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NON-Star Wars Fan Edit and Alternate DVD Covers SHOWCASE
I'm hoping to appeal to all the cover-savvy folk whose work I've admired from afar for the last year or so.

The 1987 "Muppet Family Christmas" tv special was uploaded to demonoid by kmcherry recently, and seems like it's shaping up to be an ideal thing to give my brother-in-law and his daughter, my 2 year old niece (and god-daughter).

I would really love to be able to give this to him with a cover that would match how much I know this would mean to him - it really is a twofold gift. I'm thinking (hoping) that she'll be watching this for years to come.

Can anyone give a hand with this? My default idea is black printed text on Christmas wrapping paper - better than sharpie on a piece of white paper, but not worthy for something featuring Muppets, Sesame Street, and Fraggle Rock characters all rolled into one tv special.
Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas (Complete) - (Released)
Thanks for the Muppet Family Christmas special - it looks great! I never caught that one while growing up for some reason...

Do you have any DVD case artwork for that? I'd love to give a slick case to my brother-in-law (and my 2 year old niece) for Christmas. I'll post a request in the cover art thread as well.

Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to the Emmet project - that's another one that I missed but is HUGE with my wife's family.
The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Director's Cut (Released)

thanks so much for the incredible job on this! I watched it yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I also enjoyed the 'about this film' featurette that you included, although I truly yearned for your audio to be cut over photographs of the people involved, with film posters, etc (a la Ken Burns docs or the handling of photos in the Bob Evans doc 'The Kid Stays In The Picture'). In an ideal, unlimited-budget dreamworld it'd be great even to see a photo of the Arabian Knight dvd release bundled with that cereal box, but oh well.

While I know that sort of documentary-level support to your audio would be complete gravy on top of everything you've already assembled, if you ever plan to go back into the whole dvd and re-build your menus, etc., my only suggestion would be to add in your 'About This Film' intro to the main page, perhaps the way Pixar handles their dvds sometimes - the first and foremost option could be 'PLAY FILM', with an option below it being 'PLAY FILM WITH INTRODUCTION' or something about that.

I only think of this, because I'm looking forward to lending this dvd to friends, but in each instance I'll be telling them to go dig up and watch your featurette before watching the film.

Thanks again for your great work on this!
The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Director's Cut (Released)
I've been admiring this thread from afar for a while now, and let me say that I've got a lot of respect for all the work that ocpmovie and others have put into this.

So this morning I was really happy to read that ocp seeded a dvd torrent of this up the The Pirate Bay last week... only to find that The Pirate Bay has now gone the way of Suprnova as of this morning.

Talk about bad timing, huh? Anyhow, while I try to deal with the newsgroups, is there any way that this could be seeded somplace else, like MySpleen?

I'm really looking forward to seeing this. Thanks again for the efforts.
NON-Star Wars Fan Edit and Alternate DVD Covers SHOWCASE
thanks to all who make these kickass covers - Rik's Pearl Harbor covers enticed me into being excited about Pearl Harbor, which I'm looking forward to (despite the naysayers)

I've had a yearning for a few alternate dvd covers for some existing dvd releases (like the Serenity covers, which I'm eagerly anticipating as well) - Soderburgh's Out of Sight in particular

this was the theatrical release poster

this was the crappy, head-shot heavy, video release cover

if anyone wanted to mount an attempt at that one I'd be incredibly appreciative - I thought Out of Sight was more deserving of Criterion treatment than Traffic was

it ticks me off when they destroy great imagery for films in favor of headshots of actors - same thing with Lost Highway (which still isn't available in the US in widescreen)

theatrical release
video release

other requests (if these exist already and can be linked to that'd be great as well):

Song of the South
Crimewave (1985 - dir. by Sam Raimi, writ. by Raimi and Coen Bros, not available in US)

thanks again for all your work, people