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TheDoctor30's Revenge of the Sith - Extended Edition Fan-Edit (featuring RoTS, The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch) (Released)

sade1212 said:

I’m interested to see how well you’ve got that working in the overall structure, since it does strike me as being a bit of a non-sequitur to suddenly be introduced to those characters.

Yeah, I contemplated whether adding the Bad Batch footage would ruin the flow of the film because it might feel odd to introduce these characters halfway through, but in the end I kinda threw it in to add more personality to the clones and to show their conflicts with Order 66.

5.1 audio, Blu-ray quality and subtitles are a level of polish rare to see in these mashups; only stuff like HAL’s edits tends to be so nicely finished. Ditto for the credits - that’s going above and beyond.

One way I’ve seen Changes to the Constitution shoehorned in before is to stick the key dialogue over the establishing shot of the senate offices, leading up to the scene proper. I think Dominic Cobb did that first.

Thanks! I always wanted to include the cast and crew of the animated series without tacking the episode credits to the back of the rest of the main credits, glad you appreciate that! As for the Changes to the Constitution, I might tinker around with your suggestion, thanks for that again!

TheDoctor30's Revenge of the Sith - Extended Edition Fan-Edit (featuring RoTS, The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch) (Released)

Hey all! Long-time lurker here (only just created an account this year) and this is my first time posting a topic on here so hopefully I’ve posted correctly. I recently posted this on Reddit after contemplating whether I should release it or just share it among friends, but decided to share it with everyone else in the end!

I started working on this around the same time many people did after seeing the parallel runs between the series and the film. I’ve seen probably only 3 fan-edits so far, and I do apologise if my edit seems similar to how others did theirs (I probably took cues here and there from other edits absent-mindedly but again I haven’t watched any new edits since June last year). I decided to work on this edit because some fan-edits weren’t working for me personally, such as the transition swipes not having soft edges, or the 5.1 audio not working correctly. I’m not sure if new versions of the old edits I saw have updated changes. After running into a few wee problems that caused me to yell several explicits at my PC and Adobe, I left the project alone in June 2020 and focused on producing another short film for an all-year uni assignment, so I never came back to it until April 2021.

So, the primary details of this edit:

  • This only includes canon material, so the 2D Clone Wars material is not included in this cut. A lot of people will probably hate me for that, but I’ve felt that going from 2D to 3D CGI and then to Live-Action is rather jarring, which is why I’ve stuck to just the Live-Action and 3D CGI. I still love the micro-series though! Grew up watching it as a kid. I’d highly recommend u/NumeralJoker’s edit if you wish to view that.
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 audio!
  • This edit is only available in 1080p/Blu-ray quality. As much as I would love to have the edit in 4K, Premiere Pro 2017 probably wouldn’t want to co-operate with the final export (if I did the export process the same but in 4K, it would most likely cost my time and my sanity, and I’ve already done my fair share of swearing at Adobe). I’ve also got an RTX 2060 and PP 2017 refuses to use it when exporting for no reason, resulting in super long export times so I’ve just given up on editing and releasing it in 4K HDR. I may come back one day to do it in 4K.
  • Subtitles! The full edit has English subtitles taken from the official releases which have been timed correctly. Chapters are also included in this edit, with the majority being taken from the official chapter list. For The Clone Wars chapters, I decided on using titles from the official soundtrack list.
  • The Credits have been reworked to include the cast and crew of The Clone Wars as seamlessly as possible! With this edit, I want to make it as professional and as close to how the official release would be, so I’ve redone to credits to include the cast and crew of The Clone Wars seamlessly. Ashley Eckstein and Dee Bradley Baker etc. have been credited alongside Ewan McGregor etc. The scrolling cast credits include the full list, including the voice actors from The Bad Batch. The crew of the Clone Wars have also been included in the credits, including the animators and voice recordists, in the font style/weight that the original ROTS credits are like. To include all this, I’ve extended the end credits score using the extended track from the official ROTS soundtrack. An example video has been linked.

File Details:

  • Runtime: 4 hrs 22 mins 24 secs
  • Container: MKV
  • Codec: H265
  • Size: 24 GB
  • Resolution: 1080p (1920 x 816)
  • Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Subtitles: Yes, in English
  • Chapters: Yes, 87 in total
  • Credits Scene(s): Yes, two total

Now, the finer details of the edit, what have we got?

Updated Logos and New Opening Crawl - partially from ROTS, partially from the Narrator’s dialogue!

The Battle of Coruscant and Arrival on Mandalore are edited to flow side-by-side.

5 Deleted Scenes have been included in the Extended Edition. The majority of the deleted scenes were upscaled and enhanced to 1080p by bryantmh on, a huge thanks for providing the upscaled deleted scenes! I’ve also used the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio of the deleted scenes from my ROTS DVD, apart from Elevator Antics which only had stereo audio. I’ve not included all due to either low quality footage, unfinished effects or canon discrepancies.

  • Elevator Antics: This scene only had stereo audio available, which is why it may sound different from the other scenes. I’ve done my best with upscaling it but there are still imperfections here and there. The only reason why I added it was because there weren’t as many unfinished effects. Plus, it adds to Anakin and Obi-Wan’s friendship.
  • A Stirring in the Senate: I’ve moved this scene before Palpatine appointing Anakin to the Jedi Council (it originally appeared after in the script) to not interrupt the flow from that scene to the establishing shot of the Jedi Temple.
  • Seeds of Rebellion
  • Confronting the Chancellor
  • Yoda Exiled to Dagobah: With the inclusion of Ahsoka & Rex in the final montage of where the characters end up, I found it fitting to add Yoda back in as it originally was.

There were some deleted scenes that I decided to not include due to unfinished effects or continuity errors. In particular, I wanted to include Changes to the Constitution due to how much it added to Palpatine’s manipulation of Anakin and his distrust in the Jedi Order, it was not included due to the poor quality and unfinished rotoscoping effects. I may rework it one day and fix it to include the scene in my edit, along with a bunch of others.

I’ve also included 4 scenes from the first episode of The Bad Batch.

  • Order 66/Caleb Dume: This has been placed after Bail Organa flees the Jedi Temple/Obi-Wan climbing rocks and ends at the cliff confrontation between Hunter and Caleb. I’ve also changed Grey’s armour colour from green to a darker red (did my best with After Effects but sometimes it just doesn’t work out, which is why it might seem different for some shots). This scene leads into the Order 66 scene with Ahsoka and Rex.
  • Arrival on Kamino/Inhibitor Chip Discussion: This scene appears right after Sidious tells the Separatists that Vader would ‘take care’ of them. Right after is the scene where Ahsoka investigates the Fives and Inhibitor Chip situation, allowing the plotline to flow from one scene into the next.
  • The New Galactic Empire: I didn’t want to ruin the flow of Palpatine’s speech/Anakin slaughtering the Separatists so I’ve placed this after Rex’s inhibitor chip is removed.
  • Meeting Omega: The idea at first was to remove Omega in the previous scene to remove any new plotlines, as it would have been weird to focus one shot on Omega then never mention her again. However, doing so would have cut up Palpatine’s speech and created some inconsistencies. To fix this, I instead added the Bad Batch meeting Omega as a mid-credits scene, therefore eliminating a dangling thread while also setting up the series.

Lastly, Vader’s visit to the crash site has been added as a post-credits scene.

If you’re interested in viewing my transitions, you can view them in the YouTube video here.

So hey! If you’re interested in viewing my fan-edit/supercut, chuck an email to where you’ll get an automated email with the information and link, or PM me for a link. If anyone thinks they know a better way/place I can use to host it for people to download, do let me know! I pride myself on being a great editor, having worked with editing programs for the past 6 years (sound editing we’ll leave that talk for another day), so thanks for considering my fan-edit, and enjoy! May the force be with you, always.