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The Empire Strikes Back - at 40...

Just for fun and ICYMI…

Vintage Empire Strikes Back review from Dallas:

…and vintage 1980 promo interviews…

Mark Hammil and David Prowse:

Harrison Ford and Anthony Daniels:

Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams:

Irvin Kershner and Gary Kurtz:

Original Movie Newspaper Ads - RossMan Digital Collection

The RossMan Digital Collection is a fan curated archive of original movie, TV & music newspaper ads.

What started out as simple project a year and a half ago, to add a little extra to my homemade bonus discs, has turned into a collection of over 10,000 ads and growing everyday.

Initially, I started collecting ads of the big franchise series such as, Star Wars, James Bond, the Alien films and so on. But I have now started doing individual films as well. While the main interest is genre films such as sci-fi, horror and fantasy, I have done series for others such as the Bad News Bears, Muppets and Dirty Harry, to name a few.

Each series, released on MS, tries to capture as many ads as possible documenting the theatrical history of each film. Including advance preview, re-release and television broadcast ads in addition to the initial release ads. All of which include the exact date, city and newspaper they come from. Some series include a few easter eggs as well!

The ads coming from MANY different sources, including some personal scans of my own, are always archived at the highest possible quality available. None of the actual newspaper ads in my collection come from ANY social media accounts.

The collection includes ads from as early as 1931 all the way up to 2015… when available. Movie newspaper ads started to dry up post 2010, as the advertising moved online. Read more about it here:

Below is a list of the previous RossMan Digital Collection series released (in order) so far:

James Bond series [1963 - 2015]
Star Wars series [1977 - 2015]
Jaws series [1975 - 1987] Now at version 2.0 for it’s 45th anniversary! Over 270 ads and counting!
Indiana Jones series [1981 - 2008]
Muppets series [1979 - 2014]
Peanuts series [1969 - 1980]
Alien series [1979 - 2012] Now at version 2.0 for it’s 41st anniversary! Over 200 ads and counting!
Gremlins series [1984 - 1990]
Airport/Airplane series [1979 - 1982]
Love Bug series [1969 - 2005]
First Time On TV series [1974 - 1998] Over 200 ads and counting!
King Kong series [1933 - 2005]
Bad News Bears series [1976 - 2005]
Robocop series [1987 - 1993]
Thing series [1951 - 2011]
Godzilla series [1956 - 2000]
Planet of the Apes series - [1968 - 2014] Sample:
2001 series [1968 - 1984]
Rambo series [1982 - 2008]
Toy Story series [1995 - 2010]
The Abyss [1989]
Nightmare on Elm Street series [1984 - 2010]
The Fly series [1958 - 1989]
Poltergeist series [1982 - 1988]
Scream series [1996 - 2011]
Friday the 13th series [1980 - 2009] Now at version 2.0 for it’s 40th anniversary! Over 300 ads and counting!
Universal Monsters series [1931 - 1956] Sample:
Halloween series [1978 - 2009] Over 400 ads and counting!
Die Hard series [1988 - 2013] Over 100 ads and counting!
Home Alone series [1990 - 1997]
Strange Brew [1983]
Dirty Harry series [1971 - 1988] Over 200 ads and counting!
Thelma & Louise [1991]
Mad Max series [1979 - 1985] Over 200 ads and counting!
Mr. Mom [1983]
WarGames [1983]
Superman series [1951 - 2013] Over 400 ads and counting!
Conan the Barbarian series [1982 - 2011]
The Shining series [1980 - 1997] Over 100 ads and counting!
1941 [1979]
Blues Brothers series [1980 - 1998] Over 100 ads and counting!
The Legend of Billie Jean [1985]
Pump Up The Volume [1990]
Fried Green Tomatoes [1991]

ABC Afterschool Specials [1973 - 1984] Over 100 ads and counting!
Twin Peaks [1990 - 1992] Over 100 ads and counting!

It takes many countless hours (not to mention $ as well) to search, compile and do extremely minor edits as needed. For example, a Star Trek series has been in the works since I started and is nowhere near completion. With the number of films in that series, I expect it to be over 1,000 ads by itself.

Also, if anyone wants to include any of the above for use in a DVD or Blu Ray project, please feel free to do so. Just credit me please. Or DM me if you would like to request a series for a project.

Many series are planned for the future including the Terminator films, Dune, Blade Runner, Exorcist films and a whole lot more. Collections have started for some possible TV series such as Simpsons, X-Files, Lost and Made-for-TV ads, as well as possible director collections such as Carpenter (Sample:, Kubrick, Coen Brothers and more.

Some previous series will also be updated in the near future as the first ones done, like James Bond and Star Wars, are not as thorough as later ones like Superman.

I’m willing to share the above privately. PM me if you would like to request one of the above series.

I am willing to do a certain movie or movie series upon request for anyone who can help me out with any of the following (PM me your request):

Leads or help with access to newspaper archives I don’t currently have access to, esp any archives for Japan.
Better quality version of “Heroes & Sidekicks: Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom” TV special than the YouTube version
2012 updated version of the “Bond Girls Are Forever” documentary
Any episodes of AMC Backstory not currently available on MS.
Custom Blu Ray covers
L.A. Takedown (1989)
Inside Story - E01 - Animal House (Originally broadcast 2008-08-13 - The only version of this I could find was a 320p SD version online.)
Copies of the first two broadcasts of Close Encounters of the Third Kind from ABC on November 15, 1981 or March 14, 1983 WOC

I will update this thread when a new series is released. I have also created Twitter accounts for previews and updates:


Follow along!


Hey, anyone wanna give me a job doing this for a living?! or a similar archival position?
I’m looking at you Criterion, Arrow, Shout/Scream, Kino…

Special thanks:

Charles de Lauzirika - for setting the Blu Ray gold standard with special editions - @Lauzirika
Jamie Benning - for your awesome Filmumentaries
Petr Harmácek aka Harmy - for your amazing Despecialized Edition’s
NJVC - for the perfect set of Blu Ray’s
Cameron Beyl - for the extraordinary Directors Series
Nissen - for all his fantastic custom blu ray covers!

You guys have lifetime access! DM me for links!

'Blade Runner' (US Broadcast Version) 1986 (Released)

NuJack said:

I’ve been trying to track down the 1982 US Broadcast version of Blade Runner but to no avail, if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

I don’t know if this will help you but after some (really) quick research, I was able to find out the following info for Blade Runner:

-US Pay Cable premiere: September 1983
-US Network premiere: February 6, 1986 on CBS

Then after that, all syndicated airings. Here are just a few:

December 23, 1988 - KCBS - Los Angeles - Late night broadcast
December 23, 1988 - WINK - Fort Myers - Late night broadcast
December 23, 1988 - WTVX - Fort Pierce - Late night broadcast
December 23, 1988 - WKTV - Sacramento - Late night broadcast
November 21, 1989 - WPIX - New York
November 20, 1989 - WLVI - Boston
November 22, 1989 - WTXX - Hartford
February 15, 1990 - WGN - Chicago
February 10, 1991 - WLVI - Boston
February 6, 1992 - WGN - Chicago
July 28, 1993 - Channel 9 - Melbourne

I personally would love any of these broadcasts WOC.

Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set (Released)

Just thought of one other special feature that might be added in a future edition of the ROTJ blu ray discs…

In 1983, Return Of The Jedi featured the very first THX trailer in theaters, called “Wings.”

The THX “Wings” trailer and almost all THX trailers can be downloaded in HD & 5.1 and above from here:


Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set (Released)

njvc said:

Thanks for the suggestions re: the ROTJ docos. Having played around with the puzzle pieces, and taken into account suggestions here, I’ll release a 25GB and a 50GB version.


  • Returning to Jedi (2007) - 148 mins
  • Empire of Dreams Part III (2004) - 30 mins
  • Classic Creatures (1983) - 48 mins
  • Jamie Benning: ROTJ Location Special Effects (2015) - 5 mins


  • Everything on the 25GB version, plus:
  • From SW to Jedi: The Making of a Saga (1983) - 70 mins
  • When Star Wars Ruled the World (2004) - 50 mins
  • Jamie Benning: Life Inside Jabba The Hutt (2015) - 20 mins
  • Star Wars: The Magic and the Mystery (1997) - 50 mins

It’s possible there will be room for one more on the 50GB. Will have to wait and see, but feel free to suggest something if you know of a really good one.

How about one of these:

From Star Wars to Star Wars: The Story of Industrial Light & Magic (1999)
Industrial Light & Magic: Creating the Impossible (2010)

Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set (Released)

njvc said:

I’ve started work on the ROTJ documentary disk, and have a dilemma. There are a bevy of choices, and I don’t think I can adequately fit them all on a 25GB disk. Here are the current candidates:

Jamie Benning – Returning to Jedi 2:30
Jamie Benning ROTJ Special effects – 5 mins
Jamie Benning: Inside Jabba – 20 mins
Making of a saga – 1:10
Empire of dreams Part III - 30 mins
Classic creatures – 48 mins
When star wars rules the world – 41 mins

I am considering going for a 50GB disk for the ROTJ doco disk to allow all these to be included. The other alternative is to cut some of these, and stick with 25GB.


Though I wouldn’t mind a 50gb option, I say keep the following:

Jamie Benning – Returning to Jedi 2:30 - since you have the ANH and ESB ones on those, so keep this.
Empire of dreams Part III - 30 mins - obvisouly, since you have the other parts on the other discs.
Classic creatures – 48 mins - since this is THE ROTJ making of feature
Making of a saga – 1:10 - Since this making of came out around Jedi

I say losing:

When star wars rules the world – 41 mins
Jamie Benning ROTJ Special effects – 5 mins
Jamie Benning: Inside Jabba – 20 mins

But like I said, 50gb option is fine with me.