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Return of the Jedi 1997 Special Edition HD Reconstruction

Thanks for the interest! This will definitely be a group effort so I’d be happy to receive help of any kind!

And I have a minor update regarding the subtitles for Jabba’s extra scene. I used Illustrator to recreate the theatrical subs and they came out pretty well! I’ll still have to make the resolution of the subtitles match the resolution of the film to make it blend in better. Would I be able to use this png to add subtitles on video? (I’m using Movavi Video Editor if that helps answer the question)

Return of the Jedi 1997 Special Edition HD Reconstruction

I had thought about using 4K83 but since Harmy used Blu-ray for his main source and I’m using the Blu-Ray to restore some changes I figured they would blend better. You’re projects sound interesting and I hope to see them get released! I bet they’ll be miles better than what I’m able to accomplish. I’ll pm you a link to what I have done!

Edit: Looks like I’ll be using 4k83 after all!

Return of the Jedi 1997 Special Edition HD Reconstruction

Hi everyone!

As the title suggests this is an HD reconstruction of the 1997 version of ROTJ. This is a project I’ve been intending to do for a while now and I finally have something that I can call watchable. Since there are two very well made reconstructions of the 97 versions of ANH and ESB (thanks to Harmy, Team Blu, and Adywan) I figured ROTJ needed a reconstruction done in some capacity!

I used 3 sources for this project:

  • 2011 Blu Ray (for changes made in the 97 edition)
  • NEW SOURCE DNR version of 4k83 (for scenes that weren’t altered in the 97 edition i.e. Shaw force ghost, blinking Ewoks)
  • TB SD broadcast (for a 5ish second clip in victory celebration)
  • NEW SOURCE 2004 HDTV broadcast provided by schorman

There are still a few things that need to be done to make this reconstruction complete (if anyone would be willing to help with these things send me a message!) :

  1. Adding theatrical style subtitles for when Jabba says, “Ah! Do that again!” before the Jedi Rocks scene (DONE thanks to Schorman for helping!)
  2. Zooming in and color correcting the TB broadcast clip so the black bars and color are consistent with the other scenes before and after it
  3. Syncing to the DTS or Laserdisc audio

I’m not sure how long it’ll take for me to get around to doing these things that still need to be done since I am busy with college classes at the moment, but I’ll get around to it eventually!

Video dimensions: 1280x720p
V2 might be 1080p depending on how well this laserdisc upscale looks.
File Size: 12gb mkv

PM me for a link and share some feedback here if you’d like. Thanks!

Harmy's STAR WARS Respecialized Edition '97 - AVCHD and MKV now out!

UncutIsSuperior said:

Thanks for pointing that out. I’m sure it won’t matter because I could barely notice it. The 2004 Jabba is just a invisible blur, but I’m sure people won’t be able to notice it.

Yeah it’s not going to be a problem for most people but I figured it’s worth pointing out

Spider-Man 3 Restructured

I’ve always wanted to try to do a fanedit and since I haven’t seen much of anything for Spider-Man 3 I decided to give this a shot. Spider-Man 3 is a movie that I love to watch because of all of the “wtf moments” (emo Parker, Harry’s butler scene, lab scientists, etc.), but I felt that cleaning the movie up just a tad would make the whole movie flow so much better so it fits win with the other two films…oh and getting rid of the whole “Sandman killed Uncle Ben” recon…I’ve always hated that. This makes the movie much less distracted and instead it focuses on Peter’s struggles.

This fanedit is based off of the Editor’s Cut and not the Theatrical Cut since it was already a step in the right direction.

Theatrical Runtime: 2hr 19min
Editor’s Cut Runtime: 2hr 17min
Restructured Cut: 2hr 01min

Removing the more cringy lines (most of the reporter’s lines at the climax, a kid saying “wicked cool”, etc.)

No more Sandman being Uncle Ben’s killer retcon

Removed the broadway show

Removed Harry’s “raise him from the dead” line

Moved the Goblin Lab scene to after the symbiote meteor scene

Harry’s “you knew this was coming Pete” line is gone

No more scientists and “it’s probably just a bird” line is gone

Harry’s “I’d give my life for them” line is gone

Gwen Stacy’s photoshoot and mentions of her being a model is removed

Eddie and Captain Stacy’s dialogue is kept to a minimum

The officer attempting to stab Sandman with a shovel is cut

Peter’s goofy march at the parade is gone

Black suit Peter removing his mask and saying “this is something else” is gone

Peter making his hair look emo in the mirror is gone

Harry and MJ doing the twist is removed

Peter getting Eddie fired is moved to before Peters meeting with Harry at the coffee shop

The jazz club scene is cleaned up

The “how’s the pie?” comment is removed

The emo Peter Parker strut down the street is gone

Harry’s “I’m gonna kick your little ass” line is gone

News reporters kept to a bare minimum

The climax is cleaned up

*all of the additional scenes from the Editor’s cut are present

Hopefully I did a decent job putting this together, my video editor was giving me trouble with some cuts I wanted to make. I would love to have some feedback and criticisms.
PM me if you want to check it out!

Edit more changes have been made!

Replaced the Editor’s Cut intro of the Peter and Harry fight with the theatrical

Added back in Peter’s apology to Mr. Ditkovich

Edited around some poor cgi in the climax

Added back in “the twist” scene. Harry and MJ’s kiss felt weird without some on screen chemistry

Added in a post credit scene 😃

Phantom Menace bootleg VHS preservation

JayArgonaut said:

From the screengrabs, it definitely looks like it’s from the same source as the VCD. How complete is this, does it include the end credits, or did they have to turn off the camcorder to avoid being caught by the cinema staff? 😄

I figured it’d be the same, but hey I still think it’s cool! It cuts off about 5 secs into the credits

Phantom Menace bootleg VHS preservation

Hi guys!

I’ve had this bootleg TPM tape (which was probably sold on Canal Street) that has a cam recording on it for a while now and decided to digitize it for the sake of preservation! I think it’s the same as the bootleg VCD (someone can fact check me on that) but I figured it’d be cool to post here.

Pictures of the VHS tape:


PM me to get a dl of this capture. The file is 2.78 GB. Also, if anyone wants to upload the cap on any other sites (i.e. The Spleen) you have my blessing for you to do so.


Episode IX : <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> - film &amp; fan art, + covers etc

Brady1138 said:

Am I the only one frustrated that it just looks like more of the same? With both the other trilogies, the characters would look fairly different with each installment so that we got excited to see how they’ve evolved since the last movie: Anakin going from little kid to powerful Jedi Knight, Luke going from white tunic-wearing farmboy with a blaster and blue lightsaber to a black-clad Jedi ready to take on the Empire with a green saber.

Here it’s Rey, Poe and Finn…again. Rey’s got the same outfit, same hairdo, same lightsaber, same wide-eyed intense expression on her face as ever. Finn’s hair is a little longer, but that’s it. Poe, again, exactly the same. Kinda disappointed, I gotta admit.

I feel the same as you, but I understand why the characters look the same for the most part. It’s because the whole trilogy takes place within the span of about a year, so there’s not a whole lot of in-universe time for the characters to change their looks drastically.