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Info: OT Bootleg DVDs
I read an article on news yesterday that had a quote from a guy a Lucas Arts or whatever company it is again...

He said that it WILL be the special editions that are released in Sept. and the original trilogies will indeed NEVER be released on DVD. Mostly, he says that is so because the original versions don't even technically exist anymore (altho I don't think they're trying very hard to *make* them exist, and you know they could).

So, basically if you want to own the original trilogy in it's original theatrical form on dvd, you'll never see it released officially. You'll have to go bootleg.
Info: OT Bootleg DVDs

This may be bad etiquette (or protocol), but where can I find a site that sells quality bootleg DVDs of the ORIGINAL TRILOGY (non-special edition)?

The only one I’ve found is, but they only sell the special edition.

I fully intend to buy the official DVDs when they are released on Sept. 21 (my birthday!), assuming they are the original trilogy, but have been looking for the original trilogy in widescreen for a couple months now, and can’t seem to justify spending $50-$100 on e-bay just to get VHS.

Thanks alot!

P.S. If this question is against board rules, I apologize and feel free to delete this post.