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MySpleen invite? (also forgotten password resets, account queries, and other info)

Hello there,

I just discovered this site, and I’ve already seen many great restoration projects which I really enjoy reading about. There are many restoration projects like Jurassic Park I’d like to watch, but to get it will require access to MySpleen or some other private forums, which unfortunately I’m not a part of. However, I’d like to get access to these platforms. Can I ask a for an invite here? I should mention that I’m fully aware and familiar of the “ratio system”, which of cource I’m still happy to oblidge.

Thank you in advance. I’m looking forward to spending some time reading about all the projects here.

PS: If I’m not allowed to ask for an invitation like this, please excuse me - I literally just signed up.



Moderator Edit for information…

The ’How do I do this?’ on the OriginalTrilogy.com - some info & answers to members’ queries thread may be of some assistance as well as containing useful information on the current status of Myspleen invitations, links to the Myspleen forum - password resets and forgotten usernames etc, how to acquire certain projects on here, and much more…

Currently, MySpleen are NOT issuing invites to their site. Please do NOT ask for invites to MySpleen on here - thank you.

No-one here is affiliated with MySpleen, we have nothing to do with MySpleen, we are as much in the dark about this as you - and so we cannot help you with invites or other info. (We’ve already had hundreds of posts about this - and members’ patience on here is understandably wearing thin.)

MySpleen do have their own forums, here - http://www.myspleen.org/forums

The above link to the MySpleen forum is also useful for finding out if / why the the site itself may be down or not - or for resetting forgotten passwords and other account queries etc.

Again, please do NOT ask for help re forgotten passwords or account info on here - we have nothing to do with the running of MySpleen - and so cannot help you. Thank you.