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Offshoot of the Politics thread

Michael Savage goes without saying, and Sean Hannity lost me when he said that we should torture Democrat congressmen that oppose the Iraq War.

Right now I'm mostly pissed at Glenn Beck though, because he's basically telling people that love your neighbor is a perversion of the Gospel of Christ. Link.

Yes, I'm against the government taking too much power into its own hands in order to achieve social justice, but to say that churches who are working for it are in the wrong is absolutely ridiculous.

Pat Robertson does it again

I don't see anything unChristian about attacking Robertson. In fact, I think it's the duty of Christians everywhere to stand up and condemn that kind of hateful nonsense. If we don't make it clear that Pat Robertson does not represent the rest of us, we'll get more and more people seeing his hatred as the norm for people of faith.

Part of me hopes the Rapture actually happens so that someone can take a photo of the look of utter shock on Pat Robertson's face when he isn't taken.

Video Games - a general discussion thread

Well they're probably gonna be reusing plenty of models and gameplay elements from the first game. Not too long ago Rachet and Clank was getting a sequel a year, and they were pretty much all stellar.

I just hope Arkham 2 is good as well. I'd like to see them add someone in the Batfamily as a playable character. Damian as Robin would be too fantastic for words.

Avatar and Politics in general (mild spoilers)

C3PX said:

These two statements are very much at odds with each other. It was the mainstream media who made the huge fuss about her clothing, you claim you don't pay attention to the mainstream media, yet you use their exact argument concerning her clothing. Never mind how much Biden's suites cost, no matter what Michelle Obama's dresses cost, the neanderthal woman with the silly accent is paying too much for her clothes! What is this world coming too! Just be honest Chalt's, are you really not paying attention to the mainstream media on this one?

Also, it is interesting you'd attribute opposition to health care reform as something belonging to the "far right", and assuming that Palin "twittering" about it means she is pandering, rather than genuinely caring about it herself. I am adamantly against health care reform (in the form of Obama's health care plan anyway, I do however, feel the current system needs fixed), does this mean I am pandering? Or "far right"? (everyone here would probably answer this question with a "Yes", which kind of makes me laugh).

Nobody ever accused Biden and Michelle Obama of being fiscal conservatives. I wasn't aware that blogs and websites counted as the mainstream media. I get almost none of my news from CNN, Fox, MSNBC, or news publications. I may overhear stuff on networks when others are watching, but I honestly can't stand the mainstream media and don't read or watch them as a matter of course.

Also, it is interesting you'd attribute opposition to health care reform as something belonging to the "far right", and assuming that Palin "twittering" about it means she is pandering, rather than genuinely caring about it herself.

I'm not talking about honest opposition, I'm talking about pandering to the ridiculous fears of the far right--telling supporters that there will be death panels and state-funded abortions. Lying is endemic in politics, and I'm ashamed to see someone who supposedly represents my party and its viewpoints working the crowds like that.

And while it speaks poorly of the Democrats that they can't get the much-needed health care reform passed, it is in part because of the reaction from the far right that the bill as it exists is a disaster and deserves to fail. The problem is that the tea-party crowd is by and large not interested in even beneficial health care reform. The idea of a single-payer system clearly isn't going to happen (thankfully), yet they still act like any possible bill is a bad bill. They seem to want no reform at any cost. It's the very definition of reactionary, and it's hardly the ideal that the GOP was founded on or that Reagan was talking about when he spoke of American exceptionalism.

Avatar and Politics in general (mild spoilers)

I don't pay attention to the mainstream media, my opinion of Palin has been formed from her own mouth--quotes that show she's rather ignorant of the national government's workings, pandering to the far right's opposition to health care reform on her twitter page, etc.

I'm not saying she's completely stupid, but she's a borderline fanatic and clearly not ready for higher office. And after her ridiculous clothing expenditures during the campaign, I have doubts that she's really the fiscal conservative she pretends to be.

Avatar and Politics in general (mild spoilers)

ferris209 said:

Nanner Split said:

xhonzi said:

But Palin said, "I can see RUSSIA from MyyYYyyy HoUsE!!!"  Didn't she?  What.  An.  Idiot!

No, wait...  She said, "They're our next-door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska -- from an island in Alaska."

SNL said that other thing... but somehow everyone came away saying "What an idiot!" about the real Palin.

So, yeah... I blame SNL.  They set out to politically assassinate Palin which they did quite well. 

SNL didn't really have to do anything to politically assassinate Palin. That interview with Couric was a disaster.

In case anyone needs reminding: Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits

(by the way, does anyone else find any similarities between her and David Brent? Not looks, obviously :P )

Sarah Palin is nothing but a trained monkey. The higher-ups in the Republican Party train her these standard speeches and responses to questions, and she repeats them on national television. She rattles off these speeches but when you look in her eyes it's like she doesn't really understand the words that are coming out of her mouth.

Whatever, I think that Palin is extremely intelligent, very bright, and going to make you eat your words someday.

What the hay!? Ferris, you know me. You know I'm no liberal. And that's a ridiculous statement. Palin has repeatedly proven herself to be a far-right nutjob who emotes rather than thinks. You can stick your head in the sand all you want, but Palin's brand of brainless 'conservatism' is not going to win elections.