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(In-Progress) Thomas and the Magic Railroad: The Lost Edition [A RECORE Entertainment Fan Edit]

Drew Drakofolis said:

Such dedication for a Thomas the Tank Engine movie?
Well, I surely admire the effort.

Is the og movie that good then?

I will say that it’s better than the theatrical version. As to whether it’s subjectively good as a movie, I’ll leave that up to the viewers to decide.

Anyway, one small, brief update. I’m thinking of redubbing more engines than just Thomas, but if I do so, I will be pushing the release date a bit further back. I’m running a poll right now on Facebook to see what they think I should do, where I go into more detail about what each choice means. Feel free to vote on it:

(In-Progress) Thomas and the Magic Railroad: The Lost Edition [A RECORE Entertainment Fan Edit]

Hello, everyone! This is my first post on this forum and my first official fan edit. As many of you know, Shout! Factory recently released the 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray for Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Among the bonus features is a featurette called “Deleted Storylines”, which includes many of the deleted scenes from the movie. This fan edit will utilize that, as well as the theatrical version of the movie, the YouTube PT Boomer chase scene, the DVD’s deleted scene Sundae Surprise, and the workprint version to create the fullest version of the movie possible.

Additionally, I am attempting to fix some of the flaws and incomplete nature of the deleted storylines featurette and the workprint with clever editing, new VFX, rotoscoping, and even new voice acting. Temp dialogue will be replaced with a soundalike voice actor, and every line of Thomas will be redubbed by my friend and Restore The Magic partner, Eric Scherer. I’m currently looking for someone to redub the adult Lily narration, and I have recruited a composer to compose new music for the deleted scenes. Above all, this project will be at a near-professional quality, despite it being a free fan edit and a labor of love. I went to a tech school for audio and video production and editing, so I’m very skilled in this arena.

I recently released a teaser trailer on my YouTube channel RECORE Entertainment. You can view it here:

I’ll be posting occasional updates on the progress I’m making on this Tumblr blog as well as on this thread. I’m aiming for a release right before Christmas 2020, so it’s still technically the year of the 20th anniversary of the movie and the 75th anniversary of the entire Thomas & Friends franchise. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my edit once it’s completed!