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Blade Runner: The Complete Music Collection

Blade Runner - Esper ‘Retirement’ Edition seem pretty complete. It has 37 tracks for the main score. But I am not sure if it perhaps have some unused muisc (not heard in the actual film) thrown in there. Each track has been professionally remastered. How will they compare?

Is the track list chronological? The order in which the tracks appear in the film, that is.

Is “The Prodigal Son” the same as “The Prodigal Son Brings Death” also known as “Roy Kills Tyrell and Sebastian”? To add to the confusion, on the Esper Edition there is also a track titled “The Prodigal Son Brings Death (Prelude)”.

What will “Disc 4: Eye World” contain?

Any update in general?

Also, I think it would be nice if you were to index at which time code each track can be heard in the film.
And when it is released, that you detail where you got each track from and any changes you have made to them.