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Best Scene from the Prequels (For Haters only!)

CO said:

I always liked the scene where Obiwan was overlooking the Clones factory as the Empire music played in the backround, as it was foreshadowing the rise of the Palpatine and downfall of the republic. 

That's ironic because the actual music that was playing there was the droid invasion track, so it was more like backshadowing the downfall of the Star Wars series in that previous movie :D

Best Scene from the Prequels (For Haters only!)


Maybe you should specify whether you really mean whole "scenes", or sequences, judged by all their aspects (acting, feel, maybe even dramatic quality), or anyone here can just name some 2 second moments they find cool.

For instance, I like almost every introduction, montage and transition sequence in those movies - the opening scenes after the credits, the closing montage, the panorama shots shortly before the real scene begins, various arrival sequences like the invasion army's, Grievous', underwater city, Coruscant... the scene where Anakin looks for the assassin in the bar... in fact, whenever there are no people talking, the prequels are pretty cool!

The prequels' influence on pop-culture?

Bah, can't believe I hadn't thought of that before!

One or two may be familiar with the successful German spoof film "Traumschiff Surprise" (a successor of this Winnetou parody), a parody of Star Trek TOS and Star Wars, along with dozens of other unrelated targets.

Curiously, the Star Wars part is mostly influenced by TPM: a Naboo-like (or maybe Coruscant) conference room with a "queen" as a main character, general prequels look, some ship that looks like a racepod, and a villain called "Maul" taking orders from a Sidious cartoon - he even rides around on a speederbike and flies down a scrap in the desert!
With a Vader helmet and an "I'm your father" spoof mixed inbetween, of course...

An interesting example, because this movie has as many rather hilarious gags and performances in it, as rather lame and flat OTT and slapstick humor (comparable to the Ali G movie, I'd say), providing its relation to the Phantom Menace with multiple levels of irony at once :D

The Phantom Menace

xhonzi said:

TV's Frink said:

Qui-gon, Obi-wan, Watto, Shmi, Duel of the Fates (music and lightsaber action), real film including grain, the battle droids (when they aren't talking), the score, Ric Olie...there's a lot I like about TPM. 

I understand but I DON'T UNDERSTAND!

Watto is an entertaining (even though over-the-top) cartoon character - he's like that sleazy villain in one of those schlock movies reviewed by the NC, where he says at the end "this one was actually pretty fun to watch".

I'd be inclined to compare him to the Green Goblin from Spiderman 1 - somewhat similar looks, OTT raspy voice and overall pretty silly. NC says he's fun to watch, I agree, and Watto seems the same to me.

Not sure what you have against the score or lightsaber duel, but the two Jedis are mostly rather boring - they have their short moments of entertainment value and personality, though.

Maybe my objectively rational evaluation will serve as a bridge to reconcile your extremist illusions :DD

The Phantom Menace

greenpenguino said:

Kurt said:

toho-scope said:
news report an hour before the premier of TPM, interviews with GL,rick mcallum and cast, and some interesting views from thosenot going to the film


 I want to punch 1999 Jake Lloyd in the face ...

just look at 2:41 & his "I´m a movie star" attitude


Am I a bad person ?



Nope. I want to beat the living shit out of him too.

Too late - he's a cool, cynical chap now :D


The only "redeeming" feature in both of these pieces of shit I can think of (apart of course from the always ASTOUNDING dissonance between a charismatic, sympathetic appearence and such villainous idiocy - not that I can be surprised by it anymore), that maybe makes them a spit or two better than the "white" genocidal bigots we can think of, is that their aggression and extremism is based on a perceived need to defend themselves against the genocidal racism the whites have shown towards them.

Rather than being the "black guys are inferior apes that can be enslaved and abused" ideology we know from the stereotypical white racist, especially of the older days (you know, the "evolution can't be true because it would mean blacks are as good as whites" crowd), which is black and vile through and through, and inbetween.

AT LEAST it resembles the kind of talk we can hear from the Hitch, when talking about "detroying" the theocratic fascists who aim to destroy civilization and with whom no agreement is possible - only that THESE guys' factual opinions are completely paranoid and upside down.
These guys should get psychological treatment for paranoia disorder.

But I'm probably being too nice to them, anyway, because a lot of white racists and Neonazis use the same reasoning to spew their hate garbage (namely that certain other races are more violent and endanger our good society), Hitler used that as one of his reasons to exterminate Jews, and pretty much any religious fanatic honestly believes that the unfaithful they're fighting against represent the "ungodly evil" in this world.

What did C.S.Lewis say about the burning of witches? In one of his more sensible arguments, he proposed that had it been true that witches were casting spells on humans, causing disease, famine and tragedy, they would certainly at least deserve being burnt at the stake - which makes those atrocities only "factually" fucked up, not morally.
Can't say he doesn't have a point.

... which is that they're all equally deluded maniacal jackasses, and need help ASAP.

The Win.

bkev said:

I prefer the Chick. She does sketches but rather than exaggerate them and make them the focus she typically reviews the movie rather than screaming at it. Also she's got the whole USC film student thing going on.

I've watched some of her stuff and found it a bit boring, to be honest... but it was a while ago, and I watch TGWTG mainly for entertainment, so...

she's still got more charisma than some other members of that site, though... "MikeJ" or whatever comes to mind.
Anyone seen his and FilmBrain's Matrix sequels reviews? HORRENDOUS! Bad forced humor, bad forced anti-humor, uninteresting points... didn't like it :D

Eleven Reasons why ESB is The Suxxor

I enjoy the adventure of ANH, the wonderful characters, creatures and droids, even silly moments in which the tortured and mourning Leia casually asks Luke, "aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" or when Ford ad libs in the cell block intercom.

Certainly there are some things that bother me. It's just silliness when Luke falls into the water in the garbage compactor the second time. The way Leia says "I knew there was more to you than money". I can think of fewer "flaws" in Empire than ANH but that doesn't mean I enjoy ANH less.

Or where Leia hugs Chewie and they all scream "we did it!".

Yea... I don't consider them flaws, though - ANH is just a little bit camp.
Like, they tried to do a more "serious" movie based on their influences, but the comic books and Flash Gordon still shine through in some parts :)

I offer the usual disclaiming pretense that it is not my intention to change anyone's mind, that this is my own opinion, etc. But I do think harshness toward Jedi is based on a point of view that ignores elements of Star Wars that existed since ANH.

Don't worry, Darth, it's okay ;)