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Star Wars Episode III: Labyrinth Of Evil (Released)

Chipping in about Youngling scenes and references - please exclude.

I found them really distasteful when I first saw them
Even more so when I became a parent and was really reluctant about letting my children see the films.
Considering that all the films are seen as classics that children could watch, there are images and scenes I think are inappropriate for the cinematic fantasy of the films (up to prequels, it was notably the close up shot of burnt out bodies of Owen and Beru).

I know bad things happen in the world but as what is seen as a a series of films accessible for kids, there doesn’t need to be a kids being shown they are going to be killed.
(also in prequels, the decapitations of Dooku and Jango* are needlessly gratuitous, when stunt fight ‘slice across the chest’ could have done - still awkward about letting my kids see those bits)

I hate that the the official productions have to follow on gratuitous continuity of kids being killed.

I was really grateful when I found fan edits that made the decision to cut that.
The stories gained nothing from it, and the editors make them better films cinematically.

So please don’t reinstate Younglings scenes, references or images.

*If there was a way for their killings to be edited to not have their head lopped and rolling off, that would be amazing - I think young Boba’s last scene could still be included simply interpreted as him holding up Jango’s helmet - but I’ll more of those requests for the the EpII thread.

Which fan editors work with practical effects?

On my Facebook feed, there’s a group that appears to be scale model and set builders showing off their efforts. It seems a shame their potential talents aren’t used for further fan edit story telling.

And imagine if the prequels had scale model ‘green’ screen work than the millennial cgi they had to suffer.
(And you know what, sequel trilogy could benefit from that too, frankly)

Deepfake Ideas - Index and Discussion

My deepfake face and voice preferences throughout the movies (using Hal9000 edits as my personal Prequel canon movies)

1st - would need more than deepfaking though, but require significant editing of trying to change angles of frames/editing line of sight of other characters (maybe other AI tools for a base filling out beyond the cropping of frames) - Make Anakin older, closer Padme’s age. This would require the character to be taller larger, hence the comment about the serious frame editing. Obviously a voice change to reflect being a teen character. But having the character from the get go being a mess of teenage hormones, desire for identity and independence, emotions, cocky charisma but ‘farmboy’ innocence, coupled with the supernatural abilities would have plugged people into the character arc far more. Anakin and Padme both could have aged up, which would have paid off with the story lines in the following movies, but it was the Anakin age casting that was always the fundamental problem with that relationship in the stories.

2nd - Voice AI, get all references of “padawan” changed simply to “apprentice”.

3rd - Voice AI, get Jar Jar and all Gungans voices altered to an old rural Fen/East Anglian accent:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTVwdv9Pzo8 (the men 2 minutes in are perfect example)

4th - Voice AI, RotJ, A-Wing pilot voice back to match Poppy Hands

5th - Deepfake and Voice, Solo (Coaxium Heist) - Simply change to Anthony Ingruber

One other, for a laugh - Voice AI, get all Jango and Boba Fett’s lines changed to Ed Begley Junior in A Mighty Wind

What if Jar Jar Binks and Gungans had Fens/old East Anglian accents?

For the past year or two it’s got stuck in my head of a voice Jar Jar and the Gungans could have had that wouldn’t have had such an awkward and problematic reception.

The kind of voice that’s really worked in my mind’s eye is an old rural Fens/East Anglian accent. Here’s the best clip I think of available on YouTube:

It would seem to fit with a rural pastoral, water and land connected ‘every man’ quality of the characters and their home (big fan of Hal 9000 cuts).

If it were possible to re-record the voices of Jar Jar and other Gungans with such voices, even the dialogue need hardly change, I think it would be a far more satisfying watch when they’re on screen.

That said, it wouldn’t be right to reduce representation in the credits of SW, it would be amazing to find black voice actors who could do such Fens/old East Anglian accents.