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Help getting 1080p versions of 4K77 & 4K83 please

Your Oppo should play 50GB DL bluray discs, and if so, I can point you in the right direction.

Register for the forums over at

Register in the FORUMS section, not just the main page.

At least for me, my forums login doesn’t access the main page.

In their download section there is information on how to download many different versions of our beloved trilogy.

There are 1080p ~40GB bluray ISOs in there for 4K77 and 4K83.

That’s where I got mine.

I even accessed usenet, but all I could get there were mkv files and like you I wanted the ISOs.

For the menus, language options, subtitles…

We’re not allowed to post links outside of their forum, so I can’t give the exact information required on here.

Check them out and see if this helps.

Good luck.

<strong>Welcome to the</strong>; Introduce yourself in here + useful info within...

Hello all.

I found out about the Harmy Despecialized and TN1 fan edits of our Original Trilogy by accident.

I was searching to see if non-Special Edition versions were even available.

Found links to some info about these and here I am.

This community is fantastic.

I have the blu-ray box set of the first two trilogies and, like most other fans, was very upset with many of the changes that destroyed the originals.

I was not old enough to view Star Wars in 1977 when it was first released, but I do have fond memories of Empire and Jedi.

I saw Empire at our drive-in that closed long ago and Jedi in our theater that has been closed for the last few decades.

Empire is by far my favorite, but when Jedi came out I was at that age where slave Leia was a sight to behold.

So back then I suppose it ranked a little higher on my list. 😉

Anyway, my mother bought the OT on VHS at our local Target when it was first released and we watched them to death.

I have all the 25GB NJVC ISOs of Harmy’s work downloaded right now and have burned and watched the actual movies on my Samsung 65" UHD… they were awesome!

I’m trying to figure out if my burner will write to 50GB DL discs and, if so, I’ll purchase some DL discs and download the NJVC 50GB ISOs instead.

Probably give this first set to my mom (she hates the Special Edition changes too).

In the mean time I need to get my post count up.

I see there is a forum member that prints artwork to our discs and I’d like to get that done.

Looks really professional!

But there is apparently a minimum post count required to get in on this.

In the mean time thanks for allowing me in and for all that you do.

You guys rock!!!