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The Godfather Releases...can someone help?

cisco007 said:

I have the last 2 on the your list, i am also finally downloading the godfather chronological epic saga! Its been downloading since a week ago, but i dont know if its the same as yours or the same as the the godfather 1901-1980 epic edit hopefully it is, i already have over 100gb of godfather films.

are you still iso of the Godfather Chronological edit as well as Godfather 1 & II Extended edition? i can help if so. PM me please.

ISO Horror movie Vinyl Soundtracks/Compilations/etc

i am ISO of classic, cult classic, whatever horror film soundtracks that have that everlasting theme music, mainly what im trying to say is im looking for films with a very heavy SYNTHWAVE theme vibe on vinyl. “Halloween III: Season of the Witch” could possibly be one of the best film scores i own as in what im looking for, but it also doesnt have to be all synth. i prefer original pressing with the jacket or gatefold in VG+ or NM/M condition. Right now i have caught my way up in my classics section of my vinyl library (all U.S. original Pressings!) with the all NM or M, or even sealed gems such as Halloween, The Shining, The Fog, The Thing, Return of the Living Dead, Christine, Suspiria “original Italian pressing”, i even work my way up the ladder to more modern OSts such as “28 Days Later”, Requeim for a Dream, Starry Eyes, i can keep going & going, but i would love to hear what anyone on the board has to offer for sale or even trade possibly. i only collect film scores/movie soundtracks on vinyl. i just prefer the jacket/gatefold to be with no dents or scratches,writinbg,etc and the vinyl to be in “buyable” condition. if you feel you have something to bring to the table, by all means post a reply, or pm, and we can swap pics and prices!!! thank you everyone!!