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STAR WARS: The Rise of Skywalker (Anti-Cringe Cut) (Released)

Just watched this. It was really good! Your edit was really ambitious, and I think largely it really worked! I love the missing cringe, and it really makes the experience closer to what the finale to the sequels should be in my mind.

Couple thoughts/observations:

  1. It was confusing why Rey went back to Luke’s island after Endor. And just how she found Exagol after.

  2. Great job reviving Luke from the dead, I know that was a hard job to do. his coloring is mostly great. to be honest, He still looks like a force ghost, it read a little weird, but I feel like you can still see through him, and a little wispy around the edges at moments. Some cinder sparks kind of flying off him at one moment I wonder if those could be roto’d out.

  3. At the end, Luke collapses, and so does Leia, which is super weird to me… I have no idea why Luke just died. And the blanket falling I guess was leia, but why? So I went to your notes to get answers, and I see that Leia laying dead on a slab basically joins with the force when Luke does… ok. Would have helped to show dead Leia laying on the slab without the blanket at some point in the movie (maybe I just missed it!?). Again, strange that Luke died… I had the same (why???) feeling as I did watching the original EP8. However… seeing them as force ghosts in the Tatooine desert before Rey calls herself Skywalker, was actually really cool! So I like where it was headed. Just got there in a jarring way maybe.

  4. Killing kylo early and removing from the end scene… wow. Great stuff. I wonder if he needs to be more of a force ghost with Han? Color him blue more?

  5. No one cares if 3po remembers his past. It totally works. So funny to realize that. Changes nothing. Love it. Haha

  6. I wonder if it’d just be a smoother edit to NOT have luke die, dont show force ghosts to Rey on Tatooine, and rename the film to Rise of the Jedi… 😃 One of the cringe things to me in the original movie was “My name is Skywalker”… But for sure your edit made that actually impactful, so maybe it’s ok/better the way you did this, even if it’s still awkward to have Luke die. Normally would be a major event, but he just sort of collapses for no reason, no “disturbance in the force” felt by anyone, nothing.

STAR WARS: Last Jedi (The Anti-Cringe-Cut) (Released)

Loved this edit DonKamino. Nice work. It really made Luke understandable. I also loved what you did with Poe and the admiral. Loved being rid of the silly jokes, and removing Rose for the most part (like the anti cheese edit did for jar jar). The movie feels tight, and I was able to take every character more seriously, I felt immersed.

And omg, I love that Luke lives at the end. So good. So right.

My only apprehensions were once done,

  1. I guess I missed the military industrial complex from the casino world, i Kind of loved that idea that wealth was made off both sides in the wars… but totally understand needing to cut rose there. And also the reference to where the rebellion would spring from, was kind of cool. I wonder if there is a minimal way to edit the casino scene to keep these two ideas. But it’s be tough explaining why rose is there. But of course, if you didn’t know this scene was there, … what you’ve done holds up nicely!

  2. Leia… sad to have her die and not see her in 9… I’ll miss that in your next anti cringe edit. agreed, flying through space is best avoided. Major cringe

I did imagine a “right way” for Luke to die, and that’d be if he really visited that world in person, and when Kylo struck him, if he had crumpled like Vader did to Obiwan… could have worked, but would need some video manipulation to make that happen and then the resulting edits may have cut the movie weirdly short, idk…

Nice job on this!

Han Shoots First - Any valid reason to not have Han shoot first?

doubleofive said:

I just don’t understand how having them shoot a half second apart (then a quarter second, then a twelfth second, then at the same time) changes anything about Han’s appearance or motivation. Han still puts his foot up to block Greedo’s view. Han still plays with the wall to draw Greedo’s attention away. Han still pulls his gun out of his holster and change his entire mood once he has it out. He’s not doing any of that “just in case”.

If Lucas wanted to re-edit the meaning of the scene, he should have re-edited the entire scene. The single (now two) added shot changes less than nothing.

I dont agree that George’s edit to have Greedo shoot first changes nothing…

It hits me completely different to see a shot coming from Greedo first, then Han’s shot tells me it was in immediate self defense. Originally, Han shooting alone, told me it was a self defense but from a slightly different preemptive place that matched more with his scoundrel/smuggler backstory. It told me Han was more streetsmart, shrewd, etc… whatever you want to call it, and less a gentleman (isn’t going to wait for Greedo or anyone else, to shoot first).

Han Shoots First - Any valid reason to not have Han shoot first?

Personally this is an edit that really rubs me the wrong way. I personally love the scoundrel Han Solo, and I think it deepens his character that he would shoot first. I enjoy the little bit of “grey” values they credit him with, to me it makes him more real, more believable, and fits the role of smuggler and scoundrel.

Is there any room then for Greedo shot first? Is there any reason to ever leave this in a fan edit, apart from “George Did It”?

If you’ve done an edit of EP4 - which way did you choose, and why did you choose what you chose?

Return of the Jedi: The Destiny Edition v1.0 | Theatrical Reconstruction in 4K (Released)

Sounds great. Is it worth releasing without the grain added though? Or is the point to as closely match the original theatrical as close as possible? Does “despecialization” in this version keep any of the new stuff at all (besides higher res and color changes)? Is it shot by shot (timing) the same as original '83 film shown in theaters then? Been hoping to see 4k83, but might need to watch this instead. Do you feel this version is now superior to 4k83? (are there any reasons 4k83 would be better)

Nice work, appreciate the time put into this.