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Akira - Definitive Version (W.I.P. - I Need Material)

Hello, this will be the last publication I make, prior to the official launch of the project that will bring together all the dubbing and subtitles in the world, with the best video source. This will include all the extras with the most subtitles and dubbing.

From row 125, you will be able to see all the material that I have used to date to make the final version of Akira, They are more than 50, which is soon to be done in the synchronization stage of all sources: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jNZFL8yL_V_P41SxiCs-cL5ZkmIbGPaQpVxirW-HlhA/edit#gid=1721557612

PLEASE! Contact me if you have anything on this list or if you have official material that has been dubbed or subtitled (vhs, laserdisc, dvd, blu-ray, tv, among others), Also, if there is material that they do not have, we could get together to buy the missing supplies. I would also really appreciate sharing this post.

This is the material I am looking for in a digital file, to be able to rescue the audios and subtitles for the project:

BULGARIA - VHS Bootleg (contains a voice-over from the communist bloc)
DENMARK or NORWAY or SWEDEN - Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment BD: https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Akira-Blu-ray/256704/
FINLAND - Cinema Mondo FIN BD: https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Akira-Blu-ray/256703/
FRANCE - Laserdisc TF1 Video FRA LD [450 099]: https://ibb.co/88fyt51https://ibb.co/88fyt51
HONG KONG - Edko Films Ltd. HKBD: https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Akira-Blu-ray/284428/
USA - Streamline Pictures USA VHS Special Subtitled Edition: https://ibb.co/7VNhM6z
USA - Orion Home Video USA VHS: https://ibb.co/G3kz8L6
USA - USA VHS Collection Edition Double Pack: https://ibb.co/59GBgC7
USA - Pioneer USA VHS: https://ibb.co/ZWdbyxB
SPAIN - Manga Films SPA VHS Especial Coleccionistas: https://ibb.co/X8vwpQn
NEDERLAND - Manga Films NED VHS: https://ibb.co/2hZYtmN
TAIWAN or HONG KONG - BD Bootleg: https://ibb.co/DWfbsnF
TAIWAN - Proware TAI BD: https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Akira-Blu-ray/32581/
TAIWAN - Proware TAI VCD: https://www.yesasia.com/us/akira-drama-version-taiwan-version/1003875493-0-0-0-en/info.html
THAILAND - Know How THA DVD9 25th Anniversary Edition: https://ibb.co/3WCbWfw
OTHERS! - Do you have material that has been subtitled, dubbed, voice-over, rescore, among others, that is not on this list? It also counts, let me know.

I’m also looking for the LaserDiscs from Japan, the USA, Hong Kong, I have them digitized, but they weren’t made on a domesday, it would be great if someone had them, to send it to Tanks to be digitized in maximum quality.

Akira (definitive version) - 47 audios | 22 languages | 35 dubbing | 4 rescores | 2 Music + Effects | 54 subtitles


Data sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jNZFL8yL_V_P41SxiCs-cL5ZkmIbGPaQpVxirW-HlhA/edit#gid=1721557612

Contact us to support us, provide information or learn about our other projects, PM or: metahades1889@gmail.com | https://linktr.ee/metahades | https://discord.gg/t5gf4R2W2U.

Please let us know if you have knowledge of information that we do not have on: best audios or subtitles (full, forced, descriptive for disabled), dubbing, voice-overs, rescores, covers, Music + Effects, among others.

New updates of what will be worked on for our definitive version of Akira that will be made public, all the dubbing in the world in its highest quality & all the existing subtitles, from our research.

This version uses the following formats: VHS, Laserdisc, TV, WEB-DL, DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 4K, self-made.

⚪ Video: Dynit ITABD - Scoped Rip.

⚪ Dubbing + Voice-Overs: Bulgarian voice-over, Catalan, Catalan Valencian, Chinese Cantonese dub 1, Chinese Cantonese dub 2, Chinese Mandarin, Czech, English dub1 (1989), English dub2 (2001), French dub1 (1991), French dub2 remake (2011), Georgian voice-over, German dub1 (1991), German dub2 (2005), Hungarian, Italian dub1 (1992), Italian dub2 (2018), Japanese, Lithuanian voice-over, Persian, Polish voice-over, Portuguese (Brazil) dub1 (1992), Portuguese (Brazil) dub2 (1999), Portuguese (Brazil) dub3 (2002), Russian dub1 (2007), Russian dub2 (2021), Spanish (Argentina) dub1 (1992), Spanish (Mexico) dub2 (1999), Spanish (Mexico) dub3 (1999), Spanish (Mexico) dub4 (2019), Spanish (Spain) dub1 (1992), Spanish (Spain) dub2 (2002), Spanish (Spain) dub3 (2004), Thai, Ukrainian voice-over, Rescore (2022) - Humaniac, Rescore (2021) - Vortex, Rescore (2018) - The Firmament, Rescore (1999) - The Disco Biscuits, Music + Effects 5.1 (Extracted from Dynit ITABD), Music + Effects 2.0 (Extracted from Selecta Vision SPADVD).

⚪ Subtitles (full): Arabic, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Catalan (+ forced), Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (+ forced), Estonian, Finnish, French (+ forced), German (+ forced), Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian (+ forced), Japanese, Korean, Malay, Malayalam, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (Latin America) (+ forced), Spanish (with an Argentine accent), Spanish (Spain) (+ forced), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese.

▫️ NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan JAPBD 4K Hypersonic Japanese 5.1 audio will be parsed with the UKBD or JAPBD Japanese Hypersonic 5.1 audio (not the remastered version). Hydra told us that these audios are superior to what we have found.

▫️ We have found better audios from Hungarian dub, Polish voice-over, Thai dub & a new better quality audio capture from dub 4 (Netflix).

▫️ We received the Cantonese dub from Hong Kong laserdisc Laser-Video Entertainment Ltd HKLD [LVMW 0149] & the Bulgarian Island World Video BULVHS voice-over.

▫️ The Czech audio we initially got in AAC has been replaced with a new capture in PCM. We were also surprised by the existence of a Ukrainian voice-over.

▫️ We got the original audios of the Rescore: Humaniac, The Firmamente & The Disco Biscuits. We only need the Vortex score, which has already told us that it will send us a digital copy without loss of quality.

▫️ Makata will share his capture from Spanish (Mexico) dub3 (1999) (Locomotion).

▫️ Music & effects 2.0 from SPADVD and 5.1 from ITABD will be extracted, this will be a 2.0 version, with better quality.

▫️ The first dubbing (Argentine) will be captured from the VHS Plus with better conditions and tools, it will include a new restoration of our MrQesito.

▫️ We made comparisons of all the audios, to define the best, some examples: https://slow.pics/c/WkD9OWf0 | https://slow.pics/c/hrcuSwX7

▫️ Korean dubbing is lost media: https://namu.wiki/w/AKIRA

▫️ Also, we have more than 500GB of new ones that we have to download from DVDs and BDs that have been out for a few months, to use their audios and subtitles.

▫️ Oh surprise, in the release we will include the Manga in: Japanese, English, Croatian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish & Thai. In addition to the soundtrack in its different versions and artbooks.

WHERE WE NEED INFORMATION AND/OR SUPPORT (contact me, everything counts)

▫️ 3 subtitles are hardsub in the languages: Burmese, Hindi and Spanish (Latin America) from the DVD Camelot (by Nacho). We are looking for people who can extract them to softsubs.

▫️ We hope to get Traditional Chinese subtitle from Netflix Hong Kong, only recognized by Express VPN, using Streamfab (I can’t because the account I have, was created from a phone). Also, I only have access to Prime, HBO & Disney+ to get material, if someone has access to other streaming to see what can be extracted, great.

▫️ We still can’t find out, about the two Cantonese dubbing, which was the original dubbing and which was the redoubling, we don’t know who dubbed it or when it was made: https://youtu.be/TAUJ_Yiql0Y

▫️ We are always happy to receive or learn about VHS, Laserdisc, VCD, TV catches or Streaming, in any language, that contain better audio quality than what we have or subtitles.

▫️ Audio & subtitle synchronizers.

▫️ Lastly, the Taiwan/Hong Kong bootleg blu-ray is the only one with the Mandarin dub, probably from an old capture. We have invested in obtaining VHS material especially, this time we are looking to buy this blu-ray and have a contact I have there send it to us. If you want to support us with this purchase, write me by PM.

Ghost in the Shell (1995) - Spanish (Mexico) Dub1 (1998) (HBO Olé TV)

Contact us for a copy, PM or: https://linktr.ee/metahades | https://discord.gg/t5gf4R2W2U.

For many years, this screenshot was never available on the internet, and today we are happy to share it with you.

In 1 video found on Youtube, a 7-minute excerpt from user Bolt could be found & in the comments, user J.S. Registro Audiovisual mentioned that he had this capture, however for a few years there was no answer if he actually had it and if he was going to share it.

We tried to contact him, until he answered us and gave us the capture he had, credits and thanks to him.

This quality is superior to the VHS collection of Gold from Argentina.

As always, our great SrQesito made a considerable improvement of the audio, in the MKV the audio of the restoration is attached (also converted to Mono, because the stereo capture is false) & the original audio of the capture. For our final version, the capture noise will be reduced by default.


[metahades] Akira (Акира) - Bulgarian voice-over - PCM 2.0-48kHz (Island World Video BULVHS)

Contact us for a copy, PM or: https://linktr.ee/metahades | https://discord.gg/t5gf4R2W2U.

Voice-over: Krasimir Nyagolov

When we were looking for the Hong Kong Laserdisc, Danail approached us, asking if we were interested in getting a voice-over for the project, it was something that took us by surprise, because in our research, we didn’t get this material anywhere, We can’t even see it on any page that details who did it, or if it really existed. This voice-over practice is quite popular in the communist bloc. Thanks and credits to Danail for this gem.

[metahades] Akira - (Laser-Video Entertainment Ltd Hong Kong Laserdisc) [LVMW 0149]

Contact us for a copy, PM or: https://linktr.ee/metahades | https://discord.gg/t5gf4R2W2U.

This capture from Laser-Video Entertainment Ltd Hong Kong Laserdisc [LVMW 0149] was presented to us by Erwin (Laserdisc 1) & Ikusa-One (Laserdisc 2), our sincere thanks to them.

According to our investigation, this is the first time this Laserdisc has been shared over the internet.

Something that we have not yet gotten information is that, we do not know if this is the original dubbing or the redoubling, since we also have the Cantonese version of ATV. However, we do not have the date of when each dubbing was released, nor which studio dubbed them.

On the other hand, we know that the Mandarin dubbing is on a pirated Blu-ray in stores in Taiwan & Hong Kong, we need a contact that we can order to buy it there and send it to us in physical or digital file.

[metahades] Akira - Spanish (Argentina) Dub1 (1992) - PCM 1.0-48kHz (Transeuropa ArgVHS)

Contact us for a copy, PM or: https://linktr.ee/metahades | https://discord.gg/t5gf4R2W2U.

We bought this capture of the VHS Transeuropa from an Argentine collector, who digitized it and sent us the file. This digitization was carried out in the most optimal conditions.

As of today, it is the version with the highest audio quality existing on the internet for the first dubbing, we attach the audio of the original rip & the audio improvement made by our great SrQesito, for the final version the noise will be reduced by default.

[metahades #002a] A SILENT VOICE (2016) - 14 dubbing / 57 subtitles

75GB https://paste.ee/d/gD3UZ | https://ibb.co/HKrprHL

Hello dear friends, we are happy to share with you our A Silent Voice preservation and collecting project, which includes 14 dubs and 57 subtitles, if you want a free copy, go to https://discord.gg/t5gf4R2W2U | https://linktr.ee/metahades or write me.

VIDEO Italian 1920x1080 (Dynit ITABD)

AUDIOS (DTS-MA, TrueHD, PCM, AC3, E-AC-3, AAC, MP3) (Channels: 5.1, 2.0):
Chinese Cantonese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian (VO fandub), Brazilian Portuguese (fandub), Russian, European Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Tagalog, Ukrainian (VO fandub), Music - Inner Silence.

SUBTITLES (HDMV PGS, SubStationAlpha, Subrip/SRT) (full, forced, sdh):
Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese Cantonese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Persian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Sinhala, European Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

We have found a dubbing in Chinese Mandarin and Korean, we are making donations to get the material and launch a version 2, if you want to collaborate or have the material or other languages ​​that are not in this publication, write to me.

[metahades #001] AKIRA (1998) - 36 audios / 53 subtitles

81GB | 18 dubbing / 36 audios | 37 dubbing subtitles / 53 subtitles

Contact us for a copy: https://linktr.ee/metahades | https://discord.gg/t5gf4R2W2U.

We communicate that we have our definitive version of preservation of Akira. Using all available sources (BDs, DVDs, LaserDisc, VHS, TV, WEB) in maximum quality.

VIDEO: ITABD 30th Anniversary.

AUDIOS: Catalan, Czech, English dub1 (1989) dub2 (2001), French dub1 (1991) dub2 remake (2011), Germany dub 1 (1991) dub2 remake (2011), Hungarian, Italian dub1 (1992), Italian dub2 (2018), Japanese, Lithuanian VO (fandub), Polish VO (fandub), Brazilian Portuguese dub1 (1992) dub2 (1999) dub3 (2002), Russian dub1 (2007) dub2 (2021), European Spanish dub1 (1992) dub2 (2002) dub3 (2004), Latin American Spanish dub1 (1992) dub2 (1998) dub3 (1999) dub4 (2019), Thai, Valencian.

SUBTITLES: Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese Mandarin Simplified, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Germany, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, European Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese.

we have found a dubbing in Chinese Cantonese and Korean, we are making donations to get the material and launch a version 2, if you want to collaborate or have the material or other languages ​​that are not in this publication, write to me.