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What do you think? Does this petition make a difference?
I don't think that scene-switching on or off is possible. I doubt, seamless-branching will work either. The changes in general would be too many to accomplish that. Just keep in mind, the soundtrack is a completely new mix and would never fit both versions... So if the OT is released, it will come as separate discs.

I love the OT.

I hate today's SE. It's a half-hearted update, replacing some bad old scenes with bad new scenes. It leaves several very bad scenes (that is: as 'bad' as can be in some of the greatest movies there are) completely untouched and adds a few nice, but just minor enhancements. I especially hate the added Jabba whining and begging Han to pay. Ridiculous!!! That's not the Jabba I got to know 20 years ago! All that in my eyes completely destroys the consistency and integrity of the originals - and leaves the SE more unfinished, than the originals ever where.

Nevertheless I have some hope, GL will correct that in the reworked SEs and come up with something really SPECIAL... Although, whatever he might come up with, for me the originals are unreplaceable! And should GL try so, he'll loose my support...

But I think, there will be a reaction from GL / LFL. 20.000 IS a number - and we don't know, how many feel the same way and just don't know or care about the petition. I think, even after the release of the SE he could easily sell a limited edition of 100.000 - 500.000 items. I am not in the DVD business, but I guess that should be enough to make some profits...
What do you think? Does this petition make a difference?
What do you think? Does this petition make a difference?

Although GL once said, there would be no SW DVD release before Ep. III was finished, after 'thedigitalbits.com' started their petition and collected 30.000 signatures, LFL immediatelly started working on the Ep. I DVD.

Right now, we are drawing close to 20.000 confirmed signatures. I don't know if both numbers can be compared, but I think, we are reaching numbers, that should make an impact on LFL.

So what reactions by GL / LFL do you expect? When?