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Does the seller actually claim it’s a 1940 print? To me it looks like “1940” refers to the original theatrical release of Fantasia. If the seller had been aware of the many different versions of the movie, he would have pointed out in the listing which version he’s selling.

The future of - UPDATE: Please donate!

Anchorhead said:
We’re working on it currently with either a graph or a list similar to your suggestion. Regarding surplus money, I’m always going to want to push any extra dollars into the next available month’s payment. That won’t be solely my decision though. If we were to really need a patch or upgrade, we can handle that as needed.

In my opinion, you should build up a pretty big buffer, I would say as much as three years, before you consider slowing down the donation effort. Then you could start it up again when the buffer dips below 1 year’s expenses

Disney's From All of Us to All of You - and related Disney Christmas specials

For a while now, I’ve been working on restoring the original episode of “From All of Us to All of You”. This is a Christmas episode from the anthology series “Walt Disney Presents”. It originally aired on December 19th 1958, and was rerun on December 25th 1960.

In addition to newly animated bridging sequences, the episode featured shorts and clips from Disney movies:

  • Santa’s Workshop
  • Toy Tinkers
  • Peter Pan (You Can Fly)
  • Bambi (On Ice)
  • Pinocchio (I’ve Got No Strings)
  • Lady and the Tramp (Bella Notte)
  • Cinderella (The Work Song)
  • Snow White (Silly Song)

It was later edited to make space for a “surprise gift”, which was a (usually) a clip from an upcoming movie. Santa’s Workshop was removed, Lady and the Tramp and Cinderella were shortened and some bridging sequences were also shortened. The reruns included the following “surprise gifts”:

1963-12-22: The Sword in the Stone
1967-12-24: The Jungle Book
1970-12-20: The Aristocats
1973-12-23: Robin Hood
1977-12-25: Pete’s Dragon
1979-12-23: Corn Chips (animated short)
1980-12-14: The Aristocats

In 1973 (or 1977), the episode was re-edited. The biggest change was that “Toy Tinkers” was replaced with “Pluto’s Christmas Tree” and “Donald’s Snow Fight”, and the “surprise gift” was shortened.

Elements from this episode was also used in “A Magical Disney Christmas” (1981), “A Disney Christmas Gift”, (1982 and 1983), “A Disney Channel Christmas” (1983) “Jiminy Cricket’s Christmas” (1986). Finally, a version called “The New From All of Us to All of You” is basically the same as “A Magical Disney Christmas”, but with the bridging sequences from the original episode. I’m not sure when "The New… " was first made. I’ve not seen any mention of it before 1990. I also don’t know if this was made especially for European (or even Scandinavian) channels, or if it was originally shown in the US, e.g. on Disney Channel.

An edited version of the 1967 episode was shown as part of “The Wonderful World of Disney” in syndication.

Anyway - The goal is to restore the original episode and the “original” reruns (1963-1980). I have a kinescope (in pretty poor condition) of the 1960 rerun, and copies of the 1970, 1973, 1977, 1979 and 1980 episodes in various qualities. I also have a copy of the syndicated version of the 1967 episode.

This episode is very popular in Scandinavia, and it is shown every Christmas in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. All countries have made many edits to the episode over the years, and the episode is different in all countries.

I’m using blu-ray and dvd for the movie clips and shorts (except Lady and the Tramp, which is the Academy ratio version, so I use an LD-rip). For the bridging sequences, I mostly use the latest Swedish and Danish broadcasts, but a few scenes are only available in older broadcasts. The kinescope is used where I haven’t been able to find any replacement clips.

I have already finished a version the original program and the 1970 rerun. There’s still plenty of room for improvement, but let’s call them a v1.0 release for now. I particularly need to do some color correction on some of my replacement footage. I would also like to try to lift elements from low quality clips onto higher quality backgrounds.

Disney foreign dubs - and preservation

I’m also trying to collect old Norwegian dubs of Disney movies. For a long time, dubbing was very rare in Norway, so there aren’t that many Disney movies that has been redubbed, which helps keeping the “missing dubs” low.

Anyway - here’s what I’ve been able to find out about redubs so far:

Alice in Wonderland
First Disney movie to be released with Norwegian dub. Original Dub 1951, available on VHS (with Norwegian title cards). Redubbed for 1998 VHS release

Fun and Fancy Free
Original Dub 1952, available on VHS. Mickey and the Beanstalk segment redubbed for VHS/DVD release

Peter Pan
Original Dub 1954, available on VHS. Redubbed for 1998 VHS release

(The movies between Peter Pan and Aristocats were not dubbed originally)

Original Dub 1971, Not available on home video, redubbed for 1994 theatrical re-release.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
First dub in 1983. Not available on home video. Redubbed in 1994 for VHS release.
Two scenes were cut for the 1983 release, but the 1994 VHS is afaik uncut. This might be why the movie had to be redubbed (although, I don’t think there was much (if any) dialogue in these scenes).
One scene (The Silly Song) is available on “Jiminy Cricket’s Christmas”. And I believe the “Heigh-Ho” Sing Along Song VHS use the original dub for the songs “Heigh-Ho” and “The Dwarfs’ Yodel Song”.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Not released in theatres in Norway. Dubbed for 1997 VHS release.
However, the three short movies (Honey Tree, Blustery Day, Tigger Too) were dubbed by NRK when they were shown on TV in the 1980s. None of these are available on home video. I have about half of Tigger from this dub.
All three shorts are also available on VHS, but Tigger is the only one with Norwegian voices. I don’t know if they were dubbed on cinema, but I assume the VHS releases reflect their theatrical releases, and that Tigger is the only short that was dubbed. This dub is different from the NRK dub.

All movies that were dubbed for their theatrical release after The Aristocats, has kept their original dub for all home video releases.

In addition, many of the True Life Adventures were shown on Norwegian cinemas with Norwegian narration. Some of these are available on VHS:

  • White Wilderness
  • The African Lion
  • The Living Desert
  • The Vanishing Prairie
  • The Best of Walt Disney’s True-Life Adventures

The remaining True-Life Adventures has never been released on home video, afaik. But some of them (particularly the short subjects) were probably distributed on 16mm to schools.

Also, many episodes of the Disneyland anthology series were shown on Norwegian TV during the 60s, with Norwegian dubbing/narration. None of these has been released on home video, but various episodes were distributed to schools on 16mm. I have a copy of two abbreviated episodes (“Man in flight” and “Our friend the atom”) that were sourced from these 16mm copies. The audio track probably still exist in NRK’s archives.

Disney goodies! Three Little Pigs, The Castaway, Fantasia Sunflower in HD!

Class316 said:

Here’s some stuff for everyone.


Next up, Mickey Mouse The Castaway. This was released in the 2004 Disney Treasures release “Mickey Mouse in Black and White” volume 2. About two minutes into the short, it has a few seconds of footage missing showing a box washing ashore. The missing footage’s audio is still present, hereby desynching the rest of the short.

I had a HQ mpeg of an unrestored version of the short that I obtained years ago. The missing footage from this mpeg was inserted into the DVD version. Sadly the unrestored footage is cropped. Due to this, when it transitions from the unrestored footage to the restored DVD footage, the box appears to shift to the right.

Normally, what I’d do is align the two clips, do a quick crossfade between them, and crop the full scene.

But, in this case, it looks like the wave has been reused. So, I’d try to copy the second wave, and erase Mickey from that shot instead.

And finally, this censored Sunflower scenes in HD! I can’t believe I managed to obtain these from someone. Didn’t even know they existed in this quality. Anyone is encouraged to try and clean them up and re insert them in Fantasia.

Nice. I’ll try to do some work on this later this week.

Koopa Troopa Productions restoration projects

Charles Threepio said:
Planned projects
Academy Award Review of Walt Disney Cartoons (both 1937 and 1966)
Disney Sing-Along Songs
Winnie the Pooh featurettes

I’ll definately be following these projects. If you’re interested in foreign dubs, I have the original Norwegian dub for Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too (the other two weren’t dubbed for their theatrical release). All three featurettes were also dubbed for television in the 80s. But I have not been able to find these (except for an incomplete version of “Tigger”)

I’m working on various Disneyland Anthology episodes myself (particularly the eight “From All of Us to All of You” Christmas episodes), and I hope to start a thread on these shortly.

Song Of The South

Notelu said:
I am looking for various things if people are willing to rip them

Onkel Remus Forteller [Possible Norwegian Dub]

I really doubt this VHS has a Norwegian dub. I don’t think this film has been dubbed to Norwegian at all, to be honest. There are several newspaper articles from 1951 mentioning that “Alice in Wonderland” is the first animated Disney movie to be dubbed in Norwegian (live action movies weren’t dubbed at all in this era, apart from voice over work on documentaries). Alice premiered Christmas 1951, while Song of the South (titled “Sydens Sang”) premiered in May 1951. (“Fun and Fancy Free” was actually dubbed before Alice, but it wasn’t released to cinemas until April 1952.)

Anyway - the theatrical reviews for Song of the South does not mention Norwegian voices, which they would have done if the movie was dubbed. The VHS cover specifies Norwegian subtitles, which it would not have had if the audio track was Norwegian.

The company that released Disney movies on VHS in the early 80’s would use the Norwegian track if it existed. But, they would not create a new Norwegian dub for releases that wasn’t already dubbed. In fact, several of their releases include the Swedish dub with Norwegian subtitles.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the tape, so I can’t absolutely guarantee that it doesn’t have a Norwegian dub. But, I highly doubt it.

Farbror Remus Berättar/Sången om Södern [Possible Swedish Dub]

So… If the movie was dubbed in Swedish, and the Swedish dub was released on VHS in Sweden, the Norwegian tape probably also used the Swedish dub. I will try to find out if the Swedish VHS has Swedish audio or not, and look for either the Norwegian or the Swedish tape if it does.