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The Matrix Laserdisc Preservation "Help Needed"

Chewielewis said:

This post from the lddb is very relevant here and in general

That is interesting about old home video releases having their colors altered to make up for inaccurate TV sets. Would you still trust the 35mm scan that has been done over the LD in this case? I do know that a lot of people were saying that it is way to oversaturated and blown out (maybe it was unique to that specific print)

The Matrix Laserdisc Preservation "Help Needed"

marin888 said:
…and the color grading of BOTH is completely different to the original 35mm…
so save your money and forget the mess cause this is precisely one of the cases
where te DVD and the LD received altered transfers (some say the producers wanted it that way for the DVD)

That’s interesting. I’ve always heard that the LD for The Matrix was theatrically timed, but those screenshots say otherwise.

I would say that it would still be worth preserving the LD just so we have the LD’s color grade as well, but if the Scandinavian DVD is from the same master (which I think is what you’re implying), then it could be a decent idea to get that and sync it to the LD audio (that I didn’t even know got preserved)

The Matrix Laserdisc Preservation "Help Needed"

Hi everyone, there is currently an auction on eBay for an extremely rare Laserdisc of The Matrix. This version of the Matrix is essentially the same master as the original VHS release and will have theatrical color timing (as well as an excellent 5.1 track). As of right now there is 14 hours left to bid.

I am looking for financial help to attain this LD and have it properly preserved. I have made arrangement for a member to do the capture and post-processing if we win the auction. I will, of course, pitch in for a majority of the cost. If you are willing to make a donation put in in the comments and I will keep a public list of donors.

Thanks! 😃

Update: I lost the auction at the last second, but not to worry, I’ll be saving towards purchasing the LD from lddb.

Me - $150 (subject to increase if needed)
williarob - $10
craigbillet - $10

Goal: $170/$300

Enter the Matrix Reloaded

Hi everyone, I am excited to announce that I have completed an extended cut of The Matrix Reloaded using most of the filmed footage from the video game, Enter the Matrix. This adds in the story Niobe, Ghost, and Sparks (which was a somewhat minor part in Reloaded). I think this makes the narrative of Reloaded more complete.

PM me for a link and let me know what you think 😃


Theatrical Runtime: 2hr 18min
EtMR Runtime: 2hr 40min
Resolution: 720p (Enter the Matrix scenes are SD, but some deinterlacing and deblocking has been done to make it looks better).

03:50 - Niobe and Ghost Jack in
07:47 - Last Transmission of the Osiris
10:31 - Niobe and Ghost join the meeting in the Matrix (scene of sentinels drilling to Zion moved to this scene from later in the film)
16:01 - Sparks reacting to the incoming agents, members of the meeting fleeing
17:36 - “Is the exit clean?” scene
17:46 - “72 hours” scene
19:38 - The Logos returns to Zion
20:16 - Lock and Niobe
48:33 - Lessons of the Oracle scene (this scene features the “new” oracle since Gloria Foster passed away before completing her scenes. Having the scenes play out this way seems to imply that the Oracle was able to appear to Neo as her old self one last time.)
50:24 - Lock telling Niobe to stay
01:36:20 - Jack in, find the One, jack out
01:38:45 - Off to the freeway (replaces theatrical scene of Niobe talking to Link)
01:49:28 - Added Niobe’s line “You ain’t done yet.” (reordered this sequence of shots to make room for the line).
01:50:12 - Sparks warns Ghost and Niobe before they get hit
01:50:48 - Sparks says “Oh I can’t watch this” then proceeds to stare at his monitor before the two semi trucks collide.
01:51:34 - Ghost and Niobe jack out of the Matrix, Sparks says Morpheus needs their help again.
01:52:48 - Scene of Lock in the control room (replaces the theatrical scene that gives almost the same information), Ghost and Niobe joining Morpheus, other ships getting in position, and a shot of Bane cutting his hand.
02:02:24 - Ghost and Niobe jack out of the Matrix after blowing up the power plant, see Bane about to set off the EMP
02:20:59 - Sparks says that the Nebuchadnezzar is gone, Seraph calls and tells Niobe to go to the Oracle
02:23:03 - Niobe meets with the Oracle, who tells her that Neo is alive.
02:27:01 - “Picnicking Sentinels” are coming for the Logos (this explains what happens to them in Revolutions).
02:39:56 - Added a post-credit scene of Ghost and Niobe discussing if anyone will find them.

The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions 4:3 Open Matte DVD Preservation

Space Hunter M said:

Could you re-rip .VOB #2 from the Reloaded disc? It’s corrupted in the .ISO. Thanks!

Thanks for notifying me! I did a re-rip and the same .VOB is corrupted. The disc itself plays fine so I think it may be an issue with the DVD ripper that I’m using. I’ll give it another shot within a day or two and see how that goes. In the meantime the MP4 plays fine if you want to watch it that way for now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions 4:3 Open Matte DVD Preservation

Hi everyone!

With my excitement for the Matrix 4 starting to film right now, I thought it would be a good time to put this preservation together. A lot of people (including myself) were disappointed with how the Matrix sequels were matted. I read that the two Matrix sequels were shot on Super 35mm, and wondered if the full screen DVD was open matte, or simply pan and scan. Luckily it is open matte, and in a lot of scenes shows more information than the open matte HDTV preservations (top is widescreen blu-ray/dvd, middle is open matte HDTV, bottom is open matte 4:3):

However, like pretty much every open matte release, there will be some shots that are cropped on the sides to varying degrees. This is usually done to hide things like boom mics, or on sfx shots:

I have both 1:1 backups of the DVD iso’s as well as MP4 versions. I also have access to a scanner so if anyone wants the artwork preserved I can do that as well. PM me if you want a link!

Star Wars Prequels 35mm 4K Filmized Editions by Emanswfan

Harmy said:

That it definitely will. My point was simply that there’s little point to 4K when even the 1080p Blu-Ray has more fine detail.

I think the reason that 35mm film is scanned in 4k so it captures the most amount of film grain not so much for its detail since it’s expected to have a softer image than the original negative.

Return of the Jedi 1997 Special Edition HD Reconstruction

ellennify said:

Hi all! Just looking for a link to Return of the Jedi 1997 Special Edition HD Reconstruction - would be the perfect Christmas gift!! Thanks in advance


alexp120 said:

Will this version be released on the 'spleen?

I didn’t have any plans on uploading to the 'spleen myself but if anyone wanted to do that themselves I don’t have a problem with it!

Ranking the Star Wars films

I’m only going include the “Skywalker Saga” films. My list changes every time I marathon the films but this is my ranking as of now. Just for some context I was -1 years old when TPM came out so the Prequels were always a part of Star Wars when I got into it, which is why they are probably ranked too high.

  1. The Empire Strikes Back 10/10
  2. A New Hope 10/10
  3. Revenge of the Sith 9/10
  4. Return of the Jedi 8/10
  5. The Rise of Skywalker 7/10
  6. The Phantom Menace 7/10
  7. The Force Awakens 6/10
  8. The Last Jedi 4/10
  9. Attack of the Clones 3/10
    (“Relative to its budget, Attack of the Clones is the worst movie ever put to film.” -Rich Evans)
<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

I just got out of the theater about an hour ago. I did go into the film with some spoilers from the leaks, not all (i.e. force healing, Rey Palpatine, Rey’s yellow lightsaber).

On paper I thought a lot of the plot details sounded pretty bad and seeing the RT score made me think that this would be a terrible film. But after seeing film, I found most of the plot points that I already knew about was fulfilling and entertaining. So the moral of the story is go see this movie and form your own opinion about it 😃

I think that this movie would benefit from being longer since it is trying to do so much within its runtime, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. My ranking for the Sequel Trilogy as of right now is TROS, TFA, TLJ.