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Info: Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features

WaltWiz1901 said:

tomi said:

but it’s cropped )-:

It isn’t cropped, it’s matted. The 2013 Blu-ray was matted and cropped on all four sides compared to the open matte Gold Classic Collection/45th Anniversary Edition DVD and the matted Disney+ stream.

so it was made with that aspect ratio in mind
that’s good to know

Info: Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features

monkeyjb1988 said:

I just watched The Sword in the Stone on Disney+. Definitely NOT one of Disney’s greatest works (just a, admittedly humorous, series of events before Arthur pulls the sword after not being mentioned for most of the film) but that’s not why it’s brought up on this board so often.

I watched it because I know its DNR reputation and I’ve seen the results. I also saw it was one of the films available in 4K, which I took to mean a new restoration/not using the flawed Blu-Ray master. So, I made it a point to watch it (AFTER I got some Star Wars in my system, including The Mandolorian 😃 )

In short, it looks FAR better than the Blu-Ray/streaming screenshots I’ve seen. Granted, the linework is wonky, but it’s too sharp to be the fault of anything other than the xeroxing done to make the cels. It’s hard to just see in these screen shots but the lines change and you can see the pencil markings that made it to the cels and film. In short, the films looks great… er, in a “replicates the original art” way rather than “replicates the film” way. (Keep in mind I can only get screenshots off a laptop that’s not 1080p; please account for that, it looked great on my TV).

Also, I saw this Hollywood Reporter story. In summary, people seem to be warming to the “Contains Outdated Cultural Depictions”; they want more but I don’t think we have to worry about films getting edited as of yet (the crows are still in Dumbo) Breaking News_2019-11-16 11:07:00_tberesford&utm_term=hollywoodreporter_breakingnews

judging from those screenshots this is the best version of sword in the stone i’ve ever seen
but is the movie presented in cropped 16:9? (like in the screenshots) or the original 4:3