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IT: The King Cut (Released)

Hey everyone, new user here, new faneditor.

Earlier this year, I struck out to make a fanedit of Andy Muschietti’s IT films, combining the two films and changing/removing certain elements. I know Muschietti has spoken about his own supercut adding in new scenes but as of now it’s nowhere to be seen.

What this edit does:

“The King Cut”, as you may guess, refers to Stephen King. The films are cut together to follow the chronology of the novel as closely as possible, while still retaining a coherent flow of plot. I’ve also changed/removed certain things that annoyed me or broke continuity in one particular instance.

Here’s how it plays out

-Chapter one starts with Georgie in the rain as usual
-When Pennywise appears in the drain, the jump scare cue is removed and replaced by a low rumbling sound to fill the void.
-The chapter one title card plays and transitions into Mike’s narration from Chapter 2
-Chapter two starts, the title card is removed
-Chapter two plays out about the same, except the scenes involving bowers are removed
-After Mike gives Bill the weird magic tea and he has his vision, the movie flashes back to chapter one, which picks up with Mike in the farm
-Chapter one plays more or less as normal
-When Ben kisses Beverly in the sewer, the poem revelation is removed. This is because it’s not consistent with the book (neither is Bev getting kidnapped but I can’t remove that without ruining the whole plot), and it is not followed up on in Chapter 2 or even in the end of Chapter 1 (Bev kisses Bill at the end, and in Chapter 2 she doesn’t remember that Ben wrote the poem, just like the book.)
-Chapter one ends and segways into all the Henry Bowers scenes cut from Chapter 2
-Chapter 2 plays, and a few bathos moments are changed (bill breaking silver, eddie and richie in the hallucination with the dog.)

I have a youtube video here showing most of the changes made. It doesn’t include the Eddie and Richie scene.

Please PM me if you’re interested in seeing it.