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Hey all,

I am a long-time fan of Star Wars, my brother and I were shown the original trilogy by our father at a young age and it has shaped my taste in media for my life onward. Unlike me, my lovely partner was not so lucky to be exposed to the galaxy far far away at a young age, and recently after a reluctant exploration into Disney’s The Mandolorian she became interested in filling out the rest of the Star Wars viewing experience. After a battle through the prequel films and an enjoyable jaunt with Solo and Rogue One, we came to the evening to watch A New Hope. As we were about to pop in the old and grainy vhs copy we had access to one of our roommates mentioned this sight to me and I couldn’t help but poke around. I have seen some of what I imagine to be products of this sight, Scene 38 Reimagined being the one that stands out most in my mind. But after digging around I can see it goes much deeper than this, (perhaps the prequels wouldn’t have been such a slog if they had been one movie!). Either way, I just wanted to say hi and put myself out there as the site recommends before diving in.

Warm Regards,