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The Place to Go for Emotional Support

I sent a message to him on his bandcamp page and he sent an email back to me.

Possessed said:

I’m safe. Actually if you want the truth I smoked a bunch of meth and had a massive mental breakdown. I spent 3 days hiding in the woods (not shelterless I had my car and I had money to go get food) just because I was scared of everybody. I nearly lost my job, although I didn’t but I wish I had, and for 3 days I was scared of my own shadow and didn’t know what I was going to do. I just had an intense mental breakdown. I never really meant that I was planning on killing myself exactly, but I didn’t know what I was going to do. I’m kinda just embarrassed to come back now, and I’m still pretty shaken up. You can relay this entire message if you like. They deserve an explanation.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe
  1. The tweets were gross and should have been deleted. Also, the sheer volume of tweets raises red flags, as well as the exact contents of some of the ones I’ve seen.

  2. Mike Cernovich and his army of alt-right shitbags started their smear campaign against Gunn to “prove” their moral superiority over “the left” which prominent Hollywood figures like Gunn supposedly represent, and Disney should not have done anything on the whims of a Pizzagate crackpot like Cernovich.

Both are true.

Current Events. No debates! Light political discussion allowed, but if it turns into a debate, take it to the politics thread and include a link here.

oojason said:

Total Eclipse Of The S*n’…

Liverpool’s 30-year boycott is still going strong


On a similar note… :


Why did you censor the name? I mean, I have only cursory knowledge of how terrible UK tabloids like itself are, but why censor the name like that?