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Episode VII: Rise of The Last Jedi [Sequels Retold into 1 Movie] RELEASED

Opening Crawl:
Episode VII

The time for peace is over, EVIL has been allowed to rise again in the galaxy. The FIRST ORDER, led by the evil Supreme Leader SNOKE have plunged the unprepared New Republic into disarray.

MASTER LUKE SKYWALKER’s Jedi Academy has been destroyed by KYLO REN, a powerful student, seduced by the Dark Side. In the aftermath, LUKE has vanished, and REY, the sole survivor of the academy, becomes the last beacon of hope for the resistance.

The FIRST ORDER has been preparing in the shadows for their attack and in a sinister twist, KYLO REN has captured REY, bringing her before SNOKE to reveal the location of LUKE SKYWALKER.

The resistance is racing to GENERAL LEIA ORGANA’s position on the planet CRAIT, but they are being trailed by the diabolical FIRST ORDER…

Episode VII: Rise of The Last Jedi [Sequels Retold into 1 Movie] RELEASED


Star Wars
Episode VII: Rise of The Last Jedi (APB123 Edit)
Runtime: 2hr 42min (with credits)

The era of peace has ended, plunging the New Republic into disarray with the ascent of the diabolical First Order to power. Master Luke Skywalker’s Jedi temple lies destroyed, leaving only two formidable Force wielders bound by a rare bond unseen for generations. Pursued by the malevolent Supreme Leader Snoke, the Resistance rushes to rendezvous with General Leia Organa on the planet Crait.

What is it?
I have edited all three sequel films into one EPIC adventure film.

About me (related to Star Wars):
I am a huge fan of Star Wars (as we all are), I watch so many fan edits, and I actually love most star wars projects just for having the galaxy on my screen, but I couldn’t understand why the sequels were just so… bad!?

How is it different?
I wanted to give a new take on the story, one that’s fast-paced, with plenty of twists and turns, without spending too much time on the past films and cameos. I honestly believe Kylo and Rey are great characters if they are given the right story. I tell a story of two powerful force users who have an intertwined destiny, and their connection constantly pulls them between the light and dark.

(Essentially, I wanted to remove hours of wasted backstory in deserts and then just 20 minutes of training to become the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy, bad timing and underwhelming reveals…)

My story kicks off with the First Order trailing the Resistance as they race to the planet Crait to join General Leia Organa, while Kylo Ren has captured Rey and is bringing her before Supreme Leader Snoke to reveal Luke Skywalker’s location. From here, the story of two powerful force users unfolds…

What’s my vision of the two main characters?

  • Kylo: is full of anger and resentment, searching for power and purpose in every way, but he’s constantly tormented by his decision and his pull to the light.
  • Rey: is strong and determined to try to stop the dark from winning but is constantly tormented by her parents and struggles with how easily she allows the dark to take over her.

What’s new? (without any spoilers for how I’ve changed the story)

  • Kylo Ren and Rey are powerful force users from the start who share a bond after both being students at Luke’s Jedi Academy. Because they are equally matched, this “tug of war” story helps drive the entire film.
  • The opening threat is Snoke.
  • Kylo and Rey are both conflicted by their feelings and emotions from the start;
  • Kylo’s thirst for power and to run from his regrets drives his actions.
  • Rey’s loyalty to Luke/Leia drives her actions.
  • Kylo’s Ren’s identity is kept a secret until the time is right.
  • Star Killer base is the main threat towards the middle of the movie.
  • Kylo tries to convince Rey to join him on the dark side throughout.
  • Exegol’s Sith Fleet becomes the next main threat through rumours and hearsay.
  • Finding wayfinders becomes the main focus for both Kylo & Rey
  • Kylo & Rey arrive to Exogol around the same time
  • Palpatine’s reveal is more shocking by revealing it towards the end
  • Rey’s link to Palpatine is also more shocking this way
  • Kylo’s choice to help Rey against Palpatine makes more sense now
  • Added new audio score where needed
  • Added new character lines

Please leave a comment below and I will send you the link via DM when it’s ready! I really hope you enjoy my edit and please leave me some feedback!

BELOW CONTAINS SPOILERS OF MY EDIT (don’t read if you want some good changes);

The Change Log is quite extensive as I’ve mixed all three films into one and I did not make so many notes. But the overall journey goes something like this (SPOILERS);

  • Opening Crawl
  • Kylo brings Rey to Snoke
  • The Resistance are racing to get to CRAIT to join Leia Organa
  • Rey & Kylo kill Snoke and fight guards
  • Kylo chooses the throne, Rey chooses the lightsaber
  • Ship hyper jumps through the Snoke ship
  • Battle on Crait
  • Luke dies
  • Resistance escapes / first visible diad bond
  • Rey is meditating with flashbacks to her training with Luke and does her training course, gets distracted
  • Kylo sees flashbacks of him destroying the temple and uses the diad with Rey
  • We see Kylo putting on his mask & talking to Vader mask
  • First Order / Starkiller base Speech / destroy republic planets
  • Rey is researching Wayfinders
  • Resistance creates plan to destroy the starkiller base
  • Han / Leia final interaction
  • Han etc go to starkiller base and lower the shields
  • Star killer base fight
  • Kylo revealed as Han’s son / Han dies
  • Rey & Kylo fight (improved)
  • No planet explosion to better understand how Kylo survived
  • Second dyad connection, Rey wakes up from the sun, Kylo is getting droid repair from the previous fight
  • Finn & Poe retrieve intel from the guy who says “WIN THE WAR!”
  • Resistance discussing the intel about Exegol / Rey knows how to get there
  • Intro to Knights of Ren and his new mask + first mention of Exegol and Sith fleet
  • Rey & friends travel to Pasana
  • No mention of only 2 way finders available
  • The serpent scene is cut shorter
  • Go to Kijimi to unlock C3PO’s translation
  • Rey & friends go to Kylo’s destroyer to get Chewy
  • Rey & Kylo dyad fight is improved and not revealed about Rey being a Palpatine
  • Ren arrives and tells Rey they’re a diad in the force
  • Rey escapes on the Falcon
  • Falcon crashes on the death star planet
  • Rey goes to the throne room on death star and sees evil Rey
  • Rey & Kylo fight on the water (improved)
  • Han solo is the one to reach Ren as he’s about to kill Rey
  • Rey stabs Kylo but then has a flashback to them touching hands and being affectionate and this helps her decide to spare Kylo’s life
  • Snoke can be heard saying “Alas you’re no Vader. You’re just a boy, in a mask”
  • Rey races to the “Luke island” and Luke appears as force ghost (cut and improved), Luke raises the x-wing from the water.
  • Kylo smashes his mask and orders to prepare his ship.
  • Kylo goes to mustafar and kills the protectors of wayfinder and races to Exegol
  • Kylo interacts with Palpatine (cut and improved)
  • The final order ships rise
  • The transmission arrives to the resistance / they discuss
  • Palpatine orders General to come to Exegol
  • R2D2 picks up transmission from x-wing / the plan to stop the fleet on Exegol is made
  • Rey arrives to Exegol
  • Knight of Ren are told to kill Kylo Ren
  • Resistance fleet arrives
  • Rey is revealed to be Palpatine’s granddaughter
  • The Exogol fight in the sky / Palpatine ritual
  • Kylo is being attacked by the Knights of Ren
  • Leia drops the headset and is carried away
  • The Exogol fight continues
  • Rey is about to kill Palpatine but then Leia reaches out to Ben and dies & Luke reaches out to Rey with “Some things are stronger than blood, confronting fear is the destiny of the jedi”
  • Rey and Ben join together to stop Palpatine
  • Palpatine is resurrected through the dyad and force throws Ben away
  • Rey reaches out to the Jedi and she’s joined by Yoda, Obi-Wan, Luke & Anakin
  • Kill Palpatine and the Resistance wins
  • Kylo’s hand appears
  • Celebration and cut to the young boy from the end of The Last Jedi who is wearing the ring
  • The end