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Hi everyone.

I first Star Wars (ANH) in 1984, aged 6 or 7, on VHS. I saw TESB & ROTJ over the next year and watched the OT countless times throughout my childhood. In 1986 my dad took me to see IV-VI back-to-back at the Prince Charles Cinema in London.
As an only child I entertained myself with figures and vehicles acting out scenes as well as making up additional ones.
Was buzzing with anticipation in the lead-up to the TFM but felt it wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for. AOTC was better but still not great. I approached ROTS thinking that this what I’d been waiting almost 2 decades for so I’d forgive the previous 2 once I got the “turn” explanation on screen.
I have to say that it didn’t meet my expectations. I rewatched the PT a few times in the hope that I had judged it too harshly. I felt I’d been fair and accepted it as GL’s story but feel it suffered from his falling out with former colleagues who should have directed, written screenplays, etc.
Anyway, they’ve grown on me since.
I never understood those who went OTT and abused George. They are not worth saying anymore about.
Finally, on the Disney ST…eesh!
I hate them and don’t consider them as part of my headcanon.