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<em>Kenobi: Trials Of The Master</em> - Fanedit by PixelJoker95

I’m new round these parts (this being only my second post), but so glad I joined this site as otherwise I might never have heard about this project. It sounds amazing. There was so much that was good in the Kenobi series, but it was dragged down by so many poor choices in script, edit and - as the trailer to this project really makes clear - VFX and other visual realisation.

Can’t wait to see this new version, which I’ve no doubt will become my default version of Kenobi. I’m sure PixelJoker95’s work is going to be so appreciated by so many fans.

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Hello everyone,

I’m new here and looking forward to exploring this site.

I’m not new to Star Wars however, having fallen in love with this universe when I went to the cinema to see Empire Strikes Back on original release at the tender age of 6. It terrified and delighted me in equal measure. After that I built a large collection of Star Wars toys which I loved and played with over many years, before (tragically) giving them away in the early 90s.

Anyway, I’ve continued to enjoy all the Star Wars films released over the years, some more than others. The more recent films have their faults, but there is still some good in them. I just sometimes watch them and wish they could be better, and always think only relatively small changes would be needed to allow me to embrace them fully, as I want to. Then one day I stumbled across a fan edit of the recent Obi Wan series that improved my enjoyment of it so much more than I could have expected. So I’m now keen to see if high quality fan edits can similarly improve my enjoyment of other more recent (prequals onwards) Star Wars output.

I’m looking forward to reading about the different options on this site and trying some of them out.