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Is Disney Physically Allowed To Release The OUT?

nickyd47 said:

We have no way of knowing whether or not Disney has the power to release the original versions of Star Wars. Until they
say that they have plans of doing so. George could be holding them back, or FOX. Perhaps no one is holding them back, and
they’re waiting for the 9th episode to be concluded, so that they can sell this grand box set. Who knows. Not us


Discussion: What Was Your Reaction (If You Ordered It In 1978) To The Infamous "Early Bird Star Wars Toy Kit"?

Tallguy said:

I’ve written about this before but the Early Bird set was AMAZING.

Seriously. Do any of you know / remember what was available for Star Wars by Christmas 1977? The novel (with some photos). The board game. The soundtrack. Maybe some t-shirts / pajamas? Oh, and the Marvel comics.

If the early bird box was ALL you got for Christmas, um, yeah it wasn’t much. But it was a lovely piece of artwork. It was a promise. It was fun. (It taught me how to draw Artoo Detoo.) AND when the figures shipped (way earlier than potentially promised) you got you figures weeks before anyone else did.

The only downside to the box was that when you got the figures in their little white plastic box you wouldn’t have the figure cards that your friends had (and like you did for Han which was OBVIOUSLY the first figure you bought).

I might be a special kind of nerd, I guess. I loved getting new Star Wars toys for the little Kenner catalog that came with them.

thanks good to know


This year, we are overloaded with Star Wars related rumors. I mean, first we catch wind that the OUT will be getting a release in HD this year and now, we hear the Jedi will be plural in VIII plus a bunch more that will take forever to write hear. My question is what have you heard and how many of these can be proven so far?

Quick question about 1982/4 and 1995 "faces" editions on VHS

Alderaan said:

Hard to remember for me but my 80s lifetime rental copy of Star Wars was pretty much the same. My 80’s tape of Empire had the Showtime logo pop on screen a couple of times. And my 80’s copy of Return of the Jedi was completely worn out and missing the last ten minutes of the movie.

Faces much better. Still have them to this day although I have not watched them in 10 years.

I have my VCR in my tech shelf. I still use the faces editions and the vcr itself.