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Star Wars Every Week Forever, a social experiment comedy podcast.

Hey gang! I didn’t know where to put this on the forums. This seemed the most open place.

Myself and two friends started a project back in July based off of podcasts such as The Worst Idea Of All Time and Till Death Do Us Blart where we take the core nine Star Wars movies and continually watch them every single week in succession. Part of it is an experiment to see what comes of it, but mostly it’s us being idiots while occasionally breaking out into more critical thinking and then entirely ruining anything we might say with a terrible bit, such as Downtime Darth, a bit in which we vaguely pitch ideas of what Darth Vader does on his down time. Occasionally we’ll dig into the current lore and the EU or talk about the unique challenges and things we’ve observed by doing this so much.

The podcast releases every Wednesday at about 12 Eastern Standard Time. The show is perpetually recorded six weeks ahead so we’re in the midst of recording our second rotation, however this week will release our second rotation Rise Of Skywalker episode. If this is up your alley and you’re not looking to take things too seriously, you can find us on most podcasting sites (Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, Google Podcasts, ect.) except iTunes, and we highly suggest our youtube version as well just because it’s occasionally aided by visual cues. Our only current social media is twitter, and you can find us there for updates and just general bull at @SWEWF. ( :

We also recently released a new episode Christmas day, which started a new tradition of watching the Star Wars Holiday Special every single Christmas. We’re very proud of the episode.

This is a passion project of ours, and we’d be honored if you would join us for the ride.