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De Palma's PHANTOM (1974) Original Version Restoration *released*
Immediately prior to the release of Phantom of the Paradise, Director Brian De Palma and editor Paul Hirsch were obliged to remove from the film most references to “Swan Song Enterprises”, Swan’s record company, because of the similarity of the name to that of a real-life record company. The edits were made hastily, and marred the look of the film. 

Now, after 40 years, fans can finally experience Brian De Palma's PHANTOM like never before.

This version utilizes the original footage salvaged by the Swan Archives, transfered from 35mm to HD and meticulously restored, and aims to present the film to the way we believe it had looked prior to these last-minute mutilations. All the deleted footage was enhanced and color-corrected to match the rest of the film. Some of the original audio and soundtrack cues that would have matched the deleted footage have never been found, and had to be recreated and mixed with the original 1974 stereo mix, preserved from a lossless source. By comparing this version to the theatrical release, we can see how the movie was (ironically, given the film’s story) disfigured against its creators’ wishes, to suit the whims of corporate rightsholders.

This unofficial HD recreation of the director's cut was restored for Brian De Palma, whose perfect film should have never been mutilated by those greaseballs.

- Original 1974 uncropped "20th Century Fox"™ logo restored.
- Original "Brian De Palma's PHANTOM" title restored.
- The Swan Song marquee/Winslow in front of the Magestic scene is fully restored.
- The transitory "Dead Bird" logo has been deleted.
- Restored extened shot: the "Swan Song Plaza" street sign is reinserted.
- Uncut scene: Winslow meets Swan's greasers in the hallway.
- The uncropped "Swan Song" rolodex shot has been restored.
- The greasers kick Winslow out / Restored "Swan Song Enterprise" sign.
- Alternate/uncut footage of Winslow barging in Swan's office.
- Full length unaltered shot of the "Swan Song" black boxes at Swan's factory.
- Uncut footage from inside Swan's vault 1
- Uncut footage from inside Swan's vault 2
- The camera during the montage scene (Beauty & The Beast) is reinserted
- All the Dead Bird vs. Swan Song logos during the airport scene have been fixed.
- Alternate "Swan Song" footage of Winslow spying on Swan from the rooftop.
- Extended scene: Winslow explores Swan's vault and finds the contract.
- Extended scene: Swan arrives at the Paradise.
- Swan's video contract: all the dead bird logos are now fixed.
- The video player's logo during Swan's contract scene is fixed.
- Swan Song logo restored on the multiple monitors (3 shots + during end credits)
- Bill Finley dedication added after the end credits

* All the alternate footage in this new restoration is HD-sourced and untagged.

SD [360p]
Video : h264 | 640x360 | 1.85:1 A.R. | 23.976fps | 900 kb/s.
Audio : English | original sound mix 2.0 | AAC 255k. 
Runtime : 01:33:08
Format : mp4
Size : 770 mb
Release date : July 4, 2014 (on TPB + DD)

HD [720p]

Video : h264 | 1280x720 | 1.85:1 A.R. | 23.976fps | 8.700 kb/s.
Audio : English | original sound mix 2.0 | AAC 338k. 
Runtime : 01:33:08
Format : mp4
Size : 5.9 gb
Release date : July 4, 2014 (on TPB + DD)

Idea & Info: The Exorcist (Original Theatrical Release)

a/ As previously mentioned, I have recalled/deleted this release, in profit of a completely new preservation I've been working on for close to a year, based on a 1974 35mm print I acquired since releasing this now discontinued preservation.

b/ @dark-jedi: no need to spew your venom, you've copiously made your point already in other threads too. Yes, I had added "a Dr Sapirstein Preservation" to the main title, which had nothing to do with "ego" and everything to do with the fact that I was pissed off to see some of my releases being sold online while they were meant to be free downloads. I understand some can find this one tag a tad intrusive - it hasn't appeared and will not appear on any other release - but you can keep this snotty remark to yourself. And "we will never see this on your releases and covers"? Good for you. At least my releases are available.

c/ The 79 Laserdisc doesn't feature the original 1973 Mono mix, no commercial release of THE EXORCIST does.

Adrenaline (1990) special edition DVD-R (Released)

ADRENALINE Special Edition [DVD-R]
Short films/Horror | 1990 | France
Directed by John Hudson, Alain Robak, Yann Piquer, …

“Adrenaline” is a collection of short surrealist films presenting an interesting mix of gore, cynical humor and absurd. It was selected at the 1990 Fantastic Film Festival of Avoriaz. It remains officially unreleased on DVD to this day. This bootleg DVD presents the film in the best quality available so far (with opt. English subtitles) along a rare interview with two of the directors.

Film source : original 1st generation VHS rip, remastered.
Video : DVD-5 | .iso image | PAL | 720x576 | 4:3 | 1.66:1 aspect ratio
Audio : Original French Stereo 2.0 | AC3 | 448 kb/s
Subtitles : English [optional]
Runtime : 01:10:38
DVD size : 3,4 gb
Bonus material : Interview with 2 of the directors, printable DVD cover.

The Witches, the Roald Dahl Cut (HD) (Released)

Special Edition HD Fan-Edit
[HD .mkv | 720p]

Fantasy/family/horror | 1990 | UK/USA
Directed by Nicolas Roeg, starring Anjelica Huston, Mai Zetterling, Jasen Fisher.

"The Witches : The Roald Dahl Cut" aims to bring the film closer to the wonderful book it was based on. The dreadful happy ending, which Roald Dahl hated, has been completely removed, making the new and reworked ending absolutely identical to that of the book. The more “vulgar” bits (to quote Roald Dahl himself) have also been cut, so has the idiotic subplot of the bad-witch-turned-good. Other scenes have been re-ordered and recut. Presented in a remastered HD version and with a new DTS 5.1 audio mix, this new cut should please everyone who’s ever enjoyed Roald Dahl’s unique style, by making what is arguably the best film based on R. Dahl’s work an even more faithful adaptation.

Bonus : A long lost 1979 video interview with Roald Dahl (included in the torrent).

Video : h264 | 720p | 1280x720 | 1.75:1 original A.R. | 25fps | 10.000 kb/s.
Audio 1 : English | new 5.1 DTS mix | lossless 1.536 mb/s. 
Audio 2 : English | original stereo | AC3 2.0 | 448 kb/s.
Audio 3 : French dub | original stereo | AC3 2.0 | 448 kb/s.
Runtime : 01:24:56
Format : MKV
Size : 7.5 Gb
Release date : April 4th, 2014

The Lair of the White Worm (Ken Russell, 1988) *BD25 RELEASED*

[HD 1080p | Full Blu-Ray | BD-25 & bonus features]

Horror | 1988 | UK
Directed by Ken Russell, starring Hugh Grant, Catherine Oxenberg, Amanda Donohoe.

A new HD remastered preservation of this camp classic, still officially unreleased on Blu-ray, presented alongside exclusive bonus features.

THE FILM [HD 1080p]
Video : AVC1 | 1920x1080 | 1.78:1 original A.R. | 23.97fps | 28.000 kb/s.
Audio 1 : English | original surround mix | DTS 5.1 | 1.536 mb/s.
Audio 2 : English | stereo mix from Laserdisc | LPCM 2.0 | 1.536 mb/s.
Audio 3 : French dub | LPCM 2.0 | 1.536 mb/s.
Audio 4 : Ken Russell audio commentary | LPCM 2.0 | 1.536 mb/s.
Subtitles : English.
Runtime : 01:33:51

Rare TV interview with Ken Russell (1989) *
Original theatrical trailer.
New unofficial trailer.
New photo gallery.
Animated menu, chapters.
* rare footage exclusive to this release.

Audiobook "The Lair Of The White Worm" by Bram Stocker [5h30mn].
New printable Bluray covers [pdf].

Format : BD-25 | BDMV
Size : 23.9 Gb
Status : released (on TPB)

The Tenant (Polanski, 1976) *BD25 RELEASED*

Roman Polanski's THE TENANT, special edition
[HD 1080p | Full Blu-Ray | BD-25]

Mystery/Horror | 1976 | France
Directed by and starring Roman Polanski, and with Isabelle Adjani, Shelley Winters.

A new remastered preservation of Polanski's cult thriller, still officially unreleased on Blu-ray, presented alongside exclusive bonus features.
Note : "The Tenant" was originally shot in English by an almost all-French cast, but all the actors (with the exception of Polanski and Shelley Winters) were re-dubbed in post-production by Americans actors. The French dub has all the original cast members dubbing themselves in French, except for S. Winters. Both audio versions are included.

THE FILM [HD 1080p]
Video : AVC1 | 1920x1080 | 1.78:1 original A.R. | 23.97fps | 23.000 kb/s.
Audio 1 : English | original mono mix  | LPCM 1.0 | 1.536 mb/s.
Audio 2 : French | original mono mix  | LPCM 1.0 | 1.536 mb/s.
Subtitles : English, French
Runtime : 02:05:30

- Excerpt from the Cannes Film Festival press conference. **
- Rare interview with Polanski in Paris. **
- Isabelle Adjani interviewed while presenting the film in Cannes. **
- Original theatrical trailer.
* all the interviews feature optional subtitles.
** rare footage exclusive to this release.
*** new printable blu-ray cover included in BD folder.

Format : BD-25 | BDMV
Size : 24.2 Gb
Status : released (on TPB)

EXORCIST II THE HERETIC (Blu Ray Version 2.0) (Released)

A really great job! Thank you for this and your other releases!

Thanks for your comments - and the other nice ones  ;-)

Reconstructed using true HD sources  awesome! Where did you find hd for this?

The film is HD-sourced from the uncompressed Vudu HDX streams.

Are the two trailers remastered as well in HD?

Nop, the 2 trailers are SD upscales, only the new trailer is HD-sourced.
The rest of the special features are from a multitude of sources, SD and HD.

Regarding the BD's size:

I'm not sure how to explain this - One other person has reported this issue, while others, me included, have burned the BD-50 in full without any problem.  Can this be a case of overburn-capacity? In any case, if your burner doesn't support the BD folder as such, either remove the French dub from the Theatrical cut or put the whole thing in BDRebuilder to have it recompressed - sorry about the inconvenient but I have no clue what is causing this.

As for the last, majorly douchey comment by Dark-jedi : FYI, There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting a logo before the film starts at all - it's completely outside of the film, and completely unobstrusive. Your comment is both unnecessary and rather transparent: You might as well have added that you can pee 2 feet further than anyone else in the class, claimed that your mother bought your nicer clothes, stick out your tongue and throw your lolly on the ground.

EXORCIST II THE HERETIC (Blu Ray Version 2.0) (Released)


119’ Director’s Cut | 103’ Theatrical Cut | & bonus features [HD remasters | Full Blu-Ray | BD-50]

This new 2.0 release of The Heretic features two different cuts of John Boorman’s most disreputed film, reconstructed using true HD sources, and presented alongside almost 2 hours of bonus material.

This full-length, original director’s cut was only shown in theaters for a couple of days when the film premiered, before being recut due to negative audience reaction. It was never released on VHS, LD or DVD or BD.
Runtime : 01:58:46
Video : AVC1 | 1920x1080 | 1.78:1 original A.R. | 23.97fps | 20.000 kb/s.
Audio 1 : English | original mono mix 1977 | LPCM 1.0 | 768 kb/s.
Audio 2 : English | remastered mono mix 2014 | LPCM 1.0 | 768 kb/s.
Audio 3 : English | new DTS 5.1 mix 2014 | LPCM 5.1 | 1.536 mb/s.
Subtitles : English, French.

This version runs 15 minutes shorter than the original director’s cut. It was recut by John Boorman the day after the premiere of the film, and was released in theaters worldwide, then on VHS. This was the only version of The Heretic available for more than 15 years. It then completely vanished when the film was released in a different cut, first on the VHS re-edition in 1993, then on DVD in 2002. Although this rare theatrical cut misses many scenes, it also features some additional footage exclusive to this version. Some scenes are ordered differently. It includes an added flashback scene, stock footage of Regan as the demon, extra gore, and a different ending. Some of the music and sound effects are also noticably different.
Runtime : 01:43:05
Video : AVC1 | 1920x1080 | 1.85:1 original A.R. | 23.97fps | 20.000 kb/s.
Audio 1 : English | original mono mix 1977 | LPCM 1.0 | 768 kb/s.
Audio 2 : French | original dub 1977 | LPCM 1.0 | 768 kb/s.

A revealing 25min. interview with John Boorman [1991].
Rare interview with Linda Blair on the set of The Heretic [1976].
The original French video press kit [1977].
The Heretic by Eli Roth on Trailers From Hell [2014].
Linda Blair talks The Heretic in “Intimate Portrait” [2001].
William Friedkin shares his views on The Heretic [2013].
Linda Blair webcast : The Heretic and the Exorcist saga [2013].
Original Teaser [1976].
Original Trailer [1977].
Audio commentary by Movie-Bonfire.
Photo gallery with more than 250 rare promo shots.
Trailers : the other films of the Exorcist saga.
Notes about the film’s different versions & cuts.
Essay about the film’s production & audience reaction.
Music video “Linda Blair” by Tanya Markova [SD].
New 2014 trailer for this blu-ray edition.
Animated menus.
BD-rom extras.
Easter egg.
= bonus features runtime: 01:48:56

BD-ROM EXTRAS [multimedia]
The complete motion picture OST by Ennio Morricone [24-bit 96kHz] [audio]
The City Of Prague Philharmonic performs “Regan’s Theme” in 1996 [audio]
Cinema Misfits reviews “The Heretic” [audio]
New 2014 HQ poster [pdf]
New printable Bluray covers [pdf]

Format : BD-50 | BDMV
Blu-ray size : 49.1 Gb

Screengrabs on my blog

New Blu-Ray trailer on YouTube

Available on TPB




















The Abyss - Special Edition (1989) BluRay Project - see Page 2 (Released)

FremenDar007 said:

Thanks Docsap! Some of the users on TPB are a bit of wankers, though.

 Indeed - major wankers who obviously can't read a detailed description when there is one (the comments are quite funny that way...) However, TPB is open to all, which is why I reposted it there, as many people don't know or can't manage to get onto MySpleen.

The Telephone (1988) remastered / preservation DVD-R (Released)

THE TELEPHONE, remastered edition [DVD-R]

Comedy/Drama | 1988 | USA
Directed by Rip Torn, starring Whoopi Goldberg, Elliott Gould, John Heard.

Vashti, an eccentric out of work actress, spends all her time in her apartment with her pet owl and her telephone, which she uses to try and solve all her problems with life.

A completely remastered preservation of this strange art-house comedy exercise, sourced from a newly found print far superior to the terrible and oop official DVD (cf. comparison screengrabs below).

“I just can’t imagine someone sober enjoying this film, but potheads absolutely love it.” - Whoopi Goldberg.

Video : DVD-5 | .iso image | NTSC | 720x480 | 6800kbp/s | original AR 1.33:1
Audio : English Stereo 2.0 | AC3 | 448 kb/s
Runtime : 01:18:43
Size : 4,5gb


















Escape From New York [spoRv] *BD-25 RELEASED*

I was a bit shy from burning this after reading some comments, but everything seems to work great : I burned the BD on Sony BR, and watched it on my standalone player (Pioneer BDP-LX55), from A to Z and without any glitch whatsoever. Audio switching, chapters, FF, RW, everything's good - not to mention you delivered again a fantastic work, that finaly does justice to yet another Carpenter classic. Sorry to read some are encountering problems playing their BR but I guess it depends on many factors, not inherent to the release itself. I personaly have nothing but praises for this release.

Exorcist II - The Heretic (1977) BluRay Project 1.0 (* cancelled - due to DVD release *)

I'm currently working on a completely new Blu-Ray release of The Heretic, that will replace this one (which I'm not seeding anymore BTW, I will delete it soon and I encourage anyone interested to wait for the new upcoming blu ray instead of downloading this one : the upcoming BD will feature both the director's cut and the official 110mn version completely reconstructed and remastered, and plenty of new bonus features too.

As for the "HD" version of The Heretic sold on I-tunes/Amazon that was previously discussed, I managed to grab it and compare it to my remastered version and, well, I'm going to have to stick to my guns, as it clearly appears the 1080p "HD" version sold by online retailers is nothing but an upscale - and the rather poor  compression and lack of remastering does the rest. The upscaled dvd used and remastered for this BluRay is, in my opinion, better.