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The Abyss - Special Edition (1989) BluRay Project - see Page 2 (Released)

I remember the DVD release from the mid 00’s also having the uncanny look - back then I always went back and watched the original DVD. Now I just don’t watch it at all because any blu-ray version or the 4K just hurts my brain too much.

People are generally in love with the Abyss 4K - I can’t handle the teal regrade which is a holdover for whatever that Cinemax HDTV version was- I always don’t want to talk about it anymore because people are telling me that I am nuts for having an issue with it, lol. Same issue with Aliens, the blu-ray regrade completely changes the vibe of Aliens. I see there is an Alien regrade project- hopefully I can find it.

Thanks to everyones efforts here.

MonkeyLizard10 said:

TylerDurden389 said:

Funny how the Terminator’s origins is about the dangers of A.I. and now Cameron’s movies are being fuddled with even further specifically because of it, lol. Fans have been waiting for these 2 films to be put out on blu-ray for years and now I bet they’re wishing they were released sooner even more now, since the A.I technology didn’t exist 10 years ago or even 5 years ago lol.

While I could be wrong, I could swear the Dolby Cinema 4k theatrical re-release of Titanic around 5 years ago looked a bit more natural than the most recent Dolby Cinema 4k theatrical re-release (the new has the faces sometimes with a slightly weird unanncy effect, crazy detailed and yet something a little odd feeling in some way). I do wonder if maybe they had put that initial DC 4k on the UHD it might have been even better, similar but just withouth the bits of uncanny valley effect creeping in here and there. (Back to The Abyss, although in many ways it won’t match the UHD since it is just a release print (much lower res, etc.) and has none of the special edition scenes and the UHD for this one seems like it might end up near the best of the bunch, I’ll probably try to do a Scanstation level 35mm scan of what I have of the theatrical edition (also missing a reel plus so a something over 20 minutes missing) perhaps middle to later next year or so, but at least much of the theatrical edition would then have a 35mm look as a preservation in addition to the UHD.)

Star Wars coming to Blu Ray (UPDATE: August 30 2011, No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)

adywan said:

bkev said:

I never did like Kenkraly's insistence that the collars would be fixed, but... wow.

It doesn't seem that way for Empire though:

Exact same colouring as the 2004 versions. I was really hoping that they would have fixed the horrible cyan colouring, but i guess they haven't :(  They have fixed the puppeteers arm in that shot but why is there a frame curvature in there fixed section in the bottom left?

maybe the screens on HTF are just mock ups made by HTF- the photos really aren't given credit or mentioned in the article-  the quality of them is pretty crappy across the board on all of them, especially the super noisy ROTJ screen