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STAR WARS: the alt.binaries.starwars thread

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I’m looking for dark_jedi’s early releases:

Dark Jedi First Issues Collection (3)
Source - The 1982/1985/1986 CLV Extended Play set

Dark Jedi Special Widescreen Edition (4 inc incredible shrinking ratio Ep 4)
Source - The Special Widescreen Edition set

Jedi/Feta Definitive Collection (3)
Source - 1992 US NTSC 1993 Definitive Collection Boxset

Dark Jedi Star Wars Trilogy '97 Special Edition (4 inc Bonus DVD)
Source - 1997 US NTSC Special Edition set

The DARKSVN Special Edition (1)
Source - 1997 US NTSC Special Edition set

Dark Jedi Special Edition VHS Fullscreen
Source - 1997 Special Edition VHS Fullscreen set

Was hoping someone could upload some of these to usenet as I don’t have access to Myspleen.

Many thanks!

Star Wars THX "Faces" DVD Covers (Finished)

kevin7 said:

I’m basing the disc labels off my VHS copies from the 90s. Only thing I’ve changed is how the content is arranged. So ESB and ROTJ will include the CBS FOX logo. The tapes list ANH at 124 mins, ESB at 128 mins, and ROTJ at 134 mins. However, they are not the special editions. . . so there’s a mystery.

<span style=“font-size: 1.2em; line-height: 1.2em;”> </span>
(right click open in new window for full quality)

Also, the last picture I uploaded was missing text on the right side. Looks like it did not copied over from my original file when I exported as a square. Here’s the correct version.

Any chance you finished this set? Looks beautiful!