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Star Trek V

Hi all,

First post here 😉 I decided to try my hand with Star Trek V. I know that’s been done before, but it’s a movie I like. For some reason I was always able to disregard the horrible humor, incoherent elements, lack of effects, etc. So I got started and I think I’m on the right track.

So far I’ve removed all the dumb scenes and forced humor (Spock’s rocket boots, Scotty headbanging and romance, Admiral Bob, etc, etc.). Since the “jokes” were hammered in, they can be removed without affecting the dialog. That improves the scenes a lot!
Yet I’ve left in all remarks that are spontaneous.
All out of character (as I see it) actions were removed (ex: Kirk no longer loses his temper with Spock)
Some extended takes of reactions (specially from Kirk) were trimmed.

This improves flow and get things going smoothly.
The acting is good enough for you to get the emotions between the 3 main character with no need for exposition of overacting.

Structure has little changes, but I’ve removed the prologue and climbing scene completely.
We now start with camping scene. Again, good acting and dialog there to make it interesting.
We know about the hostages thought the Klingons and then we see the hostage tape. That works and keep focused on the main characters. Also makes the raid on Paradise City more interesting (otherwise it’s a repeat of the previous taking of the city).

Spock’s pain deleted scene is restored, using young Spock from Star Trek 2009. Not perfect but again, it flows well and makes perfect sense. With this second scene there, we understand why Spock is so attached to Sybok.

For the ending, I’ve put back the rock monster (using the test footage). I was amazed to notice that the camera angles for the chase are all there, along with sound clues. So that kind of works, and overall the movie becomes quite watchable.

I’ve tried some CGI replacement effects and those don’t fit the style of the movie. Other than the brilliant zoom in to Spock at the Enterprise’s window, I’m going with improving the existing effects, replacing mattes, etc. As much as possible I’m recycling effects from Star Trek III, IV and VI.

Right now I’m trying to add the incomplete effects. Besides the rock monster, we need two decent shuttle landings, some landscape to see out of the cockpit window, better barrier, etc.

So that’s it. Sorry for the long post, but it’s really a complex project with lot of work already done.
I’ll try to post some sample footage for discussion down the road.
For now here are some images of the updated effects: