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Cast Away 35mm preservation.

Cast Away is one of many Zemeckis best works and must be preserved.
Bluray itself is a decent transfer but it is a typical home video release and not as it looked on cinema in 2000.

Costs for this Russian print plus shipping is around $300.
Additional cost for the scanning will be around $230.
Total estimated cost: $530

Scanning will be 2K in 12-bit linear uncompressed DNGs and will be supervised and graded by TomArrow.
Since this print has Russian dubbed sound, we will synchronize the DTS-HD MA track and hopefully in the future add the cinema DTS tracks.

If the project is fully collected, it will be started immediately as we ensure that the purchase of reels is shipped directly from the seller to the scan facility.

This preservation project will be shared with donators.

$170 - Sebkarlbjork
$50 - TomArrow
$25 - Soupdrinker0
$20 - 3Maters
$15 - Kynch (fanres)
$15 - Freedomland
$15 - ZackR
$15 - Parzival91
$10 - Trillary dump
$10 - Gryfun
$5 - Jerclayv2
$5 - craigbillet
$5 - FilmD00d

So far

Update - June 15
Nearly there. Only $410 left to get this project fully funded.
As you already know, the film reels are from Russia and contain Russian dubbed sound. I just want to convey that it is also a US movie reels that is on sale that includes Cinema DTS CDs. That being said, the Russian film reels are good enough for our purposes. If we are lucky the seller might help us with a digital copy of the discs, for a coin. Fingers crossed.

Update - June 17
An update. The film rolls are now purchased and are now being sent for scanning. I have pledged $ 170 to the project. This means that we are soon more than halfway to fully funded. Now only $ 210 remains. I will wait to contact anyone who has donated until everything is fully funded.

Update - June 21
Good news. We have now obtained the cinema Dts files from a member over at Fanres.


Team Negative1 - Unofficial Jurassic Park 35mm

The v2.0 of the 35mm print is perfect - I saw JP in 35mm two years ago and this scan reminds me of that experience. Do we know If they will release a 4K scan of this?

Downloaded YoshiKiller2S 4K print of Spiderman Twin Tower teaser and it looks glorious in 4K. Imagine Jurassic Park 35mm V2.0 in 4K. Probably is 1TB in size but It would be cool to have it, in H265 compressed size or something.