for myself (I’m a lifelong fan) and the numerous folks I see on TohoKingdom and in the above thread.

I have a Toho Blu-ray copy of Return of Godzilla in transit to me, which I plan to use as a master for a new Blu-ray image with branching between the best possible MonstersHD cut of '85 I can find (currently just stuck with a ~700mb copy) with seamless integration back into the superior Blu-ray print.

I’d also like to include a third option with the International/Export dub. You seem to know more about this version than most, and I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to obtain it? I don’t mind dropping $10 or so on a bootleg that has the English Toho dub, so if you aren’t comfortable/able to share online, a link or any tips would be much appreciated.

Obviously, any assistance would give you priority access to the final project, once complete. 😃

If you know anybody with a source for the Toho English Dub and/or a less-compressed copy of the MonstersHD 1985 cut, please feel free to have them PM me here. Some of you guys have connections to CG and that seems like it may be the best source for either of the above…

…unless I’m completely out of touch and someone has already done something like this and I’m just not cool enough to have the proper connections in order to acquire it.

If you guys could help fill in the gaps here, it could benefit us all 😃