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A Shallow First Dip Into The EU Mara Jade, Thrawn, and Gilad Pellaeon

So, Ive been a fan of Star Wars for a long time, in a somewhat limited capacity. I like the original trilogy, don’t care much for the prequels, and LOVE many of the video games. That’s actually where most of my fandom lies. In “Shadows of the Empire” and “Dark Forces/Jedi Knight” and “Knights of the Old Republic.”

Well, for the first time ever, I want to actually dip into the EU outside of video games. But I am primarily focused on a very specific part of it. I want to read books and comics that deal with Mara Jade, Thrawn, and Gilad Pellaeon that take place during The Galactic Civil War. IE, anything that happened between A New Hope, and that treaty they sign in… what was it, 19ABY to officially end the war? I do not care about ANYTHING before or after except one Zahn book about Mara Jade and Luke. I especially do not care about the Space Daedra. It started out with me finally deciding to read the Thrawn Trilogy, but I figured pretty quick that I needed to look at more than that, to get the full picture. At least as full as I actually want.

So what Ive got so far on my list of books is basically everything by Timothy Zahn, Shadows of the Empire, which I never got too despite my love of the game, The Jedi Academy Trilogy by Kevin J. Anderson, and The Callista Trilogy by him and Barbara Hambly.

As for comics, I have Shadows of the Empire again along with what Im guessing are a couple spinoffs of it, Mara Jade: By the Emperor’s Hand and Mara Jade: A Night on the Town, Union, and finally The Crimson Empire Trilogy, which I always wanted to read for some reason even before deciding to go all in like this. Oh, and I’m going to read the Knights of the Old Republic comics that lead into the games. I have to. Just the KoToR comics. I care nothing about anything related to the MMO.

Anyways, I was wondering if I was missing anything important. And what everyone’s thoughts are on my planned reading list in general. Ide love to hear your opinions. Am I missing anything? Should I GIVE something a miss? Let me know.

The Best Fan Edits Ever?

So, Ive been away from Star Wars for a long time. So long that my original login for this website, which I only used once, to post one “help me” type comment, is so old and ancient that it is beyond any password I ever remember using. (I tried the password reset, never got any e-mails. And I checked my spam. And the contact us didn’t work. THIS USERNAME IS FINE)

Anyways, I would like to get back into Star Wars a bit, and was looking for a newish way to experience it. I have the AManDigital fan edits on DVD over on a shelf, which I got over 10 years ago and never did watch, and I thought about giving those a go. However, Ive heard really great things about a newer set of edits by somebody named HAL9000, and generally I was wondering about other peoples thoughts about the best way to experience the Original Trilogy. I know its subjective and YMMV, but that’s okay, I’m pretty open to anything and would love to hear people’s thoughts. I actually don’t have a huge preference between Special Edition and Non. But by god I don’t wanna see Hayden Christensen at the end of Return of the Jedi or hear anything but that dumb Ewok song.

Ide also like to give the prequels a go, and I know HAL9000 did highly regarded cuts of those…
But well, I think the prequels work best if they are kept, uh… brief? So I’m looking for the best 3 movie supercut of the prequels all together as one movie. I know there’s a few of those.
I saw three that stood out to me. “Before the Dark Times”, “Downfall of The Old Republic”, and “Shadows of the Old Republic.”

Ide also be open to one of the supercuts of The Clone Wars animated movie and series as one big movie if there’s any that people are really fond of.

Again, just looking for thoughts and opinions. Please, share yours.