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Just another Sequel Trilogy 3-in-1 Edit (Released)

This edit is now officially released on IFDB. Thanks for all the great feedback and interest, I had some good ideas a year ago but the great ideas feedback and criticism have made this edit so much better than I could have done alone.

Special Thanks:
Firstly to Hal9000, who has been my favorite Sequel Trilogy editor by far.

Also, on Fanedit.org: Jrzag42, DigModiFicaTion, Malthus, Tiny Bread Mouse, and A BIG THANKS TO ~Revel911~ who really pushed me to make this edit more than conservative. Its so much better for it, and ~Closer2God~ for helping with the audio review!

I also want to list those who helped Hal9000 on his edits:

Restructured Contributors:
NeverarGreat (Visual and audio effects), Sir Ridley (Visual and audio effects), Jackpumpkinhead (Visual effects), Sherman (Cover artwork), MalàStrana (English and French subtitles), Octorox, Smithers, Chris Solo, Ben_danger, That_OT_Ruler, RogueLeader, Kexikus, Bingowings, Darthrush, ImperialFighter, Yuri_Kenobi, Littlev87, Tomo, Cheebo, DominicCobb, TK251, SkywalkerFan01, Rpvee, Scott109, DigMod, DuracellEnergizer, Sougouk, EddieDean, Willrow-Hood, ForceGhostRecon, Jack of All Trades, Vladius, Spiphisser, Marduk666, Chyron8472, HyperDown, Oojason, DougieP, Edezio Enk’or Valorum, Hardcore Legend, JawsTDS, Yotsuya, StarWarsFan Sweden, Valheru_84, KumoNin, SUP3RDeathStar, Jarbear, Bromeo, RogueLeader, AbramPT, Darth_ender, Possessed, YodaFan67, ChainsawAsh, Guilty, Ray_afraid, Anjohan, Tobar, Fishmanlee , Krlozdac, William Gillis (Blogger who voiced the core idea for this project which appeared shortly after the film’s release), Noodle_Finger (fan editor behind a prior TFA edit)

Legendary Contributors:
Poppasketti (FX shots and ideas), DarthRush (FX shot and ideas), Pleasehello (FX shot), Snooker (Fx shot), ChainsawAsh (DTS audio), MalàStrana (English and French subtitles), Natedug (Cover artwork, style mimicking Sherman’s TFA:R artwork), Krlozdac, TiMartyn, NeverarGreat, One69chev, Collipso, BMadden, Drakul, StrafeSawdoffe, TV’s Frink, HerekittykittyX, DominicCobb, Jarbear, LordRorek, Imadethisfortheanticheeseedit, Zachary VIII, OutboundFlight, RogueLeader, Handman, Dr. Krogshöj, Nightstalkerpoet, EddieDean, DZ-330, Nd4spd, ChiefWamsutta, Valheru_84, TK-422, Possessed, CourtlyHades296, AbramPT, CarterStarkiller, Cheebo, Snoke&mirrors, Sir Ridley, Anjohan, Kaweebo, Oojason, TheLostJedi, Littlev87, Dat_SW_Guy, Toastedzen, Adywan, Tobar, Ziggyonice, Arosa1091, Chyron8472, TK251, Bop, Gimpy, LeonardoRamos, Octorox, Jrs81, Bromeo, Iryin01, Noodle_Finger

Ascendent Contributors:
poppasketti (voice, audio and visual FX), jonh (visual FX), skenera (visual FX), DominicCobb (clips provided), Sir Ridley (visual FX), axlanian , krausfadr, RogueLeader (voice and audio work), ChainsawAsh (DTS encode), snooker (visual FX), Burbin , ||FanEditore, nevertellmetheodds, LILLIAN02230 (audio work), Chase Adams, Cinefy (music mockups), sade1212 (video help), idir_hh (video help), Luka Frik (video help), Octorox (video help), mrbenjamino (audio work), bbghost (audio work), MaláStrana (help proofreading French subtitles), 13las, 1amJanus, AaronSW, AbramPT, act on instinct, Adaman Kenobi, adobewan, Anakin Starkiller, AnEyeOut, Axios, babajaga, BadeHistory731, BedeHistory731, BeenByTheDuneSea, Bmadden, Broom Kid, Burbin, Buzz Lightyear, buzzclub, CamSMurph, CarterStarkiller, Clavis, CMMAP, commandercluck, CourtlyHades296, darkshadowspike, DarkSpecter5K, darksteel1335, Darth Giacomo, Darth Muffy, Darth Sadifous, DarthYcey, Dat_SW_Guy, Delpheas, Dendros, Dexter Jettster’s Lab, dgraham414, Dorksyde, double A-ron, drakesepi0I, Drakul, DuracellEnergizer, DZ-330, Ed Slushie, EddieDean, EddyMerkxs, fidodido, FreezingTNT2, GeekForFun, Gimpy, hedgesmfg, hitfan, Hoop28, Humby, HyperDown, HyperDown, Ice, Icecream2448, ilFanEditore, InitAbsolute, Jackpumpkinhead, JakeRyan17, Jamesleaf, Jar Jar Bricks, jarbear, Jaws123DRevenge, jeangreyforever, jkimm, JKMaxx, Johannus, JonMalder, jordan_winter, Josanael, jrs81, JurassicNinja, kewlfish, Keysarsoze001, kingofmonsters, Knight of Kalee, krlozdac, Krusfadr, KumoNin, LeperMessiah117, LesPaul32, Lesser, Lifeincontext, Lightsideuser, Llirael Moroth, macesmajored, MaestroDavros, majoras_wrath, Masquerade Overture, MasterSolo, MDDBatman, medioCORE, Molten, monsterchief, moondear, moralcrocodile, moripro2311, mrsmith, natm, Neerb, NeverarGreat, nevertellmetheodds, NFBisms, nicko1981, nightstalkerpoet, nl0428, Ocrop27, omnimuffin, oojason, oviniboy, Paden, Panakin, Papa’s_rod, phineasbg, pleasehello, PodracingThisis91, potatoechip, regularjoe, Rh_2002, rocknroll41, schizopolis23, Schmendrick, sgroov90, Sh0ckwa73, ShadowCloudX, Siliconmaster482, SilverKey, Sir Ridley, SkeletonPack, SkywalkerArts, SleepyBear, sloppy_rig, smpearce1981, SomethingStarWarsRelated, specialk2121, StarkillerAG, stein, stevepaynter, Switchitup, szopman, Tammer5, Terrybartoner, TheAlaskanSandman, thebluefrog, TK-422, TK42-WAN, Tobar, Toblerone, Vidmaster, xxtelecine 7xx, yic17, yotsuya, ZaneFlare92

Just another Sequel Trilogy 3-in-1 Edit (Released)

Things that changed exclusive to V2 overall besides trying to remove needless exposition:

Major changes:

  • Sprinkled Palpatine premonitions earlier into Rey’s visions
  • Adjusted Palpatine motivations to be more Sith-based, and not Empire-based. Kylo sees a chance to be like Vader, and Palpatine is really just interested in getting a similar force-sensitive body (lightning finger type powers) to transfer his spirit into.
  • Better clarified the plutonic relationship of Finn towards Rey

Little words and frames here and there aren’t included but most of the new edits are as follows:

  • Removed some of Finn and Poe killing stormtroopers in the hangar, and changed the tether separation from Poe pressing a button to simply it breaking free.
  • Removed Poe describing BB-8 as one of a kind.
  • Removed Finn kind of recognizing BB-8, now BB-8 recognizes him first
  • Removed shot of scavengers immediately pouncing on the downed tie fighter Finn shot.
  • Removed all hints of Finn being interested in Rey more than as friends.
  • Removed Finn trying to use Rey’s head to get higher in the cockpit
  • Trimmed Rey and Finn hiding from Han
  • Trimmed the Rathtar and gang scene
  • Removed Kylo mentioning “supreme leader senses it”
  • Trimmed Mas’ character a little to make her more badass, less horny
  • Added premonitions of Palpatine to Rey’s visions, beginning when she touches Lukes lightsaber
  • Removed Finn’s “I need a weapon line”, and added the stormtrooper line “laser sword, he he” mockingly while kicking Finn’s ass a little faster and more dramatically than before
  • Removed shots of Poe inside his fighter when rebels arrive, to delay his reveal until at back at the base
  • Removed Kylo explaining to Rey how the first order only needs the last part of the map because they already have the rest of the map because of old empire records
  • Removed Rey’s line to Kylo “you will never be as strong as darth vader” line, ended it on “you’re afraid”
  • Cleaned up the “you’re cold?” joke
  • Removed Han retelling Chewie what he just said about explosive plan
  • Removed Rey meeting Luke on the hill, now he is literally hiding.
  • Removed Rey overexplaining to Luke why she needs his help
  • Removed when the first order lady said the x-wing guns and shield were in attack mode
  • Removed Poe’s interaction with Hux
  • Trimmed the bomber scene to get to the point faster
  • Removed Leia’s line “get your head out of your cockpit”
  • Trimmed Rose and Finn’s meeting
  • Trimmed discussion with Mas to get to the point quicker (and again make Mas less horny)
  • Trimmed Rey and Luke dialogue to remove discussion of Luke cutting himself off from the force, he is just horrified she had no self control with the temptation of the dark side
  • Trimmed “the galaxy may need a legend” to remove “and I need to find my place”
  • Moved Luke reaching out to Leia until after Rey leaves the island
  • Removed Rey’s narration during her trip through the reflections
  • Trimmed Rey and Luke arguing about the truth about Kylo to remove so much repetition
  • Trimmed when Rey says to Snoke he is wrong about skywalker, etc, to just Ben Solo
  • Remove Snoke admitting he connected their minds.
  • Trimmed Yoga and Luke scene for needless exposition and now Yoda only says Ben instead of ben solo
  • Removed Mustafar establishing shot to feel like Ben is just in a rage in a general sense, ended scene after the massacre, removing him finding wayfinder - cut to his ship flying into the cloud
  • Re-edited C3PO’s lines before leaving to “Have you heard R2? I am going with Rey on her mission!” Now he says the same thing when he leaves as the first thing he says after his memory is restored. (and its not Rey’s first official mission, what was the trip to find Luke?!?)
  • Trimmed meeting with Lando to remove mention about only two wayfinders existing
  • Removed Rey getting visions from the dagger, removing “Horrible things have happened with this” (she’s holding the youngling killer too)
  • Trimmed shot of the knights of Ren spotting chewie by a second
  • Cleaned up meeting with Jannah
  • Clarified Rey’s line that her vision was just her on the sith throne
  • Adjusted final Palpatine confrontation to seem more like Rey has no choice

More smaller details, I’ll keep working on the full cut list for v2

Just another Sequel Trilogy 3-in-1 Edit (Released)

Just finished an updated version (V2), having audited the whole edit based on a great video about “showing, not telling.”


I specifically addressed the points mentioned in the video about TLJ, then audited the rest of the edit for more examples, shaving off an additional 13 minutes of needless exposition. Also had a good list of notes from reddit feedback that I have been meaning to review and consider. (a word here, a frame there)

Available now!

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Hal 9000 said:

The dagger is the reason Rey goes off on her own to Kylo’s quarters, so I feel that any attempt to remove its use would feel more awkward than accepting a dumb moment.

It’s dumb, but it’s not one of the big problems I had with the movie when I left.

Agree so much here. Tried to remove it from my edit but its sticky.

As for the dagger crossguard part, I just removed that part completely from my edit. Easier because mine is a 3-in-1, but Rey navigating the deathstar was almost a repeat of her introduction, searching the old star destroyer. She just knows her stuff really well from being a scavenger that everyone likes to remind her of so much. From there, it made sense that she could figure out quickly where Palps thone room was, then the wayfinder seems to “reveal” itself. Might be too hard to relate to two movies later though.

Just another Sequel Trilogy 3-in-1 Edit (Released)

If I had the skills, this would finish my dream edit:

Luke’s saber is destroyed after the Holdo Maneuver.
Leia trains Rey with HER saber, still blue.
Ben turns good but doesn’t toss his saber.
The final Palp saber “X” is leias blue and Ben’s red, matching TFA imagery.
Rey buries Leia and Ben’s sabers on Jakku or Ach-to.

But I’m happy enough with my current edit to let this addiction go. That amount of work is crazy.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Terrybartoner said:

wakeupkeo said:

Hello editors, new to posting here, but have been fan-editing for a few years now on fanedit.org (mostly just workprints for my personal collection.) I am a huge fan of the Hal9000 Star Wars edits, they are definitive for me!

I have been watching this thread and just finished my own full trilogy edit. I am sure this is not the place to post but this is the thread I have been reading so I thought it was right to share here.

One thing that I haven’t noticed anyone mention but seems ok with the amount of changes being discussed:
I moved the moment of Ben reviving Rey to BEFORE she beats Palps. I am sure everyone here can take this idea and make it better, if it works at all.

Again, I have nothing but admiration for what everyone is contributing! I know when this is all done, the result of the group effort will be amazing.


This right here is Absolutely brilliant. his death feels more appropriate, it adds more weight to the climax, you can add leia’s voice as well as her ghost and Even bens ghost to the confrontation. I think there needs to be some edits of Palpatine laughing or reacting but otherwise great idea, and maybe put the voices of all the Jedi to when she’s reflecting the lighting

Right on! That would be a great way to make it work, although I worry aboout the force ghost crowd growing LOL