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Help Wanted: Not sure which version of ANH hope I have here

Ok…got this from a friend and here is the info I have from the disc.
There are 3 options for choices from the menu: Play Movie, scene selection, bonus features.
If you take Bonus features you can pick:
1. Audio Tracks: Motion Picture Soundtrack or isolated score
2. Crawl Selection: Original Crawl 77 or “A New Hope Crawl 81”
3. Theatrical Trailer
4. Preproduction Art
5. DVD Rom Content

Any clues from just this info? If you need more, let me know!

Info: 'Superman 2 - The Hybrid Cut' - by ADM

I did not make this, I just got this in a trade. Here are the details:
Done by: ADigitalMan
1 Disc
Yep, like half the planet, I’ve done my own re-edit of Superman II using the parts I like best. After years of petitioning, begging and pleading, fans of Superman got what they asked for. In November of 2006, the Richard Donner Cut of Superman II finally became a reality. But it turned out the Holy Grail
really was just a plain ol’ cup. Sadly, Donner’s Cut was so focused on removing the elements of Lester’s film that they failed to acknowledge the genuine contributions Lester did make to the Superman II. Most notably, a coherent ending, not recycled from what ultimately climaxed the first film, original intent or not. Imperfect though it was, the Donner Cut did give fans what they wanted most: The long lost footage of Brando, and all the original scenes with the cast we grew to know and love, in context for the most part. In some ways, it is superior, and in others, it is inferior to the Lester Cut. The ideal cut lies somewhere in between. Thus, this fan edit merely tries to make the best story out of all the elements. Specifically to my edit:

  1. Alternate version of “Planet Krypton” cue by John Williams opens the film.
  2. Non kills the guard, Zod Breaks the crystal and the rings come down. Cut to:
  3. Brando asking the council to pronounce judgment.
  4. As Phantom Zone speeds away, Krypton Explodes and Alexander Salkind credit speeds out of this. Credits are from Donner Cut.
  5. Zoom into earth cuts to the tail-fire of the XK-101 Rocket with Supes chasing it.
  6. Lots of bad CGI removed. Rocket Explodes, shattering Phantom Zone from Lester Cut but with “FREE!” mixed in. Fade out as Villains fly to the moon.
  7. Fade in on Metropolis Street vendor, then cut to Perry reading the paper.
  8. Lois Jumps. Bad eye-beam shots removed. Awning was always open.
  9. Extended Prison sequence
  10. Moon, with “curl” discussion back at Mission Control. Hairdryer line cut.
  11. Donner’s getaway.
  12. Tour of the honeymoon suite.
  13. Heading North
  14. Falls rescue is a hybrid of the two cuts, with Lois noticing Clark’s absence reinstated.
  15. Donner’s version of Lex in the fortress
  16. Pink Bear scene, trimmed down.
  17. Heading South
  18. Non picks up the snake, but only ponders it.
  19. Superman takes Lois to the fortress, picks up flowers and dinner.
  20. Ursa arm wrestles.
  21. Dinner. No sex with Lois while super-powered. No Kryptonite condoms in this story.
  22. Brando depowers Superman. Nookie afterward.
  23. Donner cut for a long long time, until …
  24. “Care to step outside?”
  25. Donner cut Metropolis battle and Fortress
  26. Arctic Police, Smallville line removed (with a fantastic musical edit behind this whole scene)
  27. Fortress NOT destroyed. Cut straight to the kiss.
  28. Tearful farewell on terrace
  29. Memory Kiss
  30. Elevator Bully
  31. Diner Bully
  32. Flag Flying High, end credits.
Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas (Complete) - (Released)
Ok..i tried to work out a deal with this guy early in the year, but no luck. His site is at:

Here is some of what he listed on his site:
Emmett Otter’s Jug-band Christmas - Extented version with the Original 1977 version, Outtakes (that didn't make it onto the HiT! didn't release) and DVD-ROM content : the original book

The Muppet Movie ('Super8' version) Excellent contains significant number of shots and alternative aduio tracks that didn't make it into the final movie

Muppet Movie - 2 - disc widescreen extented editon With deleted footage not seen in US () re-installed + special features

He has the Muppets go to hollywood, the john dever special, and a muppet family xmas cut and uncut.