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Night of the Living Dead: The Ghoulish Amalgamation!
I don't know what the point of this is since The only "alternate footage" would be in the 30th anniv. edition, which of course is already on dvd. The public domain versions would more likely have footage cut out rather than added in, since there is no actual "deleted scenes" for this film. There was a 3-D version released in some crappy 3-D boxset a few years back. On the other hand there are several alternate audio tracks that could be used. The Fox version has the MST3K track. There was a ghetto "laugh track" version that was released on DVD. And there's that homemade "night of the dawn blah blah blah". The only other thing that I could suggest is that you track down an introduction by George Romero that was filmed for the pay-tv airings.