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Info Wanted: Any VHS-only Prequel Featurette Preservations?

I’m working on a SE and Prequel extras disc, and I was wondering if anyone had already done a VHS-to-DVD preservation of the PT featurettes that were found only on various Star Wars VHS releases.  There were three of them:

  • Filmmaking Has Turned A Corner (from TPM Widescreen Collector’s Edition VHS)

  • Star Wars Episode II: The Saga Continues (from 2000 SE boxset’s ANH VHS tape)

  • Star Wars Connections: With C-3PO and R2-D2 (from AOTC VHS)

Any info you could provide would be most appreciated.

Discussion: Original versions on DVD wanted ... What to buy?

adi_smy said:

Hello all

I just got lost in the Amazon reviews in my try to search for a gift for my husband, a big fan of Star Wars.

I want to buy individual or pack collection DVDs, BUT containing also the original versions of the movies. If possible to have the cover also in the original design, that would be even better.

I'm searching for the entire series, all 6 episodes.

Basicly, I don't exactly know where to go and what to buy to be the right thing!

Would you be so kind and help a lost one? :) I will be forever greatfull.

Thank youuuuuuuu!


There's never been one single box that has all 6 movies on DVD.  I'll break down your options for each trilogy. 

- Prequels (i.e. Phantom Menace, Attack/Clones, Revenge/Sith)

The easiest way to get the Prequel Trilogy is to buy the box set (UPC# 024543560067).  However, you could also get the single-movie 2-DVD releases of the Prequels.  The UPCs are: (Phantom Menace - 024543023876; Attack of the Clones - 024543055396; and Revenge of the Sith - 024543203094).  The UPCs I provided are for the widescreen versions, which are what your husband will want.

Regardless, the boxset looks like this:


Original films w/ the theatrical non-altered versions (i.e. Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi)

You have 2 options.  First, you could get the Original Trilogy box set (UPC# 024543559856).

The boxset looks like this:

Or, you could get the movies individually in 2-DVD Limited Edition versions.  The disc content is identical either way.  Here's how they look...

Star Wars: A New Hope (UPC# 024543263739)

The Empire Strikes Back (UPC# 024543263838)

Return of the Jedi: (UPC # 024543263937)

(NOTE: If you're going with the single-movie releases, it's very important that you get the "Limited Edition" ones, as the prior release doesn't have the original versions of the movies.)  Also, the Original Trilogy releases are out of print, so it'll be more difficult to buy them new. 

Star Wars Blu Ray Impressions

IMO, the one overriding reason that the set can be "worth it" is for the 3 old-school documentaries on Disc 9.  The prices on the secondary market for legit versions of "The Making of Star Wars", "SP FX: The Empire Strikes Back", and especially for the Japan-only "Classic Creatures" LD together rival the cost of the BD set. 

Yes, I know that almost everyone on this site has at least on LD-to-DVD transferred version of each of the documentaries (Rowman's for me) but to have a proper release is nice in itself.

Star Wars: Deleted Magic (Released)
I'm really not sure whose cover it is. I submitted the profile quite a while ago, and I wasn't even aware that there was an official cover until recently. As I recall, I took the most visually appealing cover that I had on hand and submitted that one. At least the title on the cover is readibly legible (which can be a concern seeing how small DVDAF shrinks the images...)