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Cars (2006) Variable Aspect Ratio Experiment/Project (SAMPLE AVAILABLE PM FOR DOWNLOAD)

I got inspired to do this from a reddit post on r/fanedit that proposed the idea of an edit of Pixar’s Cars where it changes into the 2 different Open-Matte versions (4:3 and 16:9) Sort of like a IMAX type thing. The OP later decided they weren’t going to do it so i decided to do what they didn’t

So the ratio will change depending on the scene

Scope (2:40.1): Most of the movie
Open-Matte (1.78.1): Races and Action scenes
Fullscreen (1:33.1): TV News Scenes

This will mostly like be a weekend project i actually finish instead of just abandoning it

Also if anybody is interested, I need assistance with upscaling the Fullscreen version as it’s only 480p since it’s from the Fullscreen DVD release and my computer is pretty bad. Help would be appreciated.

PM for a 28 minute sample of what i have so far.

1080p Blu-Ray
1080p OM WEB-DL (RUS)
480p Fullscreen DVD

Creed II - IMAX VAR Edit (work in progress)

with Creed III hitting VOD and it being the first movie in the Rocky Franchise to filmed in IMAX. I’d thought I’d give a similar IMAX VAR treatment to the Creed II

To create this i will be using the Official Blu-Ray for dialogue heavy or calm scenes as it’s not really necessary for those to have all that extra space. For fights and action scenes I’ll be using an 1080p Open-Matte Web-DL (found on Rutor) for those scenes.

Keep in mind (like with almost all Open-Matte versions) some of the sides are cut off however they aren’t major so it’s not a big deal

Official Blu-Ray

Edited with Sony Vegas 15

See ya!

Tommy Boy (1995) - VHS 1.33:1 Open-Matte Preservation (HELP NEEDED)

Tommy Boy is what I would consider to be my favorite movie of all time so i felt like transferring the 4:3 VHS to digital because judging by old yt clips the version on VHS is Open-Matte, I plan to release it on the internet archive.

At the time of me writing this the tape is currently recording on obs and I’m having issues with some purple-green line at the top and I’m currently in the progress of moving and can’t afford a new AV to HDMI converter so I’m thinking a color correction solution would work, I’m not good at color-correcting so anyone willing to help will be greatly appreciated

1995 Paramount VHS (Video)
2008 Blu-Ray (Audio)
1998 OG DVD (for a possible UAR project)

Recorded on OBS at 1080p MKV Format

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace HD Pan & Scan (a wip)

Slavicuss said:
Are you planning on doing the same for the other two prequels - or any of the other STAR WARS films?

maybe RotS but probably won’t do AotC because there’s an hd fullscreen version of that movie from HBO. I also thought about force awakens and using the Jakku Place IMAX sequence. But this project probably won’t go anywhere beyond shits and giggles

Info Wanted: AOTC IMAX Aspect Ratio

Fang Zei said:

I seem to remember reading on imdb that it was 1.81:1, which would’ve roughly split the difference between the 2.39:1 aspect ratio AotC was actually finished at and the 1.43:1 of the Imax prints.

Interesting, I guess they were actually trying to accommodate the movie for IMAX screenings even if it meant losing image (ironic really). Unlike many after which were just the regular version on an IMAX screen, i guess that’s why we have Dolby today