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Doctor Who Edit Ideas

Anakin Starkiller said:

People have kinda shrugged Whoflix since he went on a temper tantrum, but I haven’t heard people praise his edits much regardless.

Oh, agreed. I was actually disappointed to find he was the only full show fan-editor, as I don’t agree with him on a good deal of things. I only settled on him because we just wanted to skim through the classics as quickly as we could.

Overall they are solid edits, but for me personally, I would’ve liked as much Doctor in the Tardis as possible and he cuts a lot of that out for the story of the week. Scenes like Leela and K-9 playing chess are the type of bits I want to watch the old series for, but his edits are much more “Let’s just get through the plot”

His edits also vary in length which can get tedious, as it makes it harder to bingewatch. You don’t want to dive into a 45 minute episode and then get stuck on one that is and hour and a half. Honestly, in many cases, I feel like scenes could just be sped up to get through them quicker and still receive the same impact.

Doctor Who Edit Ideas

My partner and I just recently finished getting through Whoflix’s catalog, skipping the ones we felt weren’t worth it. He does a great job of condensing the stories and cutting out filler. He does also tend to remove some of the comedy and other quirks to streamline the story. I was thinking about giving some edits a try myself. My idea was to showcase the Classic series in an accessible way that makes 50 years of television a little easier to get through.

I was thinking of focusing on the best overall quality episodes, ones that introduce long-term elements, etc. It would be a version for someone who wants to go back, see what the show was like, for the good and the bad, without having to sit through it for months. I was thinking to get through some of the clunkers, one could just do some kind of montage of off-screen adventures, showing what happened in that time in between episodes. That way you do have to watch one episode just to see a character leave, for example.

Regardless, I’d be curious to see what you guys come up with and would be happy to help if I can. I’m pretty good with audio work.