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Stranger Things - Film Edition (Released)

RobbaeD said:

“Stranger Things: The Vanishing of Will Byers” is a great title because you understand the subtitle within the first 10 minutes, and it’s the central focus of season 1.

Yeah, I feel the same way!
Same with ‘The Mall Rats’ (though not as obvious, but you get the mall vibes and the rats right from the start) and ‘The Massacre at Hawkings Lab’ (the first and last sequence of the film).
To be honest, I am struggling to come up with an appropriate and catchy title for the last film, as none of these suggestions really stick in my mind.

Stranger Things - Film Edition (Released)


Hello everyone!

As I announced earlier this year, with my new versions of Stranger Things 2, The Lost Sister and Stranger Things 3 having already been released, my next step was to revisit my cuts of Stranger Things 4. Although I’m very close to finishing, I don’t intend to rush things, so I don’t have a release window at this moment.

However, I would like to share some of my progress and some new ideas for rebranding my entire collection.


Stranger Things 4: Part One

  • Improved transitions between scenes and plotlines.
  • Shorter runtime:
    After trimming several scenes and removing a huge chunk of Episode 4, I managed to reduce the runtime of this cut from 3hrs 32mins to 3hrs 13mins with credits. This may still seem like a long runtime for a film, but given the amount of content and my intention to maintain a coherent story, I feel it is a fair runtime for this cut.
  • Removed Victor Creel’s flashback:
    This was perhaps the most difficult decision I had to make, but also the most lucrative. While trying to find ways to shorten the length of this cut, I realised that the overall plot and ending could work just as well without Nancy and Robin visiting Victor Creel at Pennhurst. All the information the gang need about Vecna’s connection to the Creel house comes from Eddie’s uncle, the old newspaper research and Max’s encounter with him.
  • Potential future alternative cut:
    Due to the popularity and impact of that scene, as well as Victor’s possible return in the final season, I may end up releasing an alternative/extended cut of Part One.

Stranger Things 4: The Monster and the Superhero

  • Improved transitions between scenes.
  • Hardcore stylized English subtitles for Russian dialogue.
  • New runtime 1hr 46mins:
    Added Lieutenant Sullivan visiting Dr Owens in Nevada.
    Added two scenes of Lieutenant Sullivan interrogating Agent Wallace.
    Added one small connention to Part Two before the end credits.

Stranger Things 4: Part Two



I have noticed that my choice of titles for my films has caused some confusion among many of you, and to be honest, I have never been very confident about them either. So, to avoid further confusion and for the sake of clarity, I have decided to rename each film and present it with the appropriate subtitle.


I would be very grateful if you could help me decide on these new titles, either by choosing between the ones I suggest below, or even by suggesting some of your own. For now, these are the titles I have come up with:

  • Stranger Things: The Vanishing of Will Byers or Stranger Things: The Weirdo on Maple Street

  • Stranger Things 2: The Mind Flayer

  • Stranger Things 2: The Lost Sister (current title)

  • Stranger Things 3: The Mall Rats or Stranger Things 3: The Battle of Starcourt

  • Stranger Things 4: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab or Stranger Things 4: Vecna’s Curse

  • *Stranger Things 4: The Monster and the Superhero (current title) or Stranger Things 4: Escape from Kamchatka

  • Stranger Things 4: The Mind Lair or Stranger Things 4: Vecna’s Mind Lair or Stranger Things 4: Vecna’s Curse (if not for Part 1)

As always, thank you for your continued support and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

GAME OF THRONES - FILMS I-X [Community Thread]

Now that I’ve watched it a second time, I think I’m ready to share some of my thoughts.

As promised, you moved up the Attack on King’s Landing, making the Battle with the Army of the Dead the final big action piece of the series. Which, in my eyes at least, makes a lot more sense and provides a darker tone for the finale.
However, altering the original timeline affected several characters and events. The most prominent and positive being Cersei’s death, which is now a much more satisfying outcome. Also, Missandei and Rhaegal remain alive in your final film, which is also a good thing. That said, despite the divisive nature of the original finale, I did miss a few things. Firstly, the Hound fighting the Mountain during the destruction of the Red Keep which, narratively speaking, could work pretty well as part of your edit, and secondly, Daenerys’ speech to her troops, particularly the iconic scene where she walks towards the stairs with Drogon’s wings behind her.

I do not know how your last film will unfold or if you plan to revisit this one in the future, but my enthusiasm remains high.
Keep up the great work!

GAME OF THRONES - FILMS I-X [Community Thread]

Anjohan said:

Film IX

Is now released. I can’t put down in words how… complicated, these last two films are (IX and X), so I won’t even attempt a changelist. But the goal here is to conclude the series/films with a dark, satisfying, non-cringey big bang, and Film IX is the beginning of the end for just that.

The characters of Tyrion and Jon, as well as the flow of dialogue and removal of “teleportation”, has been of fundamental importance. So has the White Walker and Bran storylines.

Wow. I just watched it. Just wow. The last 30 minutes were INSANE.
I have so many thoughts and questions, but I cannot express them at the moment. I definitely need to give it a second viewing.

Congratulations once more, I think you’ve outdone yourself with this one. The anticipation was justified and the hype for the final film has skyrocketed.

PS: Congratulations also on completing the subtitles for each film. I know how hard and time-consuming this task can be.

Stranger Things - Film Edition (Released)

Rodimus Prime 16 said:

Hi Thanos could I get a link as well. I was about to rewatch these, but watching them in a movie format you’ve described sounds interesting.

PM sent!


I am currently abandoning the revisiting of ST2: The Terry Ives Cut, as I always felt that it did not provide sufficient answers regarding Eleven’s absence during the main events of the season and the change in her appearance in the final act.

Perhaps I will return to it after the final season and the resolution of this subplot.

Stranger Things - Film Edition (Released)




  • Improved transitions/smoother pacing/shorter runtime.
  • Stylised hardcoded subtitles for all Russian dialogue.
  • New intro: The film now opens with Billy’s car crash instead of the Russians’ experiment. This change was made to shorten Billy’s story and keep the Russians’ plans a mystery. Additionally, a new scene was created to establish Billy’s character.
  • Miss Driscol’s case was moved up: In this version, Nancy and Jonathan are seen investigating the case independently early in the film, with all the scenes at Hawkins Post having been removed.
  • Shortened Russian signal translation and investigation: The Scoops Troop never assumes that the message originates from outside of America, and Robin solves the riddle early on.
  • Murray’s first appearance: Since his character was completely removed from ST2, Murray is now introduced as a new character.
  • Joyce and Hopper successfully retrieve the keys from the vault on their first attempt in a scene created using footage from their two tries.
  • New runtime: 2 hours 53 minutes (with credits)

Many thanks to @TTR for their suggestions and our pleasant discussions!


In addition to this version, there will soon be an alternative cut titled Stranger Things 3: The NeverEnding Story Cut, in the spirit of Stranger Things 2: The Terry Ives Cut (which will also receive an updated version).

This version of the film includes Hopper’s first failed attempt to open the vault and the ‘Never Ending Story’ scene with Dustin and Suzie, which were previously excluded.
This cut also comes with an alternative ‘Three Months Later’ endind scene.

While I always felt the ‘Never Ending Story’ scene disrupted the pacing of the finale, it grew on me on rewatch and made me realise that removing Suzie completely from my film didn’t do Dustin’s character justice.
Also, considering Suzie’s significant contribution to Season 4 and my ‘The Monster and the Superhero’ cut, I thought it would be appropriate to present this film as an alternative, or even a ‘canon’ cut.

In the coming days, I will focus on finishing the alternative cuts of ST2 and ST3, as well as adding subtitles to the remaining updated versions.

The new and updated versions can be accessed through the existing link or by requesting them via PM.

His Dark Materials: Film Edition (Released)

ArcherEdits said:

I’m interested in this - though I am curious why film 3/season 2 was the odd one out with being adapted that way? Was that season in particular especially bloated and not adapted as well as the others?

I wouldn’t say that. In fact, I would argue that Season 2 was the best adapted of the three. It’s just that it’s a more condensed and cohesive story compared to Season 1 or Season 3, and the main action takes place in a single location, which basically made it easier to edit into one film, as opposed to the rest of the seasons where the story follows the characters across multiple locations.

The Foundation: Refocused and Restructured - A Foundation Film Saga

revel911 said:

How much do you feel was cut from your series? There are still like 8/9 movies you have.

Not much footage was left out of the original series, to be honest. However, to be fair, my intention was never to turn each season into one or two films (as smudger9 does with his Disney+ Star Wars edits, or as I did with Stranger Things), but rather to reorganise the whole plot into cohesive chapters to serve as a more focused retelling of the same story.

Stranger Things - Film Edition (Released)


It’s funny that this thread came back from the dead since I’m currenlty working on this project again.

As of now, both Stranger Things 2 and The Lost Sister have new, improved, and polished versions, which I’ll upload soon.
Additionally, English subtitles will be included for both the new versions and Stranger Things 1. Subtitles for the remaining films will be added later.


  • Improved transitions/smoother pacing/shorter runtime.
  • Several tweaks here and there.
  • No Nancy’s and Jonathan’s investigation: In this version, Nancy’ and Jonathan’s roles have been significantly reduced, with their prominence limited to the third act of the film. As a result, they do not have any interaction with Dr Owens and they do not visit Murray, who is now introduced as a new character in ST3.
  • No Will’s interrogation scene: In this version, the demo-dogs attack Byer’s house moments after the gang’s arrival, and El suggests closing the gate after having a vision in The Lost Sister.
  • New runtime: 2 hours and 39 minutes (with credits)

Soon, I will start revising ST3 to reduce its length and improve its pacing. After that, I will move on to ST4 to see how I can improve that versions as well.

The Foundation: Refocused and Restructured - A Foundation Film Saga


Happy new year, everybody!

I am pleased to announce that my Foundation Film Saga is finally complete!
This project has been a huge challenge for me, both in terms of expanding my editing skills and developing entirely new story structures, and I am really happy to finally share it with everyone in its complete form. I am still waiting for some kind of feedback and I am very excited to see how this massive universe is going to sprawil in future season(s).

Volume II wraps up with The Sighting and The Second Crisis, covering the remaing five episodes of Season 2. Both films are grand in scale and filled with action, essentially serving as a two-part finale. While there are large portions of Episodes 7-10 that remain unedited, I’ve had some creative fun reordering scenes and storylines to suit the film narrative.

Film 7 begins with Hari, Gaal and Salvor arriving on Ignis, followed by Day’s announcement of his upcoming marriage. We then journey with Poly and Constant on Trantor, witness Hober’s encounter with the Spacers, and explore the trio’s experiences with the Mentalics until Hari’s capture. The film ends with a cliffhanger, as the palace falls under attack just moments before the execution.

I believe this is the first film of the saga that ends with a cliffhanger, essentially serving as the first part of a larger story. However, in my perspective, this aspect functions effectively and does not leave the viewer dissatisfied. One significant and evident change in this film is the omission of Hari’s flashbacks from Episode 6. While these scenes provide valuable insights into Hari’s backstory, they don’t contribute significantly to the overall plot. Plus, if incorporated, they would have disrupted the film’s narrative as a whole. That’s why, in Film 1, I only utilized brief clips from this sequence to establish Hari’s relationship with Yanna and his childhood at Helicon.

Regarding Film 8, my main objectives were to effectively conclude the overall narrative in a cohesive and seamless manner, all while tackling the challenge of incorporating Demerzel’s backstory, from Episode 9, into the film’s narrative. To achieve this, I divided this entire segment into three parts.

The film begins with Cleon I narrating his early childhood in the palace, leading up to the moment he stumbles upon the hidden passageway on the mural. Cut to the present day, where we follow the aftermath of the Spirit’s attack. The story then branches out, following Gaal as she is captured by Tellem, Salvor attempting to escape her mind cell, Constant and Hober aboard the Spirit Rising, and Day’s journey to reach Terminus. On Trantor, as Dusk and Rue examine the mural, I integrated footage of young Cleon I entering the passageway and uncovering Demerzel’s prison cell. As they find the digitized projection of Cleon I, the screen fades to black, and then proceeds to delve into the remaining parts of Demerzel’s backstory. From that point forward, the narrative of the film remains largely consistent with the plot of Episode 10.

The main changes I made were altering Bel and Hober’s toast aboard the warship and repositioning the Mulle’s scene as a post-credit scene. Fun fact: Film 8 and the Film 1 happen to be the only two films that feature a post-credit scene, in both instances teasing future events, which I found to be a happy coincidence.

PS1: English subtitles for all eight films can be found in the respective folder.
PS2: Film 6 and Film 7 will be replaced in due course, because during the compression of Film 6, there has been a substantial downgrade in picture quality and, for some strange reason, Film 7 begins after 9 seconds.

The Foundation: Refocused and Restructured - A Foundation Film Saga

revel911 said:

Finishing the rest of season 2?

Also would love to hear people’s thoughts of this. Love the idea.

Yeah, me too! 😃

FVDnz said:

May I have a link too please. I too couldn’t exactly get through much of Season 1 so some tight focus on the series may give me the motivation to finally get into the show overall. Read the first two books many years ago, however, I’ve forgotten much of the story sadly.

Still love what you did with His Dark Materials too so this shouldn’t disappoint! 😃

That’s very kind of you, thank you! 😃

It’s always nice to read nice stuff about HDM.

I truly hope this project shall not disappoint as well.
PM sent.