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Info: OT Bootleg DVDs
Yeah, creating an anamorphic transfer is the only thing that could be improved upon. And I'm not even sure it's possible, seeing as the Definitive Laserdics aren't anamorphic.
The quality of all these transfers is limited by that of the Laserdisc (the Definitive edition seems to be the favourite). From what I've seen, the ones TR47 has are nearly identical to the Laserdisc.

It'll be interesting, once the offical SE DVDs come out, to see what kind of a difference in quality there is, and whether anyone tries to combine an OT Laserdisc transfer with the SE DVD transfer.
Info: OT Bootleg DVDs
Patrick, you need to upload your images somewhere for us to see them. From what I can tell, you've given us the address of where they're stored on your D:/ drive, which no-one, apart from you, can access.
If you can't find anywhere to host them, I could do it for a while. My email address is in my profile.

TR47, yours do look much improved over the bootlegs - it's a little difficult to tell about the cropping, since it looks like the two shots were taken at slightly different times. TR47, sorry about me emailing you, btw. I didn't realise you weren't sending the discs overseas. I hope you reconsider sometime, though

dcsantangelo2005, if there's any way for you to show us some pictures from your bootleg copy (if it's different from the one TR47 has access to), I'm sure we'd all be interested to see them. Again, if hosting is a problem, my offer of hosting applies.
Info: OT Bootleg DVDs
I'd choose a set transferred by someone who cares about the movie over a profit driven bootlegger any day of the week, but what we all really need to see is a screenshot comparison. I can host the images, if that's any incentive.

TR47, I've tried contacting you via PMs and email, but I've yet to recieve any reply. Shall I try again, or are you just not interested in dealing with a Brit?
(The lack of) OT DVDs, and what to do about it
I'm new to this board, but not to the whole Special Edition vs OT debate, so... hello.
The way things stand, I won't be buying the DVDs when they come out in September - I'm sure I don't need to explain why. However, as much as I'd like to own the Original versions on DVD, I'm certainly not going to buy the familiar, widely available Bootlegs.
Money made from the sale of bootlegged material (clothes, software, films, etc...) funds crimial organisations the world over - and unfortunately, this includes (directly or indirectly) the bootleg Star Wars DVDs you see on ebay.
I don't think it'll help anyone, especially this campaign, if we encourage people to buy Bootleg DVDs.

However, there is going to be a demand for the Original Trilogy on DVD. So what can be done?
Well... I'm not sure. This is a forum. So let's discuss it.

There exists a worldwide group based at What they do is burn DVDs of MAME roms (the popular arcade emulator) and send them to whoever wants them. They make no profit - people simply pay them the cost of the DVD media + postage, or send their own DVD media.

One idea would be a similar organisation to distribute the Original Trilogy on DVD. Again, it would have to be done on a no-profit scheme. Additionally, it might be a good idea (legally) to only provide the DVDs to people who can prove that they already own the Original Trilogy - on VHS, Laserdisc... whatever. The logistics involved in setting the group up, though, would be complicated. The best quality source would have to be found, and distributed to all 'burners', who would then make the copies from those. Decisions would have to be made - how many DVDs per film? Would extras be included? And so forth.

Anyway, apologies for the length of the message. I don't know what the legality of such a scheme would be. Though he prefers the Special Edition, Lucas still holds the rights to the Original Trilogy - I'm not even sure there's a difference legally.

As I said at the beginning, my reason for thinking about this is to try and prevent any money going into the pockets of the Pirates. Currently, it may be the only way the majority of people (without the facilities to create their own) will get the OT on DVD, but, for me, it's not an option. I simply don't buy Bootlegs.

What are peoples thoughts on this issue?